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Occupational english test sample test 2. listening test this test has three parts in each part you’ll hear a number of different extracts at the start of each extract you’ll hear the sound you’ll have time to read the questions before you hear each extract and you’ll hear each extract once only complete your answers as you listen at the end of the test you’ll have

Two minutes to check your answers part a in this part of the test you’ll hear two different extracts in each extract a health professional is talking to a patient for questions 1 to 24 complete the notes with information you hear now look at the notes for extract one extract one questions one to twelve for questions 1 to 12 complete the following notes with a

Weird or short phrase you now have 30 seconds to look at the notes so what do we have today i see you made the appointment for lesions on your hands is that correct uh yeah i kept thinking that they would go away but that hasn’t happened so far also this isn’t the first time this has happened so i figured i should get it looked at yes um so how long has it been

Since this latest outbreak of lesions started uh about five days ago i see um any change in diet or medication yes i took ibuprofen for a fever about 12 hours before the lesions appeared so you mentioned having had these lesions before did you also take ibuprofen before that time yes i was taking ibuprofen for three days before the lesions appeared and did those

Lesions appear on your hands as well yeah same location that time the lesions healed after a few weeks but there was a little bit of a mark left yes i can see the residual hyperpigmentation did the lesions hurt at all yes there is a bit of a burning sensation okay have you ever had any adverse reactions to other medications uh not that i can think of do you think

It’s definitely related to the ibuprofen that seems like the most likely explanation we will have to confirm but i suspect that you have what is called a fixed drug eruption which is a common immune mediated mucocutaneous reaction to the consumption of a variety of different medications including ibuprofen many patients forget about having taken over the counter

Drugs which makes diagnosis more difficult so it is good that you have kept track of what you have taken it definitely makes my job easier yes i am usually quite careful about what medication i take so you said something about confirming the diagnosis what would that involve um there are two possibilities the more invasive approach is to do a small punch biopsy

To examine the epidermis and epidermis this would have been the best option if you hadn’t told me about your medication history or if you had an unusual presentation the less invasive approach is a provocation test which reduce an oral challenge to check for lesion recurrence since you’re fairly certain that you’ve only had a reaction to one medication it should

Be relatively easy to confirm the medication responsible for your condition sounds pretty straightforward so what about treatment i mean the legions do seem to go away eventually on their own but is there anything that can be done to help them heal faster um yes since your legions are in non-mucosal areas we can use a topical corticosteroid therapy as well as an

Oral antihistamine which should reduce the burning associated with the active lesions also of course once we confirm ibuprofen as the cause of your fixed drug eruption we will find an alternative medication for fever management so anything else i should be on the lookout for yes people with fixed drug eruptions tend to be triggered by more than one medication

So i advise you to closely monitor how you react to any medications you take in particular antibiotics nsaids analgesics such as acetaminophenes anti-fungal agents uric acid reducers and omeprazole so this condition is definitely something i should bring up whenever i’m prescribed a new medication yes that is certainly the case it would be important information

For any physician treating you for questions 13 to 24 complete the following notes with a word or short phrase so do you have an explanation for what is causing my stomach pain i think that i do but before that i want to confirm a few details about your medical history and a current condition so according to your chart you have been experiencing abdominal pain

For a week is that correct um that’s right i went to my gp two days ago and he prescribed miranitidine but that hasn’t helped at all i’m still in pain and feeling nauseous and now i’ve started vomiting and feel bloated have you experienced any pain after eating no the pain does not seem to be related to eating it has been pretty constant over this last week um

Okay and you have diabetes uh yes i was diagnosed several years back i take glyburide for my diabetes and now to your current condition the first physician who attended you noted some mild tenderness in the mid epigastrium and right upper and lower quadrants also i just got your blood test results back and everything was normal aside from your blood glucose level i

Have examined your radiography and it appears that you have what is called a gallstone lilius which is a type of mechanical small bowel obstruction i have gallstones is that what you’re saying yes in your case because of chronic cholecystitis which caused an inflammatory fistula the gallstone was expelled into the intestine and got lodged in an area of intestinal

Narrowing causing bowel obstruction your radiography indicates that the gallstone is quite large about three centimeters in diameter oh my does this happen uh no actually it’s quite rare gallstones cause less than one percent of bowel obstructions but i do have to tell you that it is a disease of the elderly so your age played a role in the development of this

Condition well at this age everything stops working correctly uh so what does this mean now will i need surgery yes you will uh first we will want to get your fluid and electrolyte imbalances taken care of this condition is also often a sign of the condition i mentioned chronic cholecystitis which we will have to consider as we decide on your treatment plan this

Condition can cause chronic inflammation and as a result the gallbladder could rupture which would be a serious medical emergency for this reason removal of the gallbladder is a common cause of treatment okay so what are the possible side effects of taking out my gallbladder well that depends on foreign

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