My messy ADHD rooom (living with ADHD, depression and anxiety)

My messy ADHD rooom (living with ADHD, depression and anxiety)

What you’re about to see is a quick tour of my messy room i apologize if the audio quality isn’t as great because i originally recorded the video with my iphone and i didn’t want to do a voiceover over the entire video because i felt like it wouldn’t be as authentic so just fair warning the audio may not be so great here is my messy adhd room and believe it or not

It’s been worse there have been times where i can’t even see the floor right now at least i can see parts of it i think it was maybe a week ago that i um made a video talking about how happy i was and how it took me like all day to clean my room and now it’s back to this all the clothes on the floor is actually clean i just haven’t gotten around to um folding

It and putting it away so when i’m in a hurry and looking for clothes for me or for my son i’ll dump the basket out and grab underwear or whatever i need here’s all the towels hanging on my little exercise machine because that’s what i use it for my little stepper i don’t actually use it just back lately it’s just been a towel or clothes holder um cups candy

That my son was eating trash backpacks more clothes i have a lot of clothes oh oh the bowl where i ate hot cheetos the other day um i i definitely need a trash can in my room because i don’t have one and so usually i’ll just use a plastic bag when i get to cleaning um this is just random stuff books my son’s earplugs that he uses when he showers more cups um

And yeah so this is the current state of my room so if you have adhd depression anxiety whatever it is that keeps you from staying organized and clean know that you’re not alone i joined i joined a couple of moms with adhd facebook groups and when they post um pictures of their messy rooms it kind of makes me feel like i’m not alone so i figured i would make a

Video just to make it uh you know give you guys an idea and i’m sure i’m probably gonna get plenty of negative comments for this but i just want you to know that you’re not alone and hopefully i can muster up the energy today to do at least one thing in here if anything just fold the clean clothes and put it away if i can at least will myself to get started then

It’s easier to do the rest um but yeah this is when the mom guilt kind of kicks in and um you start kind of feeling like a failure as a mom and messy and those who don’t understand adhd or depression or anxiety which i also have i have cerebral palsy generalized anxiety disorder major depressive disorder and inattentive adhd and the combination of all three

Four of those conditions makes it difficult for me to stay on top of being a mom and working part-time and going to school and doing everything that i have to do and if i’m being honest cleanliness and organization really comes last um it’s it’s what i tend to really have trouble with and i wish you know when i get home from work and i’m tired and it’s been a

Long day i wish i could come up here to a clean room to lay on and sleep in but that’s rarely ever the case that is rarely the case and sometimes um when i feel like i really need a clean a clean space to be in i’ll pay my uh my niece or somebody i’ll pay them to clean my room for me when i have any extra money to spare which isn’t very often but sometimes you

Got to do what you got to do to kind of maintain your sanity right because i find that i’ve often heard that your room and your living space is an extension of you an extension of your energy and i do find that when my space is clean i can sleep more comfortably i can breathe better i can just relax more and when my space is cluttered when my room is cluttered

And messy as it is right now i find that my mood definitely shifts i become more depressed uh more anxious my mind uh becomes more cluttered i’m sure that i’m probably going to get judged for this video as i’ve said but i’m just being real um today i went to work and i wasn’t supposed to work today because i don’t usually work on fridays but two of the kids

Missed their sessions last week so today was a makeup day and i worked from 9 to 11 and i was fine all day um i mean throughout my work time i was feeling fine and the minute i stepped into my house not not particularly to my room but the minute i stepped into the house i started feeling kind of depressed kind of down and even more so when i step into my room and

Kind of kind of see all of this right so i mean i don’t know i’m sure the cluttered uh mess and the disorganization i’m sure it all probably has something to do with my mood but i have kind of been feeling like ever since i started on the my days and trintellix i’ve been having a lot more mood swings so um i don’t know if that’s a side effect of the medication

Or not but um i’ve been on the my dais i want to say for a little over a month and the trintellix for almost two months and trintellix is an antidepressant that is supposed to help with the anxiety and depression and my day is is a stimulant that’s supposed to have um helpful beneficial effects for the inattentive adhd symptoms which as you can see i mean it

Hasn’t really helped as much as far as organization and cleanliness and all of that i have been able to focus a little better but um like i said i have felt like ever since i started on the medication i’ve gotten a lot of mood swings i’ll be okay and out of nowhere i’ll feel depressed for no apparent reason just kind of get this wave of sadness that just kind of

Rushes over me and sometimes like today it’ll last all day like right now i still feel sad and depressed again for no apparent recent reason and hopefully tomorrow it’ll be better but um yeah that i guess that’s it for now

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My messy ADHD rooom (living with ADHD, depression and anxiety) By queen_of_ awkward