Metabolic syndrome begins when insulin clearance is less efficient

Metabolic syndrome begins when insulin isn’t removed efficiently

When it comes to metabolic troubles focus is always on insulin production we’re trying to get cells to respond to the insulin specifically we want them to open the glucose gate so that the sugar molecules can be cured from the blood but they resist we call it insulin resistance and it is the biochemical problem that underpins metabolic syndrome people with insulin

Resistance are not short of insulin they’re swimming in the staff and too much insulin is responsible for many of the health problems associated with metabolic syndrome so why are they swimming in insulin well maybe it’s a plumbing problem join us for this episode of better body chemistry tv as we explore how insulin clearance or lack of it contributes to metabolic

Troubles better body chemistry tv is brought to you by dr. sandy a scientist turned gremlin buster helping you battle sugar gremlins heffalumps & other health horrible’s through better body chemistry remember small things can make a big difference to your health maybe this has happened to you you’ve come around the corner to find dirty smelly water losing out

The drain is locked now if you can calm down sufficiently to analyze the situation the problem is not as a result of too water and obstruction in the pipe is causing the water to not leave so it starts to accumulate and you end up with a plumbing disaster could this be what happens in hyperinsulinemia hmm mindful of the connection between too much insulin and

Fatness a team of german researchers set about studying insulin clearance rates but rather than start with fat people they started with skinny guys yeah this is a little unconventional they chose this approach because they wanted to see what happens before everything gets broken which is often the state of play when you’ve turned into an overweight couch potato

Ten healthy physically active non-smoking medication-free twenty-something males with good pedigrees none of their relatives had metabolic syndrome signed up to become blobs they took to eating 300 to 500 extra kilocalories a day and they were considered successful when they’d managed to pump up their bmi by two points and keep it there for at least four weeks

This saw them go from a bmi of twenty one point eight plus or minus 0.7 to twenty three point eight plus or minus 0.8 mm to be considered overweight you need to have a bmi of more than 25 to be obese the figure jumps to more than 30 so these guys were not exactly blobs even at their heaviest but the biochemistry had changed and the extra calories changed their

Post-meal curves a little they were still all a hundred percent normal but the spike in insulin was marginally higher while glucose levels remained pretty much the same every time they tested and they were tested on three different occasions in three different ways the first test was to see how they handled a standard meal marmalade on toast the second test was

75 grams of glucose dissolved in 300 milliliters of water this is a oral glucose tolerance test and the third test was a glucose infusion the bump in insulin implied a decrease in insulin sensitivity mmm they had become a little insulin resistant using the results from the glucose infusion the team did used the extra insulin floating through the system was as a

Result of the insulin that was being produced hanging around for longer it wasn’t being removed tiny ously removing insulin yes your body is constantly making and breaking stuff cells that respond to insulin put him in their trash can once he’s delivered his message but when the pancreas pumps out insulin thanks to the arrangement of the blood vessel wiring it

First to the lover now the live effects the entry of all chemicals in the body or even low insulin is homemade it doesn’t get a clear pass through passport control estimates vary but somewhere between 50 and 75 percent of the insulin doesn’t make it it gets destroyed by insulin degrading enzymes now in our newbie chubby’s this process of removing the insulin was

Less efficient this research estimated it was down by around 50 percent resulting in more insulin entering the circulation hmm and more insulin in circulation means well more insulin is available to get up to miss just the liver must be loafing allowing the drain to be blocked time to blame the liver mmm maybe maybe not as with all things biological it’s probably

A lot more complicated it turns out insulin clearance in the liver depends on how much zinc is packaged in the insulin granules which depends on the activity of a zinc transporter which depends on your genes and how many yellow vegetables you’re eating the plot thickens to win the battle you must rein in insulin decreasing insulin production can help but it might

Not be enough if the drain is blocked one way to unblock the drain is by eating your yellows hmm for more tips and strategies that will help you create better body chemistry and better health visit our website at in one of our courses or programs the advice is simple to follow and based on real science not hype know someone who is short of insulin

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Metabolic syndrome begins when insulin clearance is less efficient By Better Body Chemistry TV