Metformin Weight Loss Tips Set a Goal for YOU

More about the journey- this is my personal journey living with PCOS

Hey guys welcome to the huntress and today i want to give you guys some more tips so you can live your best life have you guys ever thought about like how many chemicals are in everything i was researching last night how many chemicals are in makeup um dish soap soap everything i try to go as organic and plant-based as i can but it’s just like impossible to avoid

Everything and i realize what really helps my pcos and my hormone condition is just eliminating all that crap as best as you can you’re gonna spend a little bit more money but to me in the end it’s worth it i hate it when people just want to be as cheap as they can about everything like oh it’s cheap it’s cheap yeah you’re putting poison in your system you are

Literally putting poison and even with my makeup i do beauty counter and i’ll do a tutorial on that sometime um just like beauty counter all safer brand makeup it works a lot better for me so i’ve switched over to that as well but one thing that i’ve realized that i’m not losing the rest of this pcos weight is that i’m not i haven’t i haven’t had a goal guys

I literally have not had a goal so my tip to you today is if you don’t have a goal you will fail right so i wanted to do something realistic but also safe so what i’ve researched is it is safe to lose four to eight pounds per month don’t try to it’s not a race guys please do not put your health in jeopardy that’s what scares me too when i lose weight so rapidly

Like you feel like you’re gonna pass out it’s just not a pleasant experience so my challenge to myself i decided i was gonna lose six pounds per month because it’s in between the four and in between the eight that the cdc recommends that you lose um without compromising your health if you lose more than that you are putting your health at risk and it’s just not

Worth it our goal is to be healthy it’s not to kill ourselves right so um i’m gonna starting march 1st every month march april may june july by the end of july i want to get down to 1 30. that would be a huge accomplishment but i know i can do it i have a goal in mind a goal set um guys i know we can do this together i i keep fluctuating between 155 and 159 right

Now so if i lose six pounds per month that’ll put me down to roughly 130 by the end of july which would be amazing amazing guys so um i will put together some meal plans for you this video is just to prep you up to get you excited that we are going to try this so um we have to be more cognitive about what we eat the thing with metformin is guys it works but you

Also have to put in work the thing i can kind of be lazy with metformin i’m not gonna lie like oh i could take my pill and just eat whatever i want and that’s why i’ve only lost that water retention you have to eat well along with it but you also cannot not eat because as i said if your sugar starts to plummet it could be dangerous so you don’t want your sugar

Or levels to plummet you need to eat on a regular basis healthy foods ever since i’ve had kova guys like literally i can taste the chemicals and all the food now it’s so weird like when i eat something if there’s chemicals in it i like just want to throw up and i don’t know if that’s a super power or not but like when i eat an oreo y’all it tastes like feet i’m

Like what is this oreo taste like feet um like food i don’t know if anybody else has done that but kobe just changed my taste forever but maybe that’s a good thing right so we can keep looking to eat as more and more natural food unprocessed no hormones we have hormone disorders those of you who have pcos who have a hormone disorder our endocrine system i don’t

Know if i said that right is messed up okay we are not our bodies don’t respond normally my body can respond really bad to something somebody else’s body might not respond to it’s interesting how we’re so chemically different but since we are aware of that that we are so sensitive we need to add more and more of those organic fruits and vegetables to help lose

That weight it’s very very serious i’m going to continue to take the 500 milligrams of metformin um through the end of july i’m just going to do the 500 milligrams because i failed guys last week i said um i’m not gonna eat processed foods i totally gave in because i’m an emotional eater but i think now that i have a goal in sight and i say hey i’m gonna lose

Six pounds a month that i see that i can do it i see that there’s an end it will only take me five months to be at my goal guys i can do it and you can do it if you make a goal like you know just shut off i don’t care how much you weigh once you start shedding and shedding until you’re down to a healthy weight where you want to be you will feel so much better

But make sure it’s the size and weight you want to be to let anybody else tell you what you are what you have to be do it for you don’t do it for anybody else so that’s where i’m at on my journey now i didn’t make any goals i was just like oh oh i hope i lose weight no six pounds a month starting march so um i plan to be down to like 1 153 ish by the end of

March and then in the 140s by the end of april how cool is that i know i can do it i’m gonna go to the gym i’m gonna keep working out um guys i am gonna beat this pcos i’m gonna be healthier and the problem is i don’t always have energy for my videos because i don’t have energy i in college i work two jobs i went to school and literally slept four hours a night

That’s all i could it was go to one job i worked in the meat market then i worked at dhl which is a carrier overnight i worked there from about 12 to 3 30 a.m went home slept from four to eight then had to be at school by 9 00 a.m i had energy then but the pcos was developing and i started getting cysts and everything because i wasn’t taking care of myself i was

Eating reese’s for breakfast doing all this stuff doing all this crap and living that fast-paced life and that has really hurt me so i’ve learned you just have to slow down and i want to make these videos and encourage you guys as much as i can but sometimes i just have to slow down i have to take care of myself this channel has come second to everything else i

Would like to do this channel every day or i need one day off a week but i just don’t have the energy yet hopefully i know if i focus on this i can become a better reseller a better video maker and help encourage you guys a little bit more so i want to be everything i was made to be i don’t want this condition to rule my life and i hope you want to be everything

You can be too thanks for watching on the huntress

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Metformin Weight Loss Tips Set a Goal for YOU By Native Roots