‘These Children Are Dying From Overdoses’: Chuck Grassley Calls For Laws To Combat Fentanyl Trade

On Wednesday, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) called for new legislation to combat fentanyl trade.

For his time so i yield the floor to uh my friend senator grassley mr president senator from iowa today roughly 175 americans will die from fentanyl poisoning many of them won’t even know that they’ve taken the fentanyl they’ll think they’ve taken xanax for anxiety or oxycodone for pain so that’s what devin anderson you’ll see his picture here in a minute of

Shelby iowa thought when he took a fentanyl pill marked like an oxy devin had fought hard for his sobriety he had enrolled in treatment and moved back home but he was struggling with anxiety to cope he took a pill from a friend devin’s co-worker came to pick him up for for work in the early morning of february 24th this year devin wasn’t ready so his co-worker

Called him when devon didn’t answer he called again devon’s 14 year old brother heard the phone ringing he went downstairs to investigate and found devon unresponsive devin was 23 years old when he died his mom wants you to know that devin was a kind person and he was loved by his friends in 2021 fentanyl killed more americans between the ages of 18 and 45

Than any other cause that is more than covid-19 cancer or car accidents combined six months ago i stood where i am now and asked for a permanent solution for fentanyl scheduling today we’re absolutely no closer to a permanent solution than we were back then six months ago and while congress has been waiting to take action the cartels have not the cartels

Have simply rebranded coloring fentanyl like candy to addict americans children fentanyl is in our schools like blackwood new jersey where a 12 year old overdose overdosed on a school bus after his uncle made him clean a fentanyl trap house or chipman high school california we’re a 13 year old brought 150 fake parasite pills laced with fentanyl with four out

Of every ten fake pills containing a potential legal dose dosage of fentanyl both of these schools are ours away from the mexican border but despite custom border patrols efforts fentanyl has reached our children’s hands so when vice president tells the press that our border is secure just we all know that just plain wrong and irresponsible and that attitude

That the border is secured ends up killing in the federal government’s absence parents like our arleta and robert gilliam have been forced to fill the void their daughter sierra died last month because of fentanyl and you see sarah right here by all accounts sierra had a big heart as her dad puts it if you were in a bad mood sarah would make sure that that bad

Moon didn’t last very long and even though she’d graduated i was from iowa’s ankeny central high school and lived on her own she’s still facetime her mom every day but on august 23rd this year no one could get a hold of sierra so her grandparents drove by her house her car was in the driveway sierra’s grandparents knocked and both on her doors and her windows

No response finally sierra’s grandpa crawled through her bedroom window there he found her dead in her bedroom floor fentanyl shut down her organs and she went to sleep she never woke up again she was only 22 years old sierra’s parents are now searching for answers they never should have had to find in the first place they’ve offered a fifty thousand dollar

Award to locate the dealer who supplied the fake pills that would kill her daughter they deserve better than that they deserve congressional action and they deserved it in 2017 when the daa drug enforcement administration first scheduled fentanyl grieving parents are the unsung heroes of the fight against fentanyl time after time they push through their heart

Breaks to share their stories if you heard me tell for two families and now they demand action so that more kids don’t die it’s time for congress to match the efforts of those parents the department of justice has been very clear quote the permanent scheduling of frs is critical to the safety and health of our communities and class-wide scheduling provides a

Vital tool to combat overdose deaths in america and a quote from the department of justice for those that we’ve lost like sierra and devin and for the countless lives that we will save if we take action it’s time that we give them the tool that they need and that’s the scheduling of fentanyl and on a permanent long-term basis mr president on another subject in

A shorter subject for anybody waiting to talk it’s dangerous to live in many places in america especially in blue cities like inflation violent crime remains very high for example compared to 2019 mid-year figures america’s largest cities have seen 50 percent increase in murders and 36 percent increase in aggravated assaults and it’s no mystery what is causing

This spike in crime blue city progresses pro-criminal prosecutors and radical bail reform laws fuel this spike a spike in violent crime by letting dangerous repeat criminals go unpunished and in some cases even uncharged the recent tragedies in memphis tennessee earlier this month underscore the dangers that families face at the hands of chronic criminals and

Remember that word chronic criminals because the fact is the majority of violent crimes are committed by a relatively handful of repeat offenders like the two in memphis for example criminals in chicago charged with shootings and murders have on average 12 prior arrests in oakland california only around 400 people or just one tenth of one percent of oakland’s

Population were responsible for a majority of the city’s murders now remember just think one tenth of one percent of the population of that city is responsible for a majority of the murders in oakland federal law enforcement has a unique and very vital role in targeting repeat violent criminals but on the but for the last two years the senate’s ability to actually

Pass bills that expand criminal law to reduce violent crime and target repeat violent criminals have hit a brick wall just impossible to get in consensus even though we all know it’s a very major problem in july as part of my effort to promote a solution to this problem of major crime caused by a very small number of people in each community i introduced the

Bill that i entitled combating violent and dangerous crime which is co-sponsored by 26 of my republican colleagues in the senate the house companion bill was introduced september 15th with seven republican co-sponsors the bill has seven simple solutions that will help to reverse this violent crime spike by putting dangerous criminals in jail and keeping them there

These common sense solutions will fix real problems and bring immediate relief and increase safety to communities plagued by this scourge of violent crime given the unprecedented increase in murders we can and we should make it easier to prosecute murders this bill will do that 2021 was the deadliest year to be a law enforcement officer since 9 11. we should make

It easier to prosecute people who attack law enforcement this bill will do that carjackings are way up nationwide 200 300 and even 400 percent in sub city subsidies we should deter carjacking with sufficient sentences this bill will do that dangerous drugs are being marketed to young people as colorful candy i just spoke about that and these children are dying

From overdoses we should make it so that no children die from kept fentanyl made to look like candy this bill will do that bank robbery kidnapping the list of violent crimes that would be strengthened by this bill goes on and on i stand ready to work with democrats who want to provide relief to their constituents from this crime rate so if any of them are open

To any of these provisions i want them to know that i’m ready to work with them let’s partner together to make the american people safer i yield the floor

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