The Link Between Insulin, Aging, and Diabetes

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Over the next few minutes you will learn how insulin a major factor in the onset of diabetes also affects how rapidly you age understanding how to control and optimize the function of insulin and your body is key not only to avoiding diabetes but to slowing down the aging process itself there are many factors involved in aging hormones cell death the shortening of

Telomeres and the degrading of your dna over time to name a few but one of the most important factors is insulin this becomes clear once you understand that caloric restriction the only means of retarding aging that is actually proven has three primary effects on the body one it lowers plasma insulin levels two it lowers body temperature and three it raises dhea

Levels dhea is a hormone associated with youthfulness that normally declines as we age but and here’s the key studies have shown that if you just lower insulin levels alone that also lowers body temperature and increases dhea levels optimizing insulin levels then actually optimizes all three primary factors in the aging process in fact a study at brown university

Concluded that insulin plays a central role in aging according to the study if you optimize the chemical messages associated with insulin inside cells lifespan increases markedly the study also found that insulin regulates its own production and it directly regulates tissue aging in other words if you keep insulin levels low your cells are stronger better able to

Fight off infection and age-related diseases such as cancer dementia and stroke as the lead researcher and the brown study said we now know that insulin is a direct player in the aging process insulin is unique in the body and that the other hormones of aging decline as we get older but with insulin the problem is that levels actually increase in many individuals

As they age this occurs because the tissues that respond to insulin the liver muscle and fat cells become resistant to its actions as we age this in turn leads the pancreas to secrete more and more insulin in an attempt to keep the blood sugar at normal levels this is sometimes called the pseudo diabetes of aging the higher circulating level of insulin sets into

Motion a cascade of damaging effects your risk of heart attack increases abdominal fat accumulates which in turn makes tissues more insulin resistant higher blood sugar levels destroy proteins break down organs and stiffen connective tissue and high insulin levels have also been linked to higher incidence of certain cancers and if these levels remain high enough

For long enough they kill the insulin producing cells in the pancreas which leads to diabetes so now that we’ve mentioned diabetes let’s talk about it if you have it you know it if you don’t you know the odds are almost 60% that you will quite simply diabetes is one of the fastest growing diseases in the developed world today afflicting about 19 million in the

Us alone not to mention the millions more or hypoglycemic or borderline diabetic or simply undiagnosed unfortunately medications for dealing with diabetes come with a host of side effects and for the most part only addressed the symptoms not the underlying problem what’s needed is an option that naturally and painlessly does it all that helps lower blood sugar

Cholesterol triglycerides blood pressure and excess weight that also helps rebuild the very organs such as the pancreas and liver that have been damaged by the blood sugar levels and most important of all we need to help moderate insulin levels and insulin spikes to not only hold back diabetes but also slow down the very speed at which we age a quick search on the

Internet reveals dozens of natural ingredients recommended for diabetes unfortunately most have little or no real effect and of those that do help no single ingredient does it all the trick then is to find the right combination of ingredients that actually work together to address all of the problems and that can fit in a formula and meaningful amounts pixie-dust

Ingredients provide no benefit in the end research reveals seven natural ingredients that stand out these are no pal cactus konjac manon gymnema sylvestre fenugreek extract course olek acid from banaba leaf bitter melon extract and similan extract let’s take a quick look at each of them numerous studies have proven that small amounts of no pal cactus can lower

Blood sugar levels by blocking absorption of sugar in the intestinal tract lower the levels of both ldl cholesterol and triglycerides lower blood pressure and support the liver and pancreas has demonstrated by improved liver function and increased insulin production over time the next ingredient konjac manon is a soluble plant fiber like no pol konjac benefits

The human body in numerous ways studies have shown that it can lower blood sugar levels by lessening insulin resistance bind to cholesterol and remove it as waste dramatically lower triglycerides and lower blood pressure in a matter of weeks then there’s fenugreek in haitian egypt fenugreek was prized for its healing properties however its strong bitter taste and

Its tendency to produce strong odors in sweat and urine made it less than optimal as a substantial component of any formula several years ago however a tasteless odourless fenugreek extract with sixty to eighty percent to lac d’oo men and content was developed this allows access to all the fenugreek benefits with none of the downside benefits include decreasing

The glycemic incidence of food in studies this extract reduced urinary sugar levels of participants by as much as fifty four percent decreasing the insulin response to food and helping to maintain normal serum glucose levels by slowing down the absorption rate of carbohydrates thereby lowering the insulin requirement and inhibiting the absorption of fats next is

Gymnema which may be the classic anti sugar herb in india its name literally means the sugar destroyer gymnema offers several unique benefits in this formula it significantly reduces the metabolic effects of sugar by preventing the intestines from absorbing the sugar molecules during the process of digestion it does this by filling the sugar receptor sites in

The intestine making them unavailable to ingested sugars it reduces the levels of sugar in the urine it has been shown to regenerate the islets of langerhans in the pancreas especially the beta cells and tests on diabetic rats the pancreas doubled in size and grew new insulin producing cells this is very significant and it stimulates the insulin secretion of the

Pancreas then we have the blood sugar regulating properties of course olek acid the active ingredient in banana leaf which have been demonstrated in cell culture animal studies and human studies it stimulates glucose uptake while at the same time helping reduce elevated blood sugar and insulin levels to normal and in humans with type 2 diabetes banaba extract has

Been shown to be effective in reducing blood sugar levels five to thirty percent while helping maintain tighter control of blood sugar fluctuations number six on the list is bitter melon when it comes to diabetes bitter melon is somewhat unique among plants and that it contains compounds that could be considered vegetable insulin that is to say extracts from bitter

Melon are similar to the insulin found in the human pancreas studies have shown that the regular use of bitter melon extract shows a consistent hypoglycemic effect in patients with diabetes the average fall in blood sugar levels is statistically significant and finally we have sinal npf the only cinnamon extract validated in studies by the usda to improve your

Body’s insulin response up to 20 fold cinnamon is up to 700 percent more effective than cinnamon itself and avoids the potentially harmful allergic side effects that can occur when using high doses of cinnamon cinnamon also has been shown to lower ldl cholesterol and cinnamon can significantly lower blood cerne triglycerides the use of these herbal extracts and

Combination can significantly reduce the amount of high glycemic carbs that your body absorbs at the same time minimizing the insulin response from those that do get through this can help moderate any tendency towards diabetes well at the same time potentially slowing down the aging process these ingredients can all be found in the legendary glu couture v2 formula

Ordered and reordered year in and year out by thousands of people over the last decade the brilliance of this formula is that three of the ingredients sinhala n– pf bitter melon and banaba leaf are very concentrated and are only required in very small amounts this leaves room in the formula for the other ingredients to be present in the larger amounts required to

Match the levels and studies that proved their effectiveness in other words even though this formula contains seven ingredients all are present and proven meaningful levels so is this formula for you will click below if you are pre-diabetic your triglyceride levels are higher than you would like eat too much sugar if you eat rice potatoes and bread regularly or

Just looking to get any potential edge you can to slow down the aging process if you answered yes to any of these questions and click below glue couture v2 just might be for you

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The Link Between Insulin, Aging, and Diabetes By Jon Barron