Metformin for weight loss with PCOS

I have tried to lose weight for a long time but have had a hard time keeping it off, mostly due to my PCOS I believe. I have started taking metformin and have been using it for two weeks to see if it will help with my symptoms I experience, mainly weight, acne, binge eating, etc. I am going to continue to update on if metformin helps me lose weight and how I feel. Thanks for watching let met know know if you have any experience with it yourself.

I’m about to go into my doctor’s appointment to see if they will prescribe me metformin for my pcos um to help me lose weight because i’m sick of this we’ll see how it goes hey it’s the next day um my doctor did prescribe the metformin for me um she prescribed one tablet of 500 milligrams two times a day but that i should start smaller if i get sick so i’m

Just gonna be safe and start with a smaller dose and just do half a pill twice a day so for the last year maybe longer probably two years i just haven’t been dieting at all i’ve just been eating whatever i wanted um there’s been like on and off times of trying to eat better and then just not caring so i’m hoping to be more consistently making good choices but not

Go overboard and not be too restrictive and listening to my body more listening to my hunger cues more eating more protein and fat and less sugar but not stressing about it just kind of um trying to be healthier i don’t know that’s my plan day one i’m gonna try to cover up the light with my head um i think it’s day three and i would say that i have noticed a

Difference with my appetite i wouldn’t say that i’m not having any cravings at all or that it’s i’m not binging at all but i think that the incessant like need to eat all the time um is not quite there i think it’s improving i’m feeling more like a normal human i think okay hey um it has been 14 days so basically two weeks since i’ve been on metformin what

Do i need to tell you okay first of all a lot of people probably most people have really bad side effects especially when they start taking metformin a lot of people have stomach issues they’ve got digestive things going on and i the stuff i’ve been reading people have it really bad i’ve been really lucky and haven’t had any of that there was maybe one day where

I ate more sugar than normal on a road trip and then i got to where i was going and i did feel sick to my stomach just one time though the rest of the time maybe the first couple days my stomach felt a little weird but it wasn’t anything so that’s a good news by the way i am up to a thousand milligrams i think it’s milligrams a day now so i’m taking two pills a

Day and as far as my appetite goes um it’s kind of hard to describe i would say that i’m not physically feeling the need to binge anymore um which is like huge before i would be it would be like four o’clock i would feel like my blood sugar was tanking i don’t know if that’s physically actually what was happening but i would start to get like a headache i would

Start feeling a headache coming on i would start feeling just like so groggy and no energy around four o’clock and then i would feel like i needed to eat sugar so i feel like i’m not feeling that way anymore the other thing is if i ever like went past a certain time in the morning without eating i would get migraines later in the day so i’d have to make sure i ate

By a certain time every morning otherwise i would i would have these really bad migraines and i’m not really feeling that anymore i guess what it is is like i would have physically i would have these cravings and i’d feel like i had to eat right then or there be consequences i’m not feeling like that anymore it’s just not it’s not as present in my mind it’s not

As like it’s not like an emergency every time i start to feel bad because i’m not feeling bad i’m not feeling i’m not feeling like i need sugar all the time that being said i think emotionally i have wanted to binge a couple of times there’s been like two or three days maybe where i felt like i just want to eat a lot and i think it’s way more tied to my emotions

Than it is to physically like needing something as far as weight loss goes i have not actively been trying to lose weight i also have not weighed myself i haven’t been exercising i haven’t really been fussy about what i eat um i just kind of wanted to integrate the metformin into my lifestyle integrate it into like how i was feeling make sure i was feeling good

Before i start actively trying to lose weight however that is one of the goals so i am going to eventually be working on that and this upcoming week i haven’t decided if i’m gonna weigh myself yet i probably should just for you guys so you can i can give you accurate like results of what’s happening so i guess i’ll weigh myself even though i don’t really want to

As far as acne goes i don’t think i’ve seen an improvement in my acne it kind of goes through phases throughout the month right now i’m wearing makeup you can see i do have some acne on my cheeks which is hormonal and i haven’t seen any difference in that yet but i’m hopeful that maybe there’ll be a change and um yeah no change on that yet so i am going to do

Another update in a couple of weeks and let you know more about the weight aspect of how metformin’s affecting me if it’s making a difference and any other differences i notice as well let me know if you have any questions and hopefully this is an interesting video to you guys i feel like my viewers are all over the place in what the interest is because i’ve done

Kind of a lot of different videos so let me know if you guys have questions or whatever and um thanks for watching goodbye

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Metformin for weight loss with PCOS By Kate Tries