Mom spreads awareness about the dangers of fentanyl

Mom of fentanyl poisoning victim Laura Didier and Dr. Marc Siegel provide insight on fentanyl poisoning on ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum.’ #FoxNews #thestory

And a california mom is now warning other parents about the extreme dangers of fentanyl after her 17-year-old son zachary didier was killed by a fake pill a counterfeit pill thought to be percocet but made up of fentanyl a devastating trend among american teenagers as we learned that fentanyl contributed to 77 percent of adolescent deaths think about that 77 of

The kids who died in 2021 in this country between the ages of 14 and 18 can be traced back to fentanyl with that we bring in dr mark siegel a fox news medical contributor and professor of medicine at nyu langone medical center and laura who is the mother of zachary uh who says that we all need to talk about what is happening uh welcome to both of you um laura let

Me start with you tell us what happened to zach so this was nothing we were prepared for zach was a 17 year old high school senior he had no history with abusing drugs or alcohol so it was a complete shock to us when he was found at his desk passed away two days after christmas of 2020 came to find out he had gotten what he thought was a percocet pill and he had

Taken that pill after everyone had gone to bed and never woke up so when the authorities came there were no drugs in his room there was no injury to his body so it was a real mystery why he would be dead but tragically in our county placer county california there was a large uptick in fentanyl deaths so the coroner’s office was the first one to suggest it was

Fentanyl he’s a beautiful boy and i i am so sorry for your loss and i give you so much credit for having the strength to speak out about this because it’s something that everybody needs to know more about and be more aware of dr siegel tell us what we need to understand here and what should parents say to their teenage kids martha it starts with transnational

Criminal organizations in mexico that’s cobbling together supplies from china and now india uh fentanyl and and putting them in pills as as laura just said that look like something else look like percocet look like xanax look like adderall and that makes it almost impossible for physicians and parents to warn kids properly because this is a new situation than what

We’ve had before you they think they’re getting one thing and getting something else so and the idea that fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine is an enormous part of this because it stops breathing and we can have narcan but we don’t have enough narcan around which is a great antidote and it doesn’t last long enough so i tell parents out there to

Be on the lookout for what your teens are doing with social media to have a conversation with them about it to talk to them about uh look for changes in behavior also sudden changes in behavior are they becoming more isolated because of the pandemic is there more depression going on more anxiety the mental health crisis right now because of the pandemic is directly

Tied into the substance abuse problem yeah laura does any of that ring true for you was any of that true in your situation well zach was very happy i mean his um concerns it was obviously locked down and it was his senior year of high school so he certainly you know had some um struggles with that but like every child was having it wasn’t out of the norm for this

Extreme circumstance and all of his friends we’ve spoken to afterwards they were like zach was happy zach was doing great um and just there being so blindsided by it as well what why is our best friend gone it just showed me what an information gap there was and i just really want to try to fill it i our heart breaks for you and it can happen to any child they

Cannot take any pill that anyone gives them because they don’t know what’s in it 20 seconds dr siegel how much of this is due to an open border a lot of it is due to an open border and i want to emphasize what laura just said if only one pill can kill you may not have any warning and now iso is coming on the block through mexico as well which is 20 times more

Powerful than fentanyl so we have an enormous problem and physicians have to bear in on this and get educated and we have antidotes to this called suboxone they have to get out there as well boy it’s a big issue we’re going to stay on it thank you both so much for speaking out laura thank you and dr siegel as always it’s great to have you with us thank you sir

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Mom spreads awareness about the dangers of fentanyl By Fox News