Mixed Connective Tissue Disease- Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) and Relafen (Nabumetone)

A quick video on Plaquenil and what happened when I stopped taking it for 10 days. To treat my MCTD/SLE. I also briefly discuss some side effects I’ve been experiencing with Relafen.

Hey so i wanted to discuss some of side effects that i’ve been experiencing with the medication and a big no-no one of the things is right before i would say about my third week mark which was my second video i was taking plaquenil the last day i ran out of my prescription i was feeling wonderful in fact that day i ended up going and playing tennis for the first

Time which was kind of a circus act but i did it i felt good i wasn’t really inflamed or anything like that and then my prescription had ran out well i had gone probably about a week and a half without any plaquenil i had just been so busy or very tired from working that i hadn’t been able to get down to the pharmacist and for some reason i wasn’t able to phone

In my script to have it mailed to me i had to actually go down and then when i thought that i picked it up because i had a friend of mine pick up my my scripts they had all of my medications in there except for my plaquenil so i had gone like i said about a week without any plaquenil and i want to say that i could actually start telling the difference already by

My third week mark that the plaquenil had begun to work so good news i was able to pick up my plaquenil and i was able to take it again so hopefully that will never happen again i was paranoid that i was taking it for you know three weeks in a row that my body after like a we actually i think it might even be like a week and a half of not taking it i thought that

My body was not going to reject it but it was going to take another six weeks for my body to recognize it being there and like i said i could actually tell that the plaquenil started to wear off maybe it was just a mental thing but i could definitely tell the difference another one of the the medications that they put me on was the relevant which that is kind of

Going to leave on steroids i want to say that um i could tell a difference not really pain wise like not it’s not like a pain medication it’s more of it makes my joints feel good that makes sense like i feel lubed like my like in between each joints feels lubed so one of the things with that is i got that scrip filled again and one of the things that i did notice

With that a side effect which i don’t like is it actually whenever i go to the restroom it burns so i guess that’s one of the side effects is burning sensation well you go number one um yeah i don’t know if i like like that so much i’m not sure if i should just stick with taking like a leave and then switch and going to not switching but taking the leave and then

Taking the plaquenil with because that’s what i normally do is i’ll take the the relevant and then i’ll take the plaquenil and and then later on when i’m mobile and doing a lot of things like mundane then i’ll normally take my pain medication so yeah it does anyone else experience like the burning sensation whenever they go to the restroom and also i don’t know

If i have experienced any kind of side effects from the plaquenil like negative side effects and i know that some of the common side effects for plaquenil is like nausea stomach cramps loss of appetite maybe i have experienced that one because i notice that my appetite wasn’t really there i guess diarrhea dizziness or headache which i haven’t really received any

Of those and for the most part i’m normally pretty dizzy like if i am like on my knees or something and if i stand up quick i actually do get dizzy but i believe that’s part of the anemia so i have been taking iron supplements as well as my b vitamin supplements and another good thing is i actually purchase a juicer so i’m going to start doing that i got a whole

Bunch of fruits and vegetables that i’m going to prep up and i read also that ginger root is really good for like ra and joints and stuff like that as well as pineapple there’s something in the pineapple which i forget the name of it all i’ll put it in my next video but it’s actually good for anti-inflammatory reasonings i guess it has a good properties in it so

I got a whole bunch of pineapple fruits and vegetables ginger root that i’m going to start juicing and seeing if that helps hopefully i’ll be back on the tennis courts in plane because i need a lot of practice in fact like i said it was kind of a circus act but it was fun i was having a lot of fun and the guys who were next to my partner and i playing they were

Really cool they were like really good and i don’t know they were pretty encouraging so oh yeah and then right after we played i had so much energy that i actually went i got a basketball hoop and i set it up and i got it already because i really want to start playing in front of my home and then like i said i ran out of plaquenil and i haven’t i haven’t really

Done much ever since then so i’m excited hopefully i’ll be able to go back to normal and i’m hoping that it doesn’t take three weeks for this paquin all to reenter my system i’m hoping that my body does recognize it like i had mentioned so anyways well i’m going to go and start prepping those fruits and vegetables so i can get something to drink some thirsty so

Alright well have a good one guys bye bye

Transcribed from video
Mixed Connective Tissue Disease- Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) and Relafen (Nabumetone) By Stephanie Smith