Packing With A Chronic Illness

Hey! Today I decided to talk about how I pack and the extra tings I need to bring with me that have to do with my illness.

Hi so i think uh behind me maybe i don’t know how i’m packing because we’re going to la yes i said a monde and i thought i’d make a little video on the differences with packing with a chronic illness because i’m also someone who plays a lot so that’s also part of it um i literally have a whole spreadsheet like everything i’m in a pack so i don’t forget stuff because

I won’t forget stuff because of my fibro fog i hate it when likea someone hug i forgot this or that and it’s just like that sucks so i always make a sheet like i cook like a week or so ahead and i really don’t like i’ll read through it once a day but oh and add this oh my god that kind of thing because i do free stuff or randomly think of so like oh i’m gonna need

This like there’s one site i forgot to put like um a hairbrush or anything i forgot to put that for like two days oh wait i’m gonna need a hairbrush oh cuz my time so he’s having long hair and having to brush it and everything it’s so weird anyway so like some i thought i’d talk about some weird things and kind of like pact with me kind of thing i have my clothes

All laid out right there plus i’m gonna wear the day we’re leaving and then the other clothes and then i pjs and then a bunch of other stuff and i’m washing socks i don’t have those i have some other things want to put in there like like a mini first-aid kit always from my bag like it tied to gonna pen bobby pins like some i like extra i looked in yeah and then

Have my bag like i’m have to travel in i have to take my meds with me which it’s a whole huge thing i will show you everything i used to do like a thing where i like put him all in little bags but it was just like it was annoying and i was just like i’m just didn’t take all of them with me so if we’re just driving like i don’t we don’t go on plane trips so for

Just like driving somewhere i literally take all of my meds in their original bottles which are huge like look at how huge this is my face or my head this is the bottle like it’s huge so it like it’s a lot it’s huge it’s like probably this big is like meds so that’s like something i have to make room for and everything oh and because of the protocol you know like

Sometimes you like you had a hotel like they have the shampoo and they’re like wash and everything like soap us it’s all washes so wash is the action not the object uh-huh and so because of that you know they’re probably yeah oils and like stuff in it that we can’t use so i have to bring all my own soap and conditioner and lotion and everything because otherwise i

Like literally can’t take a shower because i can’t use the products about blocking and then feeling bad when you’re on vacation you don’t want to feel bad so i have to take all that with me i’m just the new vlog kind of thing throughout pocking i’m kinda be like okay i do this i’ll show you kind of situation i have back here and then like packing my meds and then

Like kinda stuff like that this is like how i have everything set up for like just right now we’re not leaving till tomorrow so this is kind of my 10 nights up to pack and they have a whole list of other stuff to proc pack for tomorrow i’m going to be using like my pillow and like pjs and stuff because i’m obviously aiming to sleep and like toothbrush and toothpaste

And stuff but these are like i have protein bars i have band-aids and like i’m an extra stuff mini checkers is now gonna come say hi because i’m pointing and talking and she’s gonna stand on my clothes hi chuggers i want say hi hi chuggers so like that’s one outfit it’s another outfit and then now they’re all night and fold until chucker stepped on them thank you

Thank you she’s like why aren’t you putting me am i not petting you are you throwing a fit they’re gonna walk back across thank you so yeah that’s kinda and this is my bag and then i all just keep it i always keep i have in here it’s pocket i have my conditioner shampoo body wash and the lotion i mean i just fill this up with clothes and meds and all that stuff

So yeah so this is my whole like med situation these are mostly all the ones i take in the morning i’m except for – i take it night they’ll just won’t fit in this bag um so yeah these are all the ones i take in the morning except for two or three actually and then this is all the ones i take and night having this little bag because i can travel with it because i

Find myself like sometimes at night going like a restaurant and i’m like oh i need to take my meds so i have a little travel thing triggers still like all over my face i pet me pet me triggers you won’t know now you see the camera so you’re just gonna be like nope so yeah i took all like when i go somewhere that like i can and i know i’m plugged meeting my meds

I do take my mind as we talked about in the last video i’m just gonna pack them like this because i don’t see why i don’t do the whole like pill thing because i don’t know why it just it’s annoying to me i don’t know why it’s a lot easier for me to just have to open every single bottle every day then once a week i don’t know don’t ask me why it’s just a lot it’s

Soothing almost i don’t know why so yeah so this is like my packing list i have all like different categories for closed toed shoes suck tronics and bunch of random stuff anyone have in my bag and yeah if i had all color-coded because i like color that’s literally the only reason is cuz i like color and then i just check things off as i go and i put them in the

Bag and then i know i have everything i also do a last check tomorrow but that’s not till tomorrow so somebody else that i realized i don’t want to talk about this food so when we got you know you go that’s on vacation like we always live the dick drug trip they always bring food with us like to eat and like snack cause um like we do like there’s a place okay if

You guys ever go to see dr. statham on in la or just go to la go and venice on lincoln and rose there’s a place called la cove on yo oh they literally han make the tortillas in the middle of the like restaurant and their food they’re what made me start living tacos if anybody knows me you know i love tacos i’m obsessed with tacos like they’re the best things on

The universe so of course we’re probably eating there and literally every single day were there and yeah so basically what i always do is i was really like snacks and stuff and this time i have the cherry jones just now i get like some food and stuff and sadly they didn’t have my cheese i can’t eat dairy so good a goat’s cheese that is like sliced and shredded

Which is like amazing because of easter then get their shipment last night so they don’t have it which sucks so i got other kinds of those cheese and supposed to have to like cut up and stuff um so i’m gonna cut that have it as a snack and then also cashews um and i think also i’m gonna like bring a bunch of kind of sausages for like meals because it’s a lot easier

Once i get your in a car you need to eat a meal cuz like needs lunch or something it’s a lot easier when it’s already cut up and i just like kind of a bunch of and you see like a few good meal size portion so pau gonna do that for food we have protein bars as well we really need them but yeah i’m also you always bring the eggs and bacon it’s up to make in the

Morning it’s why we get an air boobies – so we can like have a kitchen to make food which is it fun guys so yeah that’s kind of food situation like traveling about the chronic illness you have to bring a lot of sex like a lot of food source with your hypoglycemic like like that’s like kind of more like have what i’m talking about is your hypoglycemic you kind of

Have to bring snacks because you eat every two hours or so and like your blood sugar drops need to have foods it’s like i am protein and like yeah so yeah that’s kind of another part of like traveling and packing is we always used to like pack feeling forming the wrong car really sick we always in bring stuff suppose we all kind of happened slightly high glycemic

Our whole lives but they’re getting steak we always bring like a bunch more food so yeah we always make sure we have enough steps and yeah it kind of sucks related have the cheese because it’s really nice just like have like i better put its light like a pack of the cheese and then just like eat a slice to not have to go and cut it up huh which i hate cutting out

Cheese it’s like it’s so hard to do but yeah i’m gonna go do some food breath before tomorrow so this is all the food i have i have put up sausages right here for like snacks or for need for a meal i have put the cheese for your snack and i have blackberries brew snack those are blackberries and the cheese or really good guys do that backwards i just woke up sorry

But the blackberries and the cheese are really good too there is a snack you can yeah it’s pretty much old foodle but i will be bringing my mom and sister will bring other stuff as well we have like burning eggs making a separate breakfast so so here’s my bad soon back then when we cup for the trees and others charger thunder wildest clues with nutritious quiz

Right under there you can see him yeah this is high so it’s tuesday and we’re gonna leave soon have all my stuff packed up behind me i’m just taking that one bag right there and have my clothes and mats and toiletries and chargers yeah the other ones i’m a computer all my stuff like need help i wanted with me in the car um like with me with me you know like yeah

Cleaning out the car is hard i just did that uh-huh cuz i’ve almost to keep jackets and blankets in her car and we don’t really have room for that and we don’t really need them so like take them out it’s really hot out and i have my hair down which was not smart i didn’t bring a hair tie so yeah anyway everybody on the trip i will be posting a little like update

After we see him see you next time on like how it went and like like comparing the maps and stuff so yeah the next video i hope you won’t rest of your day even know what if you’re watching this staying

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Packing With A Chronic Illness By Lilia’s Lens