Part 1 – Don’t Take My T3 Away Video Diary by Paul Robinson

My name is Paul Robinson.I am the author of three books on the treatment of hypothyroidism: The Thyroid Patient’s Manual, Recovering with T3 and The CT3M Handbook. Together, the books now form the Recovering from Hypothyroidism series. All the books are available through Amazon or other Internet booksellers.

Come recording up so anyway let’s just double check my spring yeah okay we’re going we’re going live here okay this is going to be a really unusual video and it may well be a collection of videos that all relate to the same topic so it’s effectively part one of a possible series that’s entitled don’t take my t3 away of video diary okay so dwell on that for a minute

My name is paul robinson i am um the author of three thyroid books most recent one is a sorry patients manual my first one was recovering with two three and i followed that i’m not waiting the ct to be chanukah ct3 n handbook before doing the recent other side of patients women so that’s who i am i work online with tyra patients i have done for many years and i

Do some private consults as well and i’ve been online i rename and t3 only for about twenty years i take sixty micrograms a day i take this uk lion tyranny the one has been depressed once cause all the problems with pricing and it works basically on on levothyroxine when i was in t4 which i was for about seven years i just got more and more ill all my hypothyroid

Symptoms remained and i ended up basically having to sleep for multiple hours a day trying to stay in were often i would be passing out through low cortisol issues as well as i saw the thyroid issues were less and less and less and eventually they medically retired me because they thought i was dying my doctor thought they might be dying and i’d lost nearly 30%

Of my body weight i gone down about 12 stone 12 and how stone 2 about a stone of just over 8 stone weight i’m not going to convert that in my head 2 pounds for those in america but basically i lost 30% of my body weight and i was already relatively slim to start with and i was just a desperate little fatigue beyond belief on levothyroxine i couldn’t go stairs

Without having to stop part way on my hands and knees it was that bad and when i wasn’t in work i would try to do a few little jobs including around to do a little bit of shopping with a little shopping bag and and often i’d be so well i had to sit down and stall somewhere on chair and maybe sometimes a ring for a taxi to get me home because i was that bad so it

Was dreadful and eventually we were down that i needed 2 3 i persuaded my gp to give me a trial and as shortly afterwards saw an endocrinologist a really good endocrinologist i thought at the time and having seen many who just didn’t get it they all just told me my lamps were normal and i had chronic fatigue syndrome or i mean anyway i was on t3 the endocrinologist

Agreed i need to be on t3 and i slowly gone well i had to work out how to use it just all in my book would come with t3 but that’s how it happened it took me about 10 years to get well i lost 10 years of my life about about age 30 onwards and and then even after that certainly several years to to get really fit again ok so what’s happening in the in the uk well we

Got this issue for one thing we are the uk like ironing product and if the price has gone up basically because it used to be a gym used to be a non-generic t3 produced by glaxosmithkline it paid the peyton ran out they sold the rights to this to another company and that company has basically been price gouging ever since they’ve upped the price and double the price

And double the price the prize and so it goes until this thing here is i’m not sure exactly how many hundreds of percent now higher than it is anywhere else in the world but on the continent france germany another place in europe and in the u.s. almost everywhere t3 is a relatively inexpensive drug in the uk is not it’s very expensive our local area authorities

Known as clinical commissioning groups or ccgs don’t like it it costs them a lot of money per patient trying to cut down on what it costs but also there’s a mistake in understanding amongst many endocrinologists that t3 isn’t required now that’s a bit weird because i actually got really well on it and i’m taking t4 a few times since i went on t3 and it makes me

Ill every single time and i know this is true for many many many other patients so many penology so i think – for mono therapy thyroxine or synthroid mono therapy is almost required and it almost converts very well to t3 active form and that’s it the worry about the active polymer and that’s all that’s needed and of course since right or levothyroxine t4 is a lot

Cheaper than my ironing t3 so what’s happening in the uk well the endocrinologist and the ccgs and want a lot of thyroid patients they’d rather i’m all of them but a lot of them certainly off any t3 even the ones who have taken a small amount with t4 in combination off t3 and back on to be for mono therapy because it’s cheaper and as i said some of the endocrine

Aunts a lot of the endocrinologist don’t believe t3 is needed to for mono therapy always works which it does not and i’ve written about that so much in all my books and on my website which is recovering with t3 calm so that’s a situation and why am i doing this series of videos don’t take my t3 away video diary why am i bothering well okay let me put my glasses on

For this just to say i am not immune to what’s happening in the uk i am not amused i am not special and just another thyroid patient so on october 10th i received this letter just about see it the back of it i’m not going to name doctors names i’m not gonna say which area of the country i’m in i’m just going to say i got this letter on the 10th of october and i’ll

Read it to you without without again implying who the doctor is or anything else dear mr. robinson rely on irony i would appreciate if you could fill in the thyroid symptoms score enclosed as we have been asked by the clinical commissioning groups ecg to review our prescriptions of science irony if you could return these to the surgery as soon as possible well you

Can then complete our audit a lie thyroid prescriptions the reason for this audit by the ccg is that as you are probably aware lion phonemes are very expensive medication well it is because the nhs is screwed up the management of its price and not god cheaper supply that’s why it’s expensive it’s like divergent he doesn’t say that here lieth erin is a very expensive

Medication it is not recommended that it should be used routinely in the management of hypothyroidism as there is insufficient population-based clinical evidence to show that the combination therapy is superior to levothyroxine monotherapy i actually had produced material based on actual research to show why previous clip clinical research trials have not shown

Any correlation between the benefit of t3 the use of t3 and patient health and there are very good reasons for doing that i am and that’s present in some way of the work it’s basically based on the fact that previous clinical trials were flawed utterly totally flawed and they were the biggest need to be redone prop okay based on the new research that is out there

Okay so there was insufficient population-based evidence to show that the combination therapy is superior to levothyroxine mono therapy once we obtained the data will then be reviewed by the consultant endocrinologist of the consultant endocrinologist and if necessary they may ask to see your sincerely etc so that was my call or my wake-up call that basically

I’m now being going to be scrutinized much like many many other thyroid patients in the uk and i know many who are doing really well on t4 t3 combination therapy all antique to be only and then had that t3 removed now i don’t know who the consultant endocrinologist is i don’t know wherever they’re just a stooge for the ccg who was just basically gonna you know

Conclude the team full mana therapies omelets needed this guy shouldn’t go on it i don’t know all i can tell you is when i got the letter i was probably barely unwell for three to five days and the blood pressure went up i was very very very stressed to the point i couldn’t think straight i felt generally unwell i felt dizzy i felt sick i need to three to stay well

I was sick too long to start with and i absolutely need it and yet now like so many other patients and across the uk i’m under the threat of that have that been taken away from me after so many years of being fairly well on it very well on it okay so i have written in response i’ve written a response again i’m not going to mention any names dear doctor this is a

Quick response to the letter that you dated 9th of october 2019 requesting completion of the gp questionnaire and the thyroid symptoms score it you stay that you have data but so that you need the data so you can you’re audited levothyroxine you say that once you have the data the consultant endocrinology review i’m working on the information requested by some

Concerns that need address and prior to my returning all the information please explain what the nature of the oddities are you simply reviewing the patient’s involved or are you returning information to the ccg can confirm that only you your office staff and the consultant endocrinologist selected by you that’s important we’ll see the personal data that i will

Return i would not be happy for anyone on the ccg to see my response or to have an endocrinologist selected by the ccg to look at my data and assess whether i ought to be online i mean or not their cost motivated bias against laura thoren is well documented i wait to hear back from you kindest regards i have other things that i’ve written that only follow-ups if

Necessary and particularly will be looking in detail at how i can use data protection laws to help work for me on this i won’t take it lying down but i am extraordinarily apprehensive what’s gonna happen and that’s why i thought i would do this video diary called don’t take my 2/3 away i’m i’m doing it because it will when it’s finished whichever way it goes it

Will provide a history of what happens to one patient i’m not special and not saying i am i just want you documented i’m on it out there so people can see what’s happening and how it affects people okay that’s why i’m doing it i’ll do the next one soon i don’t know how it’s going to go i am actually very concerned so there we are it’s a right old mess here in the

Uk and it needs to get sorted out because t3 is needed it’s obvious it’s needed past clinical research was flawed and the price for this thing needs to get sorted out by the nhs simple as that okay bye for now and i’m a bit worried yeah don’t worry i am by the way bye for now

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Part 1 – Don't Take My T3 Away Video Diary by Paul Robinson By RecoveringwithT3