Starting Wellbutrin XL (Bupropion) for my depression – Will it increase my energy? – Life Update

It’s been a long time! But I’m back and starting a new medication for my depression. My doctor recommended Wellbutrin XL. I have never taken it before, but I’m hoping that it will increase my energy levels.

Hey everyone welcome back it’s been a long time since i’ve made a video but i want to update this channel and update the viewers on basically what’s been going on in my life and a couple of changes with my mental health and the treatment that i’m doing so long story short i moved into a new city a new apartment you can tell with the color change in the back cat up in

The corner but basically i had to get a new therapist and a new prescriber the person i go to now is actually a doctor of nurse practitioners so basically that means that all she does is prescribe she doesn’t do any research or studies on medication stuff like that all she does is medication prescription she just works with people so i thought that was pretty cool

So she’s the one who i’m going to now i’m going to another therapist used to go to a doctor of psychology now i’m just going to a nurse practitioner which is okay with me i’ve been going to therapy for so long i don’t really think it’s gonna make a big deal but actually today i went to go see the doctor the person who prescribes my medication and i’ve been noticing

Some hasman really changes but i’ve just been noticing some different things have been going on with my body low libido some weight gain right weight retention just a lack of kind of motivation to do things and so she recommended to go on first don’t know what to sharon generic is called a link it in the video title in the description but a wellbutrin and she

Prescribed for me 75 milligrams for the first week just to see how things go i’ve been doing my own kind of research online and i think basically what i have found is that it helps just to kind of boost you up a little bit compared to like lexapro that i’m taking now where it kind of lowers you to the point where you may feel kind of like a zombie wellbutrin seems

To raise the mood in the energy a little bit i’m just on a website right now trying to do like a little bit of my own research i know that mental health medications you know no one really knows a hundred percent all about them it’s kind of trial in there and stuff but it seems like the wellbutrin will aid with the libido problems that i’m having as well as some

Of the weight now the way it really isn’t a big problem to me of course i’d like to lose a couple pounds i don’t think anyone would mind losing a couple pounds but um so hopeful that this will actually boost my mood my moods okay but i would boost my energy levels up my energy has just been kind of stagnant i don’t know really how to describe it i’m not tired all

The time but i’m not like on point 100% so i don’t know if that kind of makes any sense i’m just somewhere in the middle really with energy it took me a while to even want to make this video so that’s where i’ve kind of been i that’s why i haven’t been uploading a lot of videos because i haven’t had depressive symptoms i’ve actually been working not a lot about 20

Hours a week doing my personal training gym stuff so that’s been going good i got married you can tell in the la what do we get married oh july 31st so it’s been and we moved uh me my wife moved so we’ve been really dependent busy with life stuff with job marriage honeymoon and stuff like that and i haven’t felt depressed really depressed so i didn’t know yeah

On the make continue making videos and stuff i try to reply to as many comments as i can in the comment section because i know some people still add comments to my older videos like my likes / videos i probably my most popular and some of the other videos i made so i still try to reply as much as i can but i kind of took a break from youtube for a while and i’m

Thinking of hopping back on because i am starting a new medication just to kind of blog or an on blog vlog about it and seek some of the effects that it has on my body because everyone’s different some i was just watching some youtubers are some people who’ve taken wellbutrin on youtube and some people hate it some people love it you know it’s just one of those

Medications that same with all what kind of antidepressants anti-anxiety medications that everyone’s gonna have different reactions to so you know i’m just kidding my voice out there as another person who has you know taken wellbutrin just kind of see what the side effects are on my opinion on it if things get worst it’s a bit get better i think anytime you put

The information out there that people can kind of just maybe not you know use it have you know all of the information as hundred-percent and factual but just to get those experiences out there just so that you can see what other people’s experiences are or always that’s always a good thing to do just to check and see what other people think how it works for them

So that’s why i’m kind of doing this with the wellbutrin i will be updating i just take it for a week right now 75 milligrams for a week so expect a video sometime next week hopefully on the update just to see how my body feel i’m really hopeful that increases my not might yeah my energy levels not my moods been okay but my energy levels to the point where i’m

Feeling feeling good feeling like i’m where i want to do stuff you know i think that’s still kind of the big thing with my depression right now is that the energy the energy the motivation really isn’t 100% where i want it to be but yeah so i’m excited to start it and see what happens all my other medications that i have saved the same which is good especially now

That i’m working i don’t really want to rock the boat too much i know it’s it was pretty scary and annoying for me and when i was in the beginning in my depression always going on new medications getting off the medications side effects here side effects there it was really just kind of a you know pick pick and choose kind of the medication that i was on it was

Couldn’t find the right cocktail as they call it which was pretty annoying actually so i’m stable with my medication hopefully the wellbutrin does help yeah so it’s basically really all i wanted to say today if you guys have any questions or concerns or anything yeah just let me know down below in the comment section don’t know if i will be doing video games stuff

I don’t know right now that haven’t had a lot of motivation to play video games i just bought destiny too and yeah there’s i play like a little bit and i don’t know if i can hopefully with my energy levels up i can go back to like bring me in and making yeah let’s play videos because i did enjoy doing that but right now i just don’t have them motivation really to

Do it so yeah that’s basically kind of things going on in a nutshell hope you guys have been doing well i know some of you have been wanting more videos from me just i haven’t been depressed so i guess that’s a good thing that i have been making videos but yeah i’m trying to get some more you know do some more hobby type stuff as well so yeah anyway i hope you

Guys all have a good day good rest of your week you know let me know in the comments anyone struggling what’s going good and you’re alive for example been working which is something that i never really was i was really afraid of doing probably for the past two years and yeah so that’s one one good thing that’s been going on in my life right now so anyway guys i

Hope you enjoyed this video and i’ll see you next time

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Starting Wellbutrin XL (Bupropion) for my depression – Will it increase my energy? – Life Update By ChrisBliss117