Tamoxifen and Mammograms after breast cancer

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Hi day one of being completely cancer-free technically i was already cancer-free when i got my shirt on february 13th but i really wanted to wait till i had absolutely nothing to do with cancer and more no more treatments so i really made my last day of treatment of radiation treatment the day that i could freely just say i am lancer free but day one of being

Cancer free also means day one of taking my tamoxifen pills day one out of five years don’t hurry i will not do a countdown of how many pills i’m going to take but i’m just letting you know that this is what comes next it is for prevention basically it was proven that my cancer was hormone positive it was hormonal so progesterone and estrogen positive and what

Tamoxifen does it blocks the estrogen so it prevents it from growing back and i have to take one pill a day at the same time every day so kind of like birth control pills it’s not so bad but some side effects hot flashes i’ve already been through hot flashes when i was taking new prana injections to protect my fertility so amused to that otherwise possible the

Journal discharge dryness orientation and reduce interest in sex of course there are other more serious side effects but they are very rare like any medication you take let me see here we have the overgrowth of the lining of the uterus small increase chance the stroke increase risk of blood clots in the legs and ovarian cysts and increased risk of cataract formation

And the need of surgery for cataract yeah that’s just not gonna happen right right i’m taking it because there is absolutely no way i want my breast cancer to ever recur so tamoxifen it is until i reach the age of 30 and i’m gonna be thirty one day so um i’ll let you guys know if ever i experience any side effect are you guys taking tamoxifen if you are let me know

What to expect please give me a heads up and i’ll get the rest of you guys a heads up if you want to take tomas one day ma it’s wednesday july 16 and i’m back in a hospital robe because i’m here to do my annual checkup for a mammogram my morganite eat yep as much as i’m cancer-free it doesn’t mean i get to get rid of these or hospital appointments for the rest of

My life once a year at least i have to check um my right breast of course cuz that’s the one i didn’t get a mastectomy and just to see that there are enough there’s nothing abnormal and there’s no other cancer cells growing back we wanna stay in remission right so i’m out you’re doing in mammogram i’m gonna try and see if i could take you guys with me so you can

See what a mammogram is this is a mammogram machine so my boob goes in here they squeeze it down squash it

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Tamoxifen and Mammograms after breast cancer By Nalie