Respiratory Emergencies EMT/Paramedic | 3 Medications You Need To Understand Now

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Inside this video right here i’m going to share with you three things you absolutely must know about a respiratory emergencies here we go hey everyone it’s the paramedic coach here i’m so excited to deliver this video for you i’m going to be going over respiratory emergencies three things you gotta know here we go oh real quick hit the like button hit subscribe

Tap that thing let’s go now here’s what we got today we’re talking about asthma and we’re talking about the asthma patient how they present so you can understand this whether it’s out in the field school national registry we’re also going to talk about from bls all the way up to als how we treat the asthma patient okay first piece about asthma you need to know

Is this with asthma it’s bronchoconstriction the bronchioles are constricting they’re being closed down now here is the second pearl i want you to remember this for the rest of your career asthma presents cough and tight what was that asthma presents with cough and it’s tight so they’re gonna oh my chest feels tight and they’re coughing that’s an asthma patient

Okay so now with that being said how do we treat the patient okay now one of the best questions you can ask and ask a patient is when was your last asthma attack and have you ever gone to the icu or been in a bid before when you’ve actually had asthma because and as a patient who hasn’t had an attack for a long time versus someone who’s constantly going to the

Icu you just want to know what the expectations are going in okay what’s their normal asthma attack like okay now you might not always get the answer of that but i want to give you that right away now here we go now look at all these meds here albuterol epi cyanometro a lot of meds let’s talk about why we’re giving these meds you cannot you can’t you can’t give

A drug without knowing what it does okay so check this out we’re going to start with albuterol albuterol is a beta-2 agonist okay so albuterol that’s continuous nebs you’re going to give to your patient are going to open up the bronchioles and the bronchi open them up that’s the first stage the first level of treating an asthma patient now what else do we have

In our toolbox well if it gets more severe we have over here epinephrine epinephrine is an alpha one beta 1 but it also acts on the beta 2 very strongly as well and we’re going to give that i m intramuscularly okay so that’s going to be why we give fe notice albuterol and fe both act in the beta 2 which we know when that receptor is activated it’s going to open

Up the lungs so those all make sense okay now what about sodium medrol cyan medrol is a steroid medication so cyan medrol is going to help the inflammation going on from that bronchoconstriction from what’s going on inside the lungs okay this is going to help the patient in the more long term while these drugs over here are helping the short term now there’s

Two more things one that i didn’t write down i’m going to save it for you so stick around for the bonus here here’s magnesium okay notice i’ve given you a lot more than three things here because i care about you okay now check this out magnesium magnesium is a smooth muscle relaxant it has uses in cardiac emergencies obgyn emergencies but also asthma you can give

Your patients a two gram drip in a hundred cc normal saline bag hung over about 10 minutes to treat it as a patient so the normal flow of things if i was giving you a normal flow you’d start off your patient without butyrole okay if they get worse like meaning that their end titles look very good they’re not able to speak at all you know they’re they’re basically

Getting more accessory muscle use you see them trending from the stress to failure they’re getting much worse you want to move on to epi you want to move on maybe to mac okay say a menu you’re going to give to anybody who’s having an asthma attack okay so you start with the first line here work your way down there’s one more thing we can talk about it’s cpap so

Cpap is going to put a tremendous amount of pressure remember we talked about viral constriction being tight what’s going to happen with cpap it’s going to put pressure in the lungs to keep them open okay to actually get the oxygen and start ventilating your patient better okay some patients that have really really bad will be put on bipap in the hospital okay

That can happen too but they’re going to continue to give nebs and don’t forget you can actually give albuterol through cpap quick tip there my friends hope you enjoyed this one i got one more message for you if you are one of these three people if you’re someone getting ready for school whether it’s emt advanced dmc or paramedic maybe you’re in school right now

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