Multiple Myeloma Journey ~ Breast Cancer Survivor Update ~ July 2021

Hello friends,

Good morning everyone it’s a little past six o’clock in the morning we are headed into boston to see my multiple myeloma specialist i haven’t seen him since january before covid we’ve been doing all the appointments via zoom and then i see my local oncologist and then i’m really happy that my husband gets to come with me today they finally are allowing the

Patients to bring someone with them so that means a lot to me well here’s hoping that the boston traffic isn’t going to be too bad it’s a little chilly out here this morning for july was it the 13th yeah july 13th all righty we are in boston now this is the dana farber cancer center we’re going to head down to the valley parking here we go it’s kind of busy

Today in here well on the elevator i just had my labs done and now i’m in the healing garden it’s very pretty and peaceful in here so i have about a 45 minute wait until i see my doctor well i’m all done with my appointment we were there for two and a half hours so it was really good to see my multiple myeloma specialist he’s a great oncologist hey guys it’s

Now the next day i just want to give a quick little update on what my awesome oncologist said yesterday in boston so basically we are sticking with the same plan of two weeks on two weeks off the revlimid he is going to send a letter to my gastro doctor to see if there’s any other tests or medicines that could possibly help with my gi issues which is really

Um interfering with my life even though i’m out doing things i’m sick every single day i mean we left at six in the morning and i got sick going to the hospital i got sick coming home from the hospital so it you know really is not fun and i would love for that part to be solved i will continue this video when i get my labs um report back i’m waiting for the three

Main one so i’m back my labs came back fairly quick this time so the good news is my three myeloma markers which are the m spike lambda and the igg they all went down a little bit so of course that’s better than going up but this always happens when i go to boston their lab tends to always read the labs ever so slightly lower so i just have to remember that next

Month when i go back to my local oncologist that the numbers will probably be up ever so slightly but it’s good news that um you know after being off the revlimid for so long that i do have my numbers back down to where they were before i went off the revlimid i also need to put a call into my gastro doctor hopefully there’s something he can do to help me out

And also today was um a big deal for me i had my mammogram those of you who have um been following me since july of 2013 i was diagnosed with breast cancer so every time i have to have a mammogram it does open up you know the fear of oh my gosh what if they find something for the first seven years post the breast cancer they would read the mammogram right away

So you weren’t feeling stressed waiting for the results but the insurance company will no longer let them read it after five years i have to wait just like anybody else so fortunately i have a wonderful physician assistant and i messaged her and she got the results for me and the wonderful news is that my mammogram is clear i don’t know how to even put it into

Words how happy and relieved i am so that is really great news eight years breast cancer survivor now if you can just get the multiple myeloma numbers down that would be a great thing so i want to thank everybody for all your love and support i really appreciate it um the messages that come to me um it really touches me you guys are just really awesome on the

Way home from the hospital i stopped and got myself a bouquet of sunflowers flowers definitely cheer you up peace love and joy always be humble always be kind see you next time bye guys

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Multiple Myeloma Journey ~ Breast Cancer Survivor Update ~ July 2021 By NaturesFairy