NIACIN & NMN Causes DAMAGE | Trimethylglycine (TMG) Fix 2020

NIACIN & NMN are leading supplements in the anti aging world, but they can cause a big problem with methylation in the body. So how serious is this risk, and will taking Trimethylglycine (TMG), Methylfolate or Methyl B12 help? Let’s dive into the research.

What’s up everyone niacin and any men they look to be great molecules and boosting our energy levels and helping us in the fight against aging but there’s a massive problem with both of these supplements that we absolutely need to go into and it’s a problem called methylation so while that might sound complicated in this video we’ll break down what methylation actually

Is how that relates to niacin and enamine whether using other molecules such as trimethylglycine or betaine methylfolate or methyl b12 will actually help and what i’m personally going to do with that information so by watching this video you’ll know how to take niacin and any min safely you’ll maximize the benefits and you’ll turbocharged your energy levels and if

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So methylation all it is is the transfer of a methyl group from one molecule to another that’s it and it’s vital in switching on the right parts of our dna creating neurotransmitters and antioxidants so without methylation we can’t do any of these processes and methylation looks death a pivotal role in how we age we observe that centenarian dna had just under half

A million less methylated groups than the newborn dna so it’s absolutely vital that we get the methylation process right and that leads us on to the big problem with niacin and in him in so niacin and in mn they help boost a molecule called nad+ and nadh plus is the fuel for a lot of really important enzymes in our body and as those enzymes use up the nad plus it

Creates nicotinamide and here’s where the problems begin some of that nicotinamide it’s recycled back into nad plus but some of that nicotinamide it’s broken down its methylated so that our bodies can get rid of it in the urine but to do this our bodies have to get a methyl group from another molecule and attach it to the nicotinamide and this is a problem because

It creates a massive draw of our valuable pool of methyl our bodies get this methyl group from the molecule called methionine and once that methyl group is taken away from the matheny it creates a molecule got homocysteine and this process it’s not just theoretical it has been reported that a single 300 milligram oral dose of niacin and nicotinamide increased the

Plasma homocysteine levels indicating a potential shortage of methyl groups so in a randomized trial the homocysteine levels were increased by 61% when taking nicotinamide and similar but less pronounced changes were observed in the niacin group so potentially by taking niacin and in ‘man we’re drawing from our valuable pool of methyl groups so if we’re drawing

From that pool then we’re not having enough methyl groups to switch on the right parts of our dna to create those neurotransmitters and antioxidants this is not the situation that we want and to make matters even worse not only are we taking away from that valuable methyl pool were also increasing our production of homocysteine so an increased plasma homocysteine

Level is an independent risk factor for the development of vascular disease so that’s the last thing that we want by taking these so-called anti-aging molecules as in the niacin and in amin the last thing we want to do is increase our chances of getting heart attacks so this is worrying right it’s absolutely why we need to go through this process and see what we

Can do to fix the problem and if we dig a bit deeper with niacin niacin has been used for decades to help with our cholesterol levels and unfortunately even though niacin was helping with our cholesterol levels it didn’t look like it was reducing our heart attack risk so we’ve got a 20-17 cochrane review which is the highest level of evidence that we’ve got and it

Concluded that is moderate to high quality evidence that suggests that niceand does not reduce mortality cardiovascular mortality or non cardiovascular mortality now i don’t usually like to do this on this channel but i’m going to speculate here i wonder that even though the niacin was boosting our nad+ levels and improving our lipid profile that we weren’t getting

Those benefits because we were boosting our homocysteine levels that were drawing away from that valuable methyl pool now again that’s just speculation but i do wonder if that’s why we don’t see those benefits with niacin but back to the evidence what happens when we reduce our homocysteine levels will that reduce our heart attack risk so in addition treatment

Of high homocysteine levels with folic acid or b vitamins prevents the development of atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease and strokes so in a nutshell what do we have so far taking niacin and any men they look to be great molecules in the fight against aging but unfortunately by taking those molecules we’re drawing away from that valuable methyl pool and we’re

Boosting our homocysteine levels not what we want now i do just want to stop here and mention that there’s a lot of controversy with these theories subsequent prospective randomized placebo-controlled trials have not shown an association of high homocysteine levels or their lowering with treatment with the incidence of atherosclerosis cardiovascular disease or

Strokes jus possibly – the fortification of flour with folic acid so that mentioned about folic acid it brings us nicely into how we can potentially fix this high homocysteine problem so if we want to get rid of homocysteine we can convert it back into methionine so remember it was the math i mean that was donating its methyl group to the nicotinamide and when

The methionine donated its methyl group it created homocysteine so we can reverse that process and get the homocysteine back into meth i mean but to convert the homocysteine back into meth i mean we need three things we need folate vitamin b12 in betaine or trimethylglycine so let’s start with betaine or trimethylglycine betaine is a stable non-toxic natural

Substance because it looks like a glycine with three extra methyl groups betaine is also called trimethylglycine betaine is safe and a daily intake of 9 to 15 grams and distributes primarily to the kidneys liver and brain so 9 to 15 grams of trimethylglycine that’s a huge dose and that’s really reassuring because any molecule that we take we need to make sure it’s

Safe so that’s a big tick in the right direction for trimethylglycine trimethylglycine is a vital methyl group donor and helps catalyze homocysteine to form methionine sir in humans how much can the trimethylglycine actually reduce our homocysteine levels this meta analysis shows that supplementation of trimethylglycine at four to six grams a day significantly

Lowers the plasma homocysteine concentration in healthy adults by eleven point eight percent so that’s a high level of evidence that we’ve got that trimethylglycine will reduce our homocysteine levels and help us with this methylation problem but what other effects on the body can the trimethylglycine have subjects with a higher b10 concentration tended to have

Better fat profiles and distributions other studies have shown that higher b10 concentrations are associated with lower rates of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease betaine has also been linked with a lower risk of cancer and finally b10 has shown the potential to enhance strength-based performance so if we recap trimethylglycine it’s safe it looks to lower our

Homocysteine levels and it looks to have a lot of other really positive benefits for our body so it looks to be a great molecule in treating this methylation problem but what about some other molecules what about methylfolate and methyl b12 because remember we need healthy levels of folate and b12 to convert the homocysteine back into methionine so starting with

Folic acid there were significant trends towards an increase in high homocysteine with low folic acid levels so all that’s doing is proving that we need healthy levels of folate to convert the homocysteine back into meth i mean and by taking methylfolate we can use that methyl group and donate it to other really important processes in our bodies so in that way the

Methylfolate it’s also being a methyl doughnut just like trimethylglycine so is methylfolate safe researchers identified previous reports of patients that receives more than 400 micrograms per day of folate overall they concluded that there was no definitive evidence that exists for adverse effects due to folic acid so that’s a massive tick in the right direction

For methylfolate but if you have a look at the dosages methylfolate you take it in 400 micrograms whereas the trimethylglycine you take it in 500 milligrams so by taking the trimethylglycine there’s a lot more methyl groups that we’re donating to our bodies that we’re donating to that valuable methylation process so that’s just something to keep in mind when you

Choose what supplement you want to take and let’s move on to the last one methyl b12 now again we need healthy levels of b12 so that we can convert the homocysteine back into methionine unfortunately though as we age our bodies they’re not as effective as absorbing the beets while from our diet into our bodies so as we age were a far higher chance of having low b12

Plus people who are on metformin they’re also at an increased risk of having a low b12 long-term use of metformin was associated with a b12 deficiency and anemia routine testing of b12 levels and metformin treated patients should be considered and by taking methyl b12 we can also have a methyl group that’s going to be donated to that methylation process in our

Bodies but there’s a big problem with b12 supplementation these findings suggest that higher levels of b12 were associated with an increased risk of all-cause mortality so for whatever reason higher levels of b12 in the blood it increases the mortality rates it increases the death rates so we do need to keep that in the forefront of our minds when we decide what

Supplements to take so with all of that information that we’ve gone through what am i personally going to do well i currently take niacin to boost my nad+ levels and when i reach thirty fingers crossed if i can afford it by that stage i’ll add an innie min so this methylation problem it’s a concern for me and i address that concern by taking trimethylglycine i’ve

Chosen to take trimethylglycine because the dosages are so much higher compared with methylfolate so there’s so many more methyl groups that the trimethylglycine can donate to my body also because of my diet i eat a lot of leafy green vegetables so i don’t have a folate deficiency and i’ve proven that on a recent blood test and also on that blood test i’ve proven

That i don’t have a b12 deficiency so i don’t want to take a b12 supplement because of that studies showing that by having a high level of beets while we’re increasing the death rates so i hope that all makes sense and please let me know in the comment section what you thought of this video and what you’re going to do to address the methylation problem are you going

To take trimethylglycine or are you going to go with methylfolate and methyl b12 and that brings us onto the competition so do not age they’re donating some trimethylglycine to a lucky winner so again usual disclaimer i’m not affiliated with do not age or any other company in any way so you know that i’m going to remain unbiased and to enter into the competition

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NIACIN & NMN Causes DAMAGE | Trimethylglycine (TMG) Fix 2020 By Dr Brad Stanfield