Recurrent Pregnancy Loss “ Reasons & Treatment

Recurrent pregnancy loss can happen to anyone. There is no fixed answer to what causes recurrent pregnancy loss. Many reasons can cause recurrent miscarriage, and some of them are endocrine problems, hormonal problems and physiological problems.

Remember to subscribe and don’t forget to hit the bell icon to never miss an update from first cry parenting reasons and treatments for recurring miscarriages recurring miscarriages can cause a lot of emotional trauma it is not an uncommon phenomenon but there is no exact reason for its occurrence one in 100 women is likely to experience a miscarriage in their

Life the chance of miscarriages increases with the mother’s age what is a recurrent pregnancy loss when a woman experiences three or more miscarriages in a row it is called a recurrent pregnancy loss causes of recurrent pregnancy loss 1. anti-phospholipid syndrome or aps in this condition your blood clots easily causing miscarriages 2. jeans you and your partner’s

Genes can also be a reason for a miscarriage 3. thrombophilia it is a genetic blood clotting disorder that causes blood clotting in the blood vessel cells for physical anomalies if your cervix is weak or the shape of your uterus is abnormal it can cause miscarriages 5. septate uterus in this condition your uterus has a septum that divides it into two six vaginal

Infection bacterial vaginosis can increase the risk of miscarriages 7. hormonal problems problems like pcod cause miscarriages the exact reason is unknown but hormones play a major role in pregnancy eight endocrine disorders hypothyroidism can cause the loss of the fetus other endocrine related disorders increase the chances of a miscarriage too nine luteal phased

Effect this occurs when there is an insufficient release of progesterone one other cause for miscarriages can be age the older you and your partner are the quality of the eggs and the sperm decline factors like smoking drinking and exposure to toxins can also lead to recurrent miscarriages treatment for recurrent pregnancy loss 1. genetic counseling it encourages

The couple to take a mutual decision about conception 2. medicines and injections many gynecologists prescribe medicines progesterone injections and heparin and metformin administration to increase the chances of conceiving three surgical treatment different surgical methods are used to prevent miscarriages including cervical circulate or mcdonald’s pictures having

A healthy baby after recurrent miscarriage the chances of a successful pregnancy right after a recurrent miscarriage are high once you know that you have a condition which makes you susceptible to miscarriages your pregnancy will be closely monitored this reduces the chances of anything going wrong bearing the pain of losing a child can be difficult remember to

Stay positive and optimistic keeping your mind clear can help with having a successful pregnancy

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