Naloxone Community Layperson Training – Take ACTION Training

Naloxone training for community laypeople.

Opioid overdose death is preventable opioids include prescription pain medications and street drugs such as heroin and illicit fentanyl you’re at a higher risk for an overdose if you had a prior overdose have a history of mental health and substance use disorders mix drugs with opioids such as alcohol benzodiazepines cocaine and other substances have not used

Drugs for a period of time because you were in jail or in a detox facility and experienced a change in tolerance taking higher dosage of opioids or on long-acting opioids however with a few steps you can take action and save a life action means arouse the person check for signs of overdose telephone 911 or nasal or intramuscular naloxone oxygen naloxone again

If you suspect an overdose first arouse the person with the 3 s’s shout the person’s name and shake the person firmly by the shoulders there is no response do a sternal rub ball your hand into a fist and rub against the breastbone of the person if there is still no response you may have an opioid overdose on your hands check for signs of an overdose signs of an

Opioid overdose include blue or grayish lips or fingernails slowed or no breathing deep snoring or gurgling noises pinpoint or tiny pupils unresponsiveness to pain unconsciousness if one or more of these symptoms are present telephone 911 overdosed cooperate with the 9-1-1 dispatch operator to get help on its way in michigan you’re protected from liability in the

Event you administer naloxone in good faith for an opioid overdose or call for help for someone who is overdosing stay on the phone with the operator once medical attention is on its way it’s time to move along to the next step intranasal naloxone in order to administer naloxone peel the intranasal naloxone medication place the nozzle into the nostril and push

The plunger into the person’s nostril remember do not push the plunger until the nozzle is in the nose no test spray is needed the next step is to provide oxygen through rescue breathing cpr or follow 9-1-1 dispatch instructions until medical help arrives the last step is naloxone again repeat naloxone every two to three minutes till the person resumed breathing

Or becomes conscious continue rescue breathing and/or cpr while waiting for naloxone to work stay with the individual until help arrives if it’s safe to do so if you must leave the person unattended place the person in recovery position with their head tilted back slightly to open their airway and supporting the head and the knees stopping the body from rolling

Onto the stomach ultimately no matter what happens you did the right thing because you responded remember to take action to save a life

Transcribed from video
Naloxone Community Layperson Training – Take ACTION Training By OverdoseACTION