Pantoprazole together with ranitidine

Can you take pantoprazole together with ranitidine (Zantac). Discuss the difference between the two medications. Also talk about situations where taking both medications may control symptoms better.

Hi this is josh i’m a pharmacist with pharmacist we’re gonna chat real quickly about pant oprah’s all together with ranitidine using the two medications together or in the same day again as with all my videos information not advice talk to your provider before you make changes to your medications lifestyle etc etc first of all what is the difference okay

Pant oprah’s all u.s. brand name protonix ranitidine sold under the us brand name zantac pant oprah’s all is a proton pump inhibitor whereas ranitidine blocks h2 or histamine to histamine 2 is associated with acid production so that’s why that’s how that one works pant oprah’s all and the proton pump inhibitors are considered stronger whereas ranitidine and the h2

Antagonists h2 blockers are considered to have more of a moderate effect now due to the stronger effect of panto result there if there is a potential that there are more long-term side effects that we’ll get into some in the future videos about side effects like bone health and increased risk of pneumonia and things like that ranitidine still associated with some

Vitamin deficiencies and things like that but to a lesser extent than pant oprah’s all look that should be an s and pant oprah’s all last 24 hours whereas ranitidine in fact usually about 12 hours so i found this study about using them together what they did they had folks already on a high dose proton pump inhibitor like protonix they were probably taking it twice

A day then they added an h2 blocker that means they added something like ranitidine so weighing at all in the conquering library they submitted additional bedtime h2 receptor antagonists for the control of nocturnal gastric acid breakthrough that means we gave them ranitidine to see if they wouldn’t wake up with stomach acid symptoms so right here they added it

To the high dose proton pump inhibitors what did they find they found that the addition of the medications like ranitidine can be creates the rate of nocturnal gastric acid breakthrough that means fewer people woke up with acid symptoms interesting thing is that it seems like a lot of night time stomach acid production is regulated by histamine and rigidity and

Has that effect on histah histamine so nighttime acid it might be actually better to use what some people consider a weaker medication since it targets the probable cause of that acid breakthrough so that’s kind of interesting it seems like so people with nighttime symptoms may get better results from medications like ranitidine simply because it’s controlled by

Histamine again lifestyle changes are really important with these kind of medications myself when i had problems with stomach acid i had put on weight my wife was pregnant and i was eating as much as she was and my heartburn was terrible i lost 15 pounds i have not had heartburn sense so we’ve got to get real there determine whether we’re at a healthy weight and

If that could be contributing other things do not eat 2 to 3 hours before bed some people benefit by elevating the head of the bed you know about 6 inches or so that simply just prevents that acid from bubbling back up the esophagus stop smoking smoking can weaken the muscle that closes at the end of the esophagus separating the stomach from the esophagus allowing

That acid to creep back up and reduce trigger foods i mean there are foods that we know set that off we want to avoid those if we’re wanting to try and control those symptoms appreciate you watching remember i always talk to your health care provider with questions do not add another medication without talking to your doctor if you’re having frequent symptoms you

Need to be evaluated by a doctor make sure there’s nothing serious going on there go ahead and ask me questions in the comments below i will do my best to answer them and if you like videos like these i’d really appreciate it if you’d subscribe to my channel thank you for watching

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Pantoprazole together with ranitidine By Pharmacist Tips