set up nebulizer drive kit and use on One year old and Six year old. Albuterol. Sick kids with flu

Our two kids are both sick with the flu . This video shows how to set up and use the nebulizer on the kids.

All right guys i’m gonna make a quick video um my i have a 14 month old one year and two months uh that got sick i’m actually getting over a cold as well no it’s not corona it’s just uh the common flu i guess you could say my voice goes in and out sorry but uh his doctor prescribed him this nebulizer actually he prescribed this albuterol for him but he has to be

Administered via this nebulizer this is a drive power neb ultra um i’m going to go through a quick unboxing and see how this thing works and then uh this guy i already opened is where i opened this thing they come in these little you know pre-pre-dispensed little vials this is 3ml i don’t know if you can see that but this is 3ml worth of albuterol and actually

The dosage says it’s 2.5 milligrams per 3 ml so he’s got to use one of these tubes every six hours as as needed so we’ll work on that later let’s open this box up and see what’s inside okay this is the main unit in this packaging here and they also have a little kit with the uh i guess the medicine cup and everything but his doctor also gave him this thing over

Here which is a nebulizer kit pediatric it’s by mckesson so this one’s kind of cool because it has like this little it’s like a kind of like a face mask connected to the other tube and then they’re going to breathe in through here much easier than what comes with the packing with the uh the drive kit um it’s just basically just you know just basically suck on i

Guess i guess this end this is where the mouth goes and and that’s the tube going out the other end but anyway we’re probably going to use this guy because it just seems like you get a better better seal and for kids especially it’s probably easier for them to use so all right let me put this thing together okay i unboxed everything uh so you got the main unit

Here on off switch this is where i guess the tubing goes in on this side and this side i’m guessing is these little filters that came with the package here so one of these should go in here um here’s the tubing there’s a tubing that came with it there’s this guy here which i’m still not sure what it is that’s probably the medicine cup right there that is probably

The connector this i think goes like this like that and then this tube goes like that right that’s the medicine cup and this is the mouthpiece i’m guessing this goes this way it should look something like that now i’m not saying i’m not an expert by any means um so uh i’ll but i’ll figure it out i’ll read the instructions and figure this out but i’m guessing

That’s how it goes yep that was pretty right uh and then basically the last piece of you know the last piece that goes in would be this tube you have this to connect this oops yeah so this will go down here and then the other side would go in here so pretty easy i’m going to put everything together now i’ll show you how it looks all connected up so i took off

The part that had the filter in it and it was already there was already a filter inside of it right there so i guess these are just a bunch of replacement filters i got to check the book and see how often you got to change this filter out but i’m going to put this one back it just pops in that’s it make sure it’s nice and snug okay now i’ll put everything else

Back together okay i’m gonna put this filter back put that back there then i’m gonna take this tube connect it to this port here just make sure that’s nice and snug and it is it’s actually pretty tough to put in okay so that’s good and this side should be going into so we have our medicine cup here yeah so you can see that so this has got to be filled with

The medicine and then this one i’m guessing is going here okay this is the mouthpiece this is the other tube on the other side okay and that’s it and then basically the other end of the tube goes down here okay and that is it so then basically just put your your medicine in here which is this that’s going to be one of these vials and pour that in there put the

Cap on and use it like that just plug it in turn on the on switch and that should work so let’s try it so that was how to basically put together the drive kit but this is now the what is it called mckesson kit with the little face shield and tube they gave another medicine cup here same stuff i’m not gonna i’m not gonna put this back on i’m just gonna put this

Back here and they also give another tube here too so since i already have one i’m not gonna use that right now so i’m basically just gonna take this and instead of this part take that off and use it like that i think i believe that so maybe not actually let’s see there we go that makes sense so this should go like that and this will go right on my son’s you

Know mouth and nose area so i don’t know if you can see that this thing spins so you can adjust it however you need to it’s pretty easy so we’re going to load this up in medicine and see if uh see how this thing works oh by the way again uh i’m not a professional so please read the directions that come with the kit if you’re not sure if anything’s not clear in

This video please by all means read the directions first before you do anything okay i’m gonna put this aside i’m going to put the mouthpiece aside this is the one that came with the drive kit we’re not going to need it because we have our face shield on it right now and then we’re going to load up with medicine see how this thing works so let’s try it so let’s

Take the cuff out and you’re going to oh actually hook up to some power take this cord out we’ll be right back okay so now it’s hooked up to power let me just see if it works so it looks like it’s working i’m going to take one of these guys this is the medicine snap that off pour that in here this is three mls okay that’s done i’m gonna screw this back on

Okay so that’s on let’s try it out see if this works yeah see that okay so now we’re gonna basically just put my son’s mouth and nose and on top of this area and it should work okay that’s basically it the same thing you know just to clean it you just basically take it apart warm soapy water rinse it off real good and that should be it and that’s really good

Pretty straightforward stuff again if you found this useful please give us a like if you find stuff content like this also useful and informative please subscribe to our channel we’re gonna have a bunch of stuff not just you know obviously medical stuff just general stuff on our channel coming up all the time so if you find this useful please like subscribe to

Our channel and give us some comments below thanks again one quick thing i took off that blue band that was on there it’s kind of getting annoying getting in the way so i’m going to try it out see if this thing works well ryan how you like it yeah is it working okay make sure you breathe it in put it down a little bit yep hold it there you go so that’s it works

Pretty good does the job ryan what do you tell our people that’s watching the videos subscribe and what about oh that’s the notifications oh yeah i see that you know more about youtube than i do all right bye bye say bye bye you want to say bye too bye bye bye bye you can’t say subscribe yet so maybe later bye-bye okay we’re gonna try to get our 14 month

Old too okay aidan you ready you ready okay mommy take this take it looks like he wants it okay i’m gonna turn it on a little scared you guys he’s just scared of the noise over here but and it’s good for you all right you guys get the idea we’re gonna try uh keep at this for a little while and see if it uh he could get some of this medicine in him looks like

It’s not bad looks like it’s working good job good job aiden all right it works right is he actually breathing it or he’s just yeah all right good all right ryan say bye bye again for like the third time okay bye bye and subscribe

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set up nebulizer drive kit and use on One year old and Six year old. Albuterol. Sick kids with flu By Cook with Ron