My Experience with 150mg of Zoloft (Sertraline)

My Experience with 150mg of Zoloft (Sertraline)

I wanted to give you guys an update on what   been bumped up to 150 milligrams and i have   okay i understand that there is kind of this  search um to find out how people are doing on   antidepressants and i think that this is an issue  that needs to be destigmatized and i for one have   greatly greatly benefited from taking

Certain  or zoloft and i’ve been working with a therapist   for years now and when i had that initial dip  over a year ago i was doing all the things that   i thought i could possibly do to feel better i  was exercising meditating i am over two years now   sober so i don’t drink alcohol and that’s another  big big thing

Is if you drink alcohol and you take   antidepressants i just don’t think that works in  the words of ingrid nilsen you really should give   yourself your best chance i also am back in school  and i’m on the honors program uh when i had that   really low like severe depression dip the only  that does sound kind of depressing

Um i love that  i am back in school i love that i am finding other   projects to work on and things that i’m working  towards my life has just completely flipped   get out of the out of bed in the morning and   living and enjoy life and that’s something  upcoming video is what depression actually feels  like because it’s

Kind of hard to put it in words   to someone who does not suffer from depression   been bumped up to 150 milligrams i started on 50   then i increased to 100 and then talking with  my psychiatrist i mean the choice is ultimately   mine uh we discussed it months and months back  he’s like he can always go up you know you

Could   changes if you want to and he’s like there’s   nothing wrong with increasing it like we can do  that and i kind of decided at first to make some   20 20. what a hell of a year and when i told my  psychiatrist that i think i was feeling even more   not being able to go on campus like i was   um and he his

Response was basically like you know  90 of the people i talk to are feeling the way you   are like isolation in 2020 everything that has  been wrapped up in the past year and into this   for everyone so he’s like yeah let’s do it like   i will write your prescription right now start  it now and it has really helped i think i

Told   my psychiatrist too i was like i think this is  my dosage i think we found it like this this is   all right i’ve talked to him since then and since  i’ve had the increase and things have been going   my own experience and this is just my personal   mental health journey i’m sharing on the internet  hashtag no

Free will these are the cods i’ve been   dealt okay but really i’ve had a lot of questions  um directed towards me in messages on instagram   or twitter or here on the youtube comment space  i get daily messages and comments and questions   you please talk to a professional because   i cannot guide you like i i can only

Share with  you my experience that is it um everyone is   different and you might need some other medication  if you even need a medication at all if you’re   someone who’s watching this video and maybe you’re  unsure about taking the medication that you’ve   been prescribed i would the only thing i would  recommend is just

Try it just try it because   so i don’t see the harm in just seeing  please talk to a professional a mental health  professional because i am not a psychiatrist i am   to a psychiatrist talk to your therapist   if you have a therapist and just check in with  those people because that is your support team   and they

Want to see you improve and get better   and it is possible it is possible i every time i  have a low dip or i go through a depression mood   um and basically what my antidepressant does is  it just makes it so that i don’t have that extreme   dip that i was in so i’m kind of like more on  the surface i guess or more balanced i

Should say   but i like where i’m at i think i am going to stay  at 150 we’ll see how this goes i will probably   give you guys another update i think all the major  things that i wanted to mention were mentioned in   my previous video so this is kind of becoming a  series on my channel i wasn’t planning on that but  

Here we are so i’ll link the other two videos  down below i have the first video where i just   of certain and then the second video is 100   i’m feeling pretty good in my own little space   world is chaotic and it’s total insanity and   space i’m doing really really well and i’m just   looking forward to the winter

Semester i’m looking  forward on finishing some of these projects that   i have started finally and i’m hopeful for the  future and that’s something i could not have said   over a year ago so i guess i just wanted to let  you know if you’re feeling really low this is just   temporary like if you’re feeling really horribly 

Right now it cannot last forever it just there’s   no it’s not possible for it to feelings come and  go thoughts come and go you are not your thoughts   you are not your feelings things change like they  just do um whether you want them to or not so i   encourage you if you are a little bit hesitant  to take a medication maybe

You’ve already been   prescribed you just haven’t gone to the store  yet or maybe you just have it sitting in your   it because that is a chance you should take   your best chance again i’m echoing ingrid   to a mental health professional because they   than i ever could i do not have the skill set   to provide

You guys with answers i can only give  you my experience my personal experience and point   you guys hopefully in the right direction so i’ll  link some resources down below as well but i hope   you guys are having a good day and i’ll see you 

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