Review of temazepam. While under the influence of it


Um hello my name is brandon and i’m just kind of started coming up with this thing that i am going to document different things that i try or different things that you know need different kinds of drugs basically it kind of gives somebody an inside look on somebody that’s actually doing that you know for safety precautions maybe this isn’t for you maybe you know

Show you the dangers and the pros cons and everything about a an hour ago well i’ve taken three i’ve taken three to measure to mess up am 30 milligram capsules within an hour or hour and a half you know probably one every half hour because that’s normally what i do is i’ll take one and you know hey nothing’s going on i’ll take another one still maybe you could use

One of it so i take another one and then i waste 30 minutes nothing happens and it’s usually a crap drug not a big-time druggie but i do like to try new things you know most of the time i only try it once and never do it again but i just took three of these and i feel it it’s starting to hit me basically what i’m feeling is like like a body hilah completely i’m

Really relaxed a little trouble walking which is weird because i can talk i can talk normal and you know i think for myself i might like where my words slightly but but whenever i try to walk i don’t know but just for a warning you you know this may not be for everybody it’s actually a sleeping aid it’s a benzo that’s a sleeping aid but they say that it doesn’t

Really make you tired i just makes your body mellow so you can sleep it doesn’t actually make you feel like all exhaustion i need to go to bed it’s not quite that actually but uh as always even if you’re trying new things always do it small portions in moderation you never know what’s going to do to you you never know the side effect i mean i can’t say don’t

Do them it’s bad you know like anyone’s going to listen to that but i can help you by letting you know the pros and cons and everything like the con is is – whenever i finally do go to sleep tomorrow when i wake up i’ll probably feel drowsy and not you know not very nice the next day which i will actually be posting another video tomorrow on the after effects i

Mean apparently according to research that i did on several different reputable website there’s some sort of like a hangover like a you know not like a vomiting or headache looks like alcohol but like am i time a hangover where you just don’t feel like doing anything you just feel so weak and you know you just want to relax but it’s not but you don’t feel good it

Doesn’t have the same property is this age of failure but like always just be safe any questions comment below and i’ll try to help you with what i can and and and please you know if you’re going to try things just try things don’t start building things because a lot of this stuff causes independence on them you know like you’re just not independent like you’re

Dependent on them and you don’t want that in order in your life try once or twice after that go on to the next with you if you’re experimenting nobody should ever be a junkie it’s not it’s not a great thing to be well be safe out there people and if you have any other questions or if you have any other videos of certain things that you might want me to try and to

Show you the side effects of it comment below and subscribe to my page party thank you very much

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Review of temazepam. While under the influence of it By Brandon Walker