Review on the Depo- provera shot

experience with the depo provera shot.

Hi ladies i’m here to make a review on the depo-provera shot i took july 2nd of this year and i’m gonna tell you guys why i took it the symptoms that i had after i took it and what i’m planning to do now okay the reason i took it was because in april i had a miscarriage and when i had a miscarriage i lost a lot of blood and again i think i had a condition that

Was caught and demetria polyps i’m gonna put the i’m gonna put the medaka condition the endometrial polish down in the piece in the description below so that anybody who is interested can you know learn about it yeah so without polyps is that the cells in my uterus we’re growing rapid to be green and rapid so due to that i had to have a dnc and i was admitted in

The hospital and i was bleeding like non-stop very heavy menstral building that up never had so and i actually thought i was going to have a shock but time god so that is a reason why i had it and so the only reason my doctors said the only reason the only thing that could stop the bleeding or to prevent it in the near future was for me to be on birth control so

I was prescribed a birth control pill i actually took it like for three days and he never stopped my bleeding i was still bleeding heavily and i went back to my obgyn and he said okay because i wasn’t planning on being on the long term birth control i just wanted something that could regulate my you know my hormones or their bleeding to stop so unfortunately they

Pew did not work for me and so my doctor said well the the only thing i could do was so beyond on the depo-provera shot is a birth control shot it’s a long lasting but control shot that allows for three months so at that point i had no you know i had no choice i just had to take it because i did not want to experience the amount of bleeding that i bled the last

Time okay so i took this shot back in july so yeah so that’s why i took it and when i took it these symptoms that i had were actually my i did not have any symptoms that way like oh my gosh that i could not do with it so i actually felt nauseous like for for a week or so after i got his shots but that subsided and another thing i had was my sexual i mean like i

Did not feel like having sex you know i don’t i didn’t feel like having sex i was not enjoying sex i was just like no i didn’t feel like i could not even ask my husband for sex so wish i did not actually like that that part about it and then the second thing that actually happened was that again a lot of appetite i could eat like even at the middle of the night i

Feel like i’m really hungry and need to eat something so that also made me gain weight actually gained like 6 pounds within three months i gained six pounds or more so yeah so those were the side effects that i actually did not like and he also made my books my books were really really really huge like my brows i had could not fit me you know so yeah that’s what

Happened okay about bleeding i stopped bleeding when i had it i stopped bleeding when i was on it because my doctor told me if you are on depo-provera some people will completely stop bleeding while others who bleed and others would have spotted but i completely stopped bleeding i didn’t have even a drop of bleeding which was good because i lost a lot of blood so

Which was good for me so after that now i’m off of it and when i got off and i told my doctor i want to get pregnant when i get off of it he said well it will take you between three months to a year to get pregnant because everybody’s every body system is different so i when i after i after my after i finished taking this shot i had just one shot after that back

In october from the month of october that’s one month i actually did lemon water detox but lemon every every morning when i woke up i was squeeze a lemon in my cup of in a warm cup of water and i was squeezed a lemon in it and i drink it squeezed at least one lemon in a little cup of water and i would drink it so when i did that after doing that every day i did

That like twice a day actually after doing that twice a day i started having spotting so i started having sporting i was i was going to the bathroom frequently you know cuz i drank a lot of water – any any also each time i drink lemon a water i was would squeeze a lemon in it so that’s what i did for a month and i was seen sporting sporting like twice a day i was

Supporting sometimes i actually thought he was my period because this potent would come and last like for few hours but and then he was stopped so every day i saw spotty and i thought oh thank god my period is bad but that wasn’t the case it was just potent i had it wasn’t my period so that’s one of the advantage i got from drinking the lemon water after i stopped

Drinking the lemon water my spot stopped also he never came in stopped so now it’s been like a week i stopped taking the lemon water and i have not had any spotting so my next plan is i’m gonna give myself at least i’m gonna give myself like three weeks to see if the period returns or not and if it doesn’t come back i’m going to take i’m going to go to the store

Maybe to gnc store and buy dia any you know those how bad the tox tea i’m gonna buy any detox i need to talks that i see there to try and see what happens and so i’m not really like um i’m just to get pregnant but i’m like not forcing it i just want my body to get to come back to normal and like what happen happens before i’m i’m right now i really want to get

Pregnant so so the reason why i’m doing this video is because i know there are so many women out there that you know they have gone through the same thing they have taken the shirts and now they are off or vidia wondering when can i get pregnant what is going on will i be able to get pregnant so i want to take i want to take my situation and see what happens so

That all that we may know they can also do the same thing i did which my walk for me in my novo for i know that person in my walk for they might know before that people so i’m just gonna i want you guys i’m gonna take my i’m gonna go through that journey with you and i’ll share my experience i will share everything to see when my pyrrha returned to see when i

Start of living and also to see when i will get pregnant so i’m gonna update you guys on every little thing and again when i was stuck spotting again i will let you guys know and if i will not get to the store and i get dead to talks when i get that cleansing detox i’m also gonna review it with you guys and then i will take it and then give you guys a feedback of

What happened so that you know or now we may also will learn from it they have been going through the same dilemma as i am going to right now and one more thing the doctor told me was if i if one thing that could also walk apart from the toxin was exercising which i don’t exercise i’m not an exercise i’m not an exercise person so with that you know i don’t think

I will really be interested i once i do exercise like every other week but not like routinely i don’t do it routinely so i’m gonna update you guys about it and if you guys have feedback about everything and i want you guys to please go through this journey with me you know any comment you have you can leave it down below and i’ll be able to answer if i’m if i know

About it or anything i will be able to answer your question and please also subscribe and like my video so that i also be motivated to bring a lot of my experience to you guys out there and thanks bye

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Review on the Depo- provera shot By Journey With Eleanor