Naloxone (2 of 2)

About Naloxone or Narcan used in Harm Reduction Outreach by the Chicago Recovery Alliance to stop overdose deaths (OD) by drug users. Naloxone is used by Paramedics and EMTs worldwide to prevent death.

You think see i’m steven asks for stimulation the first thing we want to do is figure is this person overdosed or is this is just a good hi do you talk to somebody if they don’t respond the test oh visit great here opiate dependent stopping you’re using or even a few days increases your risk of overdose a mixing alcohol and or cocaine or pills with heroin increases

The chances stephen stephen knuckles against the sternum or in the upper lip and just rubs it no ambulance yeah call an ambulance the thing that kills people in heroin overdose is not breathing a is for airway to make sure there’s nothing obstructing someone’s airway is for rescue breathing rescue breathing involves tilting the head back pinch off their nose seal

Your mouth over theirs breathing twice and then 175 seconds there’s someone watching this chest and abdomen rise he is an evaluation step can you keep this up indefinitely how is the person doing is their color getting better are you breathing for them successfully emas for muscle should i get a shot in the lock zone yeah one cc intramuscular injection of naloxone

Needle and you stick it into the bottle and you draw up one cc each of these syringes have one cc in them these two syringes are half cc so you would have to inject two of these in order to get one cc 100 units an insulin syringe equals one cc problem with these syringes is that the points are too small if you have to use these syringes to inject naloxone you

Should inject it into the tongue but the best syringes to use are these points are all one inch or more which is easy to get into a muscle in the shoulder in the thigh or in the booty one cc it just goes to the one on each of the syringes don’t spend your time fumbling for a vein the seconds count here continue the rescue breathing and then there’s another period

Of evaluation it takes three to five minutes for an alloxan to start working they aren’t awakened alert they may need to get an additional shot we suggest that after – one cc intramuscular shots in the lock zone and five minutes after each shot and the person does not awake based on that that it is not an opiate overdose and just continue to breathing and wait

For the ambulance when their friend comes around they’re going to be feeling sober they may want to use to get that sober slightly sick feeling off are you okay it’s important that they be i prevented being talked out of doing that because that’s going to just compound the overdose you fell out man we have to give you naloxone you when the naloxone wears off in

30 to 60 minutes even if they haven’t used again the overdose could come back locke’s own kicks opiates out of the brain for around an hour heroin lasts six to eight hours heroin outlast locks on methadone last 24 hours methadone for our last naloxone the overdose can return after naloxone wears off shoot a review alright so we got like hang out with you now

For a couple hours cuz you’re still on you’re still on it and you’ll get high again but you could fall out again real easily so like we got to watch you now

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Naloxone (2 of 2) By Michael Simborg