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Dr. paul here we’ve got a young man with a rash pretty impressive let’s go take a look good i guess i know what you’re here for what happened this morning at like what five i got up and had this rash wow that is impressive can we look at your back would that be all right sure okay so we’ll start off with your back and that is pretty impressive and you say it’s

Fairly itchy yes okay very itchy all right so viewers can kind of get a sense that some of these sort of have a pale area around the raised pink circle that is the rash so here’s a good one that has the white paleness around the pink area i can see where you’ve scratched cuz right here there’s a line that goes and sometimes when you scratch areas whatever is going on

Just flares up even worse you’re a good-looking kid there’s an impressive rash that’s great all right um so tell me you were here about a week ago right yeah and what was going on a weekend trip you had strep throat that’s right go ahead and open wide and say throat still has a few spots on the back of it but i’ll bet they’re more of the allergic type of spot than

The strep that we were treating we have it on your tummy too i believe right yep got it all over poor guy you poor guy you a little bit on your arms yeah folks when you have an impressive rash that’s itchy and you’re on antibiotics your first thing is that it’s an allergic reaction and the fact that it’s really itchy we’ve got this is one type of allergic response

Where you have little raised lesions with a halo the other is big blotchy what we would typically call hives but definitely this is an allergic reaction i think if you hadn’t been on amoxicillin or penicillin or an antibiotic one might even think oh my gosh i wonder if you’ve got measles okay i don’t think you do this is an allergic reaction so thankfully dads stop

The antibiotic this morning and this will get better over the next few days because you won’t keep taking what’s causing it the only thing you’ve got to really watch out for for the viewers if you’re having a bad allergic reaction you don’t want to have trouble swallowing if you get throat swelling or trouble breathing if you have wheezing and i’ve listened to him

As lungs are clear he’s not having trouble swallowing his throat’s still fine except for those few little spots we have a really significant impressive allergic reaction to an antibiotic one little caveat some of the viewers who are really astute will say whoa this is one of those idiosyncratic reactions when somebody has mono that’s a very good point we’re gonna

Test this young man to make sure he doesn’t have mono because that would be a real coincidence if we’ve checked him for strep and it was strep you can be pretty sure it’s strep but could he have had two things going on at the same time not likely but everybody should know a classic reaction when you have mono and you give somebody amoxicillin this is what it can

Look like and you therefore traditionally will treat strep throat with penicillin not amoxicillin when you’ve proven it’s strep you can usually get away with just going with a box thanks for watching i’m dr. paul

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