My Medication Oxycodone, Valium, Zopiclone, Quetiapine, Bisoprolol, Amisulpride

My meds: 5mg (OxyNorm) Oxycodone 5mg 4 bd, Zoopiclon 7.5mg od, Quetiapine (Seroquel) 100 od + 2 x 25mg bd, Bisoprolol Fumarate, 2.5mg od, Amisulpride 50mg od

Hello welcome to my youtube channel this is notions one i’m going to do an update on my mother medication review these are the pills that i take day to day and i have to take them most of them or some of them are quite addictive i’m hard to get off of on a mournful reason i have to get safrina we have gathered generalized anxiety disorder i have depression i have

Migraine headaches and i have high blood pressure so medications myself off with the hat the day how i get on in the day when i get up and it’s over an antidepressant or allowance young’s our auntie the are psychotic depending on the dose my dose is 50 milligrams one time daily although i get 60 of these a month i only take one a day i could take two a day if wanted

But i’m okay on one a day so i stick to that that will take more than i said or more than i need more to the point and for my high blood pressure i take one of these i soak flow fumarate two point five milligrams the trade name for this is pinched eska this loads my heart rate down and my blood pressure it’s lower on them other than that i take right down entity

Even going into the daytime even more i think one of these in the morning it’s called liriko liriko 75 milligrams at the moment i’ve only been prescribed this today this is why i’m making an update this pregabalin is the generic name threat and 75 milligrams bd so twice daily and i take one of these in the morning just after i take your ones after my breakfast

And then i take another 75 milligrams in the evening and that’s my day sorted out that now for the evening just to relax and chill out i say to those i found tablets which is 10 milligrams because i’m on 5 milligram tablets they don’t seem to prescribe me 10 milligrams for some reason for a position called seldom and i also take i think four of these oxycodones

Because i get really really bad migraines and nothing seems to shift our firepower cml and iv for friend together they don’t help much they’d help a tiny tiny bit my migrants these are so bad i got pounding at the side of my head and the front of my head really really owes someone for of these which is 20 milligrams i think that the 20 milligrams all at once after

That i don’t take anything off that and – i go to bed then i take one of these and so for clone seven point five milligrams i got that one and i’ve put the of another one i’ve got another 3.75 as well but i’ve also got seven point five milligrams october’s this is all then none of these have been taken at all so i take ones off of though which makes me tired and

Back to these these are really addictive you don’t want to get on the long-term if you can help her die as he found five milligrams i think four of these when i go to bed and that he’ll be think first off and get to sleep as well as relaxing and where i also take it now i think patara pen which is this is it take one of these hundred milligram court i open this is

An anti-psychotic and it is pretty strong if you take probably more than 150 or 200 milligrams it’ll make you very tired and you’ll probably want to go to sleep i only take 250 milligrams i’ve got 25 milligram put eye opens as well which i’ll show you if i can find them yeah i don’t quite see bat box for the reason sale i know if i got a 16-month so far just over

Because i get my tablets every 28 days i take tory’s 25 milligrams which equals to 50 milligrams so either gone to the hundred is a hundred and fifty and i also say i think that mites you bet but now i have some old cellphone 3.7 files not many in there to be honest just if i really really need to sleep i take one of them or two of them i’ve also got bennigan’s

Which is promethazine or promethazine 25 milligrams you can get these at the canvas you don’t need a prescription but i’ve got a little anyway i got them from hospital when they stopped my cellphone cold turkey which you should never do really there’s a 37 you can have seizures if you wanna hide those and other than that you can see my draw her and see i’m actually

About to get some more because i’m i’m balling out believe it or not running out and those have all those think i mentioned the lyric isn’t my i’ll take one lyrica after breakfast and i take in louisville do occur about 8 p.m. this is pill for anxiety and that’s help i’ll probably get it up to a hundred fifty maybe even three hundred maybe a hundred and fifty twice

So they thought doesn’t work three hundred milligrams twice a day but i’m going to continue it for 75 milligrams bd which means twice a day bd means bisti in latin which means twice if he didn’t know doctors terms size and also god finish od stop alone these are teva i liked eva the brandt eva but when it’s legit offer doctors it’s all good 75 at seven point five

Milligrams and that’s it rounded off and i’ve got a knife in here so cutting it sort of cleans up when i was i was facing the supper food then i found out i couldn’t sleep what these so i got back from the selling point files i used to be on these these are the dihydrocodeine which has known actually in arthur chuk chuk like the fox away really i’m going to do

That on a chocolate for save point happen in the next wasted space and i used to be on a hundred 150 milligrams thing focus on six of these and six fries no ninety now oh stephanie one 150 milligrams of this anyway i can’t can’t work out how many it was yeah and the die hards reposing did help it did help but and then it stopped working no then the oxycodone

I got to really bug the doctor for though you this stuff is really it’s basically like really hard to get i can’t remember the word it’s rare really rare to get oxy norm for thrives in the uk unless you’re a cancer patient you will know it you will not usually see this if you see this someone thought seriously about service about pain or or he or she has cancer

Unfortunately really really sucks odd that cancerous a horrible problem should never exist i really despise cancer and people on that i feel so sorry for them already anyway on a sad note i’ll end this video please my draw if you have any questions please ask me in my comments box if you like this video please click like and subscribe my channel if you wish to

See more videos like this i made quite a few as you might notice if your subscriber already tell people about my vid my and the video to me and this is my lifestyle shiva l wait fifty laptop because my computer broke today i’m waiting on parts tomorrow to fix it anyway sufferings of medication i’m from computer technician it technician but i’m one on sickness

Ministers at the moment so i’m not working i was doing that self-employed before right so in this video now i have a nice day and thank you very much for watching thanks for your time good night

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My Medication Oxycodone, Valium, Zopiclone, Quetiapine, Bisoprolol, Amisulpride By Ben Rogers