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Which is Best for YOU? Time Release Melatonin vs. Immediate Release Melatonin | John Douillard’s LifeSpa

Hi my name is dr john diyard and welcome to lifespot.com where we prove ancient medical wisdom with modern science and today i want to talk to you about circadian medicine and in fact do we need to supplement with melatonin and if so who should do it and when now the nobel prize recently was won by three american scientists on the science of circadian medicine

It is very clear that our disconnect to the light dark cycle staying up late with lights cell phone screens and tablet screens in our eyes at night have blocked our production of melatonin staying indoors eating at the wrong time has disturbed our circadian rhythm so how do we get our circadian rhythms back one of the strategies is to take a little melatonin

As a circadian reset many people use melatonin only to help them go to sleep at night and melatonin’s job is to put you to sleep so it can then do its job which is to reboot your microbiome to support bone density to protect you from blood sugar issues and cardiovascular issues and joint issues and a host of chronic health concerns because when you sleep the

Melatonin the most powerful antioxidant in your body is starting to dig in and do its job and clean house like the janitor cleaning the floors in the windows at night while everybody’s sleeping this is what melatonin is trying to do as we age we lose production of it it’s almost like if you reach that point where you’re not of reproductive age any longer nature

Says we’re gonna get rid of you slowly but surely and one way it does that is by calcifying your pineal gland and then you stop producing melatonin and we slowly wither and we die melatonin at night vitamin d during the day two very very powerful hormones two vitamin d is actually a hormone not a vitamin um one for daytime activity and one during the night to

Help rebuild and rejuvenate us and get us ready for the next day so those are the the rules now who should take you know melatonin supplementation definitely if you’re a night worker and you’re completely out of whack with your straight hitting rhythms or you’re a jet lagger you try fly a lot across a lot of time zones definitely something you really want to

Think about while you’re in that time of your life forcing the circadian clock to adapt and compensate and strain you want to think about melatonin supplementation if you’re just a late night person watching tv and you’re sleeping in and you’re up late and your circadian rhythms are off why not do a metals a circadian medicine reset with three muff for three

Months using a melatonin supplementation if you’re old like me you’re over 50 or 60 years old and you’re starting to produce less melatonin i highly recommend getting a melatonin test we have a test kit you take your metabolism it’s just a urine test kit and you do it right at home and then you find out what your melatonin is and what your cortisols are and you

See if you have a depletion of your melatonin that you need to stay youthful and hack the aging process but also maybe avoid the chronic degeneration that takes place oftentimes as we age so those are the three reasons that i recommend people take melatonin one because you’re just old number two uh to hack the aging process right because your weight is just on

A little old side and number two as a three month circadian reset and number three if you’re really living a life against the grain and you have a circadian imbalance late nights uh shift work or traveling a lot now what kind of melatonin is best you go to the health food store there’s five ten twenty milligrams of melatonin supplements for a horse you know and

And i i don’t think and many people have difficulty with melatonin they try it didn’t work if you take too much of it it actually wakes you up so many people find melatonin being harmful because it wakes them up now the first issue that i always thought about is the safety of melatonin is it a safe thing for us to be taking i never liked hormones unless you have

To do it because by definition a hormone means it’s going to it’s going to suppress the production of your own if you take that hormone well melatonin doesn’t do that melatonin does not suppress the production of your own so it makes it sort of not a hormone it’s more of a molecule in fact it’s a three billion year old molecule also we always wonder about the

Safety of things there’s a thing called an ld50 which is a dose that will kill 50 percent of the people water has an ld50 coffee has an ld50 alcohol is an ld50 there is no ld50 for melatonin it’s sort of shocking right so so it is really really safe and it’s the only reason i would ever ever consider talking about melatonin supplementation but the fact that it

Is something that we lose as we age circadian medicine is the nobel prize winning science how do we reset ourselves and if we’re doing shifter we know the damage there why not use this very safe supplement to reset you so here’s the deal there’s time released and there’s instant or immediate release supplements that you can get what i like between and we have

A melatonin supplement called liquid melatonin one drop is .1 milligram and 30 drops is three milligrams most of the studies were done on three milligrams of immediate release oh studies on bone density and you go to my website at lifespot.com type in look and go to the circadian medicine section there’s over 30 articles on on melatonin how to get it naturally

What foods have melatonin how to do a circadian reset by going camping or doing in your home with a no light artificial no artificial light weekend tons of information but and read all that and then you might say but i still feel like i need a little bit more of a reset and that’s when you say okay how do i do it the dose that we need is usually very very small

Particularly if you’re thinking of long-term hack the aging process melatonin support you probably need a very very little what i find is the longer i take it the less i need which is really cool which really to me proves we’re not creating a dependency in any way so one drop is 0.1 milligram so what i always suggest and i’ve got articles about this is you start

With a very small drugs take one point one drop maybe three drops and then five drops every for three or four nights and you build up and build up and you evaluate how do you feel in the morning how do you feel during the next day a lot of times you can overflow melatonin in the next day and feel sort of groggy if you take too much right a lot of time release

Which means that they’re spread over the old night they last for 12 hours you take it at 10 o’clock at night you’re still groggy at 10 o’clock in the morning which isn’t good so we have a time release which is a five milligram time release which only lasts for six hours which means that by time you wake up that melatonin is gone and you’re not having that issue so

Those are the two melatonin products that i like one for a for a a long term hack the aging process your pineal gland might be calcified you’ve got a test you’re not getting the melatonin you need what do we need to take maybe three drops a night before you go to bed point three milligrams maybe one milligram you might need maximum three milligrams studies show

If you take three milligrams for a year and a year and a half that’s where they show bone density changes and blood sugar related you know issues supporting changes in the microbiome tons of science you can read on my website and those are for what i call therapeutic dosages if you’re going to do three milligrams a time release we like five milligrams you get

One immediately of the milligram to get you to sleep and then the other four are spread out between the six hours of sleep to give you really good sleep but also give you that therapeutic benefit so long term i like very small doses between between one and ten drops between 0.1 and one milligram of melatonin that’s what i like long term really super safe for the

Three month circadian reset maybe three milligrams or possibly the the time release i like either way in that department for the jet lag and for the night shift workers that’s where you have to really find out what dose works for you it might be a very very small dose it might be a very a little bit of a bigger dose depending on how much jet lag you have maybe

With jet lag people that use a bigger dose you know once every two or three months or once every month when they travel but if you’re working every night you want to find the dose in my mind that’s small enough to give you the sleep you need and the clarity and the wakefulness you need during the day and that would be a melatonin reset that said on the flip side

Of that you want to take your vitamin d when in the morning when the sun rises so if you’re in the winter as we’re going into now and you’re thinking about a vitamin d supplement take that in the morning with breakfast take your melatonin at night short term if you’re looking for a reset for your circadian clock long term find the smallest dose possible and then

Off you go all this information in the research is in the article associated with this video so check that out and also check out the circadian medicine section on my website there’s there’s at least 30 articles there in a bunch of videos to learn more about this really really important science which is called circadian medicine thanks for listening i’m doctor

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