The Truth About Albuterol Inhalers

Alright guys jaren here from healthy lung support comm i wanted to ask you guys a question on today’s video how much money are drug companies making off of you i mean really how much do you really think they’re making off of you the answer is three billion dollars a year and that’s enough to make you pull your hair out huh did you know that what you think are

Albuterol inhaler are not actually albuterol because the original albuterol inhaler shhhh were taken off the market in 2009 what happened according to the new york times chlorofluorocarbon based products known as cfc were being removed from the marketplace due to a potential threat on the ozone layer albuterol inhaler were included in this ban because they contain

The element cfc the problem with this is that the original albuterol inhaler were extremely cheap for everyone to buy when they talked about banning them scientists began a protest this ban saying that an exception should be made for our butyl inhalers to stay around drug companies began to combat this by lobbying the fda and from 2005 to 2010 paid them over five

Hundred and twenty thousand dollars in lobbying money and the fda ultimately put a ban on albuterol inhaler x’ drug companies took advantage of this ban by creating name-brand inhalers and jacking up the price forcing people who need breathing support to pay more money for something that was once so inexpensive so in other words pharmaceutical companies didn’t just

Take advantage of the situation they actively worked to create this situation according to the fda’s own estimates the switch to new inhalers will cost consumers insurance companies and the government around eight billion dollars by 2017 and you know what that means more money out of your pocket now what does this mean for people like you or anyone else who ever

Had a breathing problem it means that every year you will continue to see a rise in the price of inhalers and steroids and as long as there’s nothing you can do about it the drug companies have no reason to stop raising the price even though these inhalers come with certain side effects such as shaky hands heart rate and blood pressure increase and in some cases

Yeast infection of the mouth you would have no choice but to keep buying them because after all you have to breathe right now let me ask you this question what would happen if a person receives so much support from using inhalers or steroids that they actually came off of them completely and no longer needed them this would mean that they no longer would have to

Use them and the drug companies would lose money let’s be honest we both know that they’re not going to allow something like that to happen because keeping you dependent equals big money for pharmaceutical companies now is there a way around this yes and the only way is to go natural by this i mean allowing mother nature to do her work on your lungs and breathing

Naturally and this will create two desired results on your part one you would receive the support you need without the side effects that come with inhalers chemicals and steroids and two you would have the opportunity to save money instead of spending more money every year just to support your lungs and breathing here’s exactly what i mean by going natural studies

Now show that the oil that’s extracted from plants help to support and maintain the health of lungs and breathing function and not only those but virtually every other system of your body as well utilizing the bloodstream these oils go directly to the organ or system of the body that needs support and does this safely naturally and without any side effects now

There are different oils that support different systems of the body and in the next video we’re going to focus on exactly what oil specifically help you to support and maintain the healthy function of your lungs and breathing yes all without side effects so that you can finally get off those inhalers and steroids if you have any questions or would like more info

On this just shoot us an email at healthy lung experience at morgan and i love to get your questions and feedback to help you in any way that we can and if you didn’t catch our webinar that we did the healthy lung experience you can catch a replay and helping lung support webinar com we really think that’ll benefit you guys as well and remember to keep

An eye out for video 2 where we’re gonna look at how essential oils use the blood stream to support your lungs and breathing and the connection between your lumps and your feet yes i did say that then be on the lookout guys you guys are gonna love it talk to you soon make it a great day

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The Truth About Albuterol Inhalers By Healthy Lung Support