My Opinion On Truvada – Part 2

Hey guys welcome back to mark dylan calm or if you’re watching this on youtube thank you so about oh i don’t know a week or two ago i did a post about truvada as as you know i’ve started taking and i’ve been taking it for a couple months now no side effects it’s worked great for me i’m still healthy enjoying life and all that good stuff no no the side effects no

Stomach troubles no nothing really although some people have reported headaches stomach trouble things like that but after that post i got several emails most of which agreed with what i said and we’re very supportive but a few that disagreed respectfully and then of course you get a few trolls anyway one of the things that a few of the dissenters sent me with

A link to an article where the aids healthcare foundation you know is not agreeing with truvada because they say that gay men are unlikely to adhere to the once a day regimen you have to stick to for truvada to be effective now that is such oh my god such a silly argument because let me tell you when you don’t adhere to using a condom every time 100% of the time

The condom is not effective gay men are not sticking to using condoms 100% of the time so that logic is completely flawed listen whether whether you use a condom or whether you take this this little blue miracle pill when you follow the directions you tell you you zit as directed or you take it as directed both of them are overwhelmingly effective in stopping

The transmission of hiv now the benefits to using a condom are that of course there’s no there’s no possibility of medical side effects and then it will prevent other stds as far as as far as anal sex now but if you’re not using condoms for you’re like you know you have the risk of getting gonorrhea chlamydia syphilis herpes so you know unless you’re using the

Condom for every single aspect of sex you’re still at risk for the other stds so if we’re talking strictly hiv prevention when taken as directed as prescribed by your doctor terada is an incredibly effective way to protect yourself from hiv now when you use a condom as directed and you use it every single time it is an incredibly effective way to protect yourself

From hiv now the interesting thing is proponents of truvada are not attacking condom usage nobody’s going around bad-mouthing people for for using condoms or trying to slut-shame them or anything like that so it’s always so interesting to me when when i get emails from people who are on trovato and they say you know they’re scared to tell their friends about

It because they don’t want to get made fun of they don’t want to be slut-shamed and i’m just i think to myself come on people what is wrong first of all you should not give a about what anybody else thinks as far as what you’re doing to protect yourself other than you and your doctor if your medical professional your health care provider thinks that this little

Pill is right for you that’s the only other person’s opinion you need to be worried about now as far as this whole thing of slut-shaming let me tell you there are so there are some trolls out there who the the all the std protection they need is in their personality because nobody wants to be near them nevertheless them so let me tell you some of you you who are

Going around mocking people making people feel bad trying to slut-shame them whatever you want to call it i suggest you you know you take up residence under a bridge because that’s exactly where you belong now organizations like the aids healthcare foundation really i mean they’ve done a lot of good the cause is very noble they’re by no means trolls they are what

I would call respectful they have a respectful voice of discontent and that’s fine you know that that’s perfectly normal and very healthy society to have people who have reasonable alternative views but the logic of saying that this is not a good precaution to protect yourself from hiv because you may not take the pill every day is really flawed because let me tell

You gay men are not using condoms every single time they have sex either and i would also be very interesting to see what the effectiveness of truvada is if you miss a dose if you miss a day because i can tell you if you miss using a condom it’s 100% not effective so you know that’s just some food for thought but what stuck out the most to me and a lot of the emails

That i read from people who are taking truvada or thinking of taking truvada was how concerned they were about other people’s opinions you know guys come on get it together you live your life in the manner that you feel is best for you as long as you’re not harming anybody don’t go through life worried about pleasing other people or what other people think of you

You will spend a lifetime worried about what what people think if you don’t hurt anybody you take care of yourself you help people where you can when you can you add more to the world than you take from it that’s a life well-lived as far as the trolls who are looking for any single reason they can to badmouth somebody knock them down the hell with them who cares

Like i said they have all the std protection they need in their in their personality by the way let me tell you in addition to taking your truvada take your daily dose of troll water because you’re gonna need it you know and and and the way you do that is you conditioned yourself to say and nine times out of ten the opinion of other people doesn’t really matter

I’m not hurting anybody i’m living a happy fulfilling life and i help other people if somebody has a problem with me as far as anything else they can go straight to hell so guys that’s what i would advise you to do don’t send me these crazy emails worried about not wanting to take trovato because you’re you’re concerned what your friends or your possible sexual

Partners are gonna think if it’s right for you based on your own research and your own due diligence and what your doctor has to say do it but let me tell you i have no problem with somebody using a condom or using truvada they’re both great ways to protect yourself i do have a problem with the trolls who want to bad-mouth somebody for using something that is is

Proven to be effective when taken as directed so there you go guys that’s just my opinion if you’re thinking about taking through bottom make sure you talk to your doctor and make sure you do your own research but certainly don’t let the let the trolls out there be your source of information anyway you have a good afternoon thanks for tuning in

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My Opinion On Truvada – Part 2 By Marc Dylan