Top 5 Metformin Side Effects Explained by a Doctor

Dr. Fossier gives his Top 5 metformin side effects and an overview of diabetes. How does it work? What side effects of metformin can you expect? No medical jargon, just a simple explanation so you can understand what you get when taking metformin. Must watch if you are taking metformin (Glucophage brand name).

Hey guys i’m dr. bradley fossier. i’m a medical doctor boarded in internal just like you have access to clear understandable information about their most frequently prescribed medicines metformin which is also known by its foreman and you’re looking for a well explained to overview well you’re in here to lay it out so anyone can understand but before we get to the top

Disease metformin treats diabetes now in general the disease we call diabetes you have too much sugar floating around in your blood that overload of sugar can you prone to things like infections and strokes to help you get diabetes i’ve happened at least once in your life get to the gym the first time you lift that more you lift it each time it gets a little harder until

That weight that you you eat food sugar goes into your belly and to make sure you don’t get too much a chemical called insulin which tells your body to store and process the sugar easy it pops out some insulin and the sugar is taken care of but what if deals with sugar over and over it gets more and more enough insulin to keep the sugar controlled in your body if your blood

Constantly overrun with sugar that’s when you’re diagnosed with diabetes diabetes medicines work by trying to decrease sugar in some way and there are insulin which the pancreas got tired of making a metformin that we’re here to looks at other sources of sugar in your body and what’s the main source of sugar this is so that if you somehow got stranded on an island and you’re

Body well this is exactly where metformin attacks it shuts down your belly from absorbing as much sugar after you eat less sugar absorb means less complicated ways to keep sugar under control like insulin sensitization which gets put to the best use but enough of that now that we know how metformin side effect number five lactic acidosis what okay this one’s a little scary

It basically means that metformin could cause too much acid in your body this is lactic acid people have usually heard of lactic acid because you get when you’re working out well metformin just barely increases lactic unless all of a sudden you get another issue that also causes a slight increase damaged or you’re taking metformin and you get severely dehydrated or septic

Or buildup to make sure this doesn’t happen while on metformin your doctor will buildup also this acid buildup could happen if you take a medicine that like a cat scan or something certain antibiotics and some medicines for acidosis side effect number four low vitamin b12 levels remember how i said intestines absorb well that’s great but the unwanted consequence of that

Intestines absorb this means over the long-run you could get low b12 levels numb because your nerves are damaged so definitely not a side effect you want to years and take a supplement if it starts getting low easy peasy okay so this is good for some but still technically a side effect since your gut absorbs things can call a slight weight loss long-term how much weight

Might you lose the studies are fairly consistent that number two upset stomach med foreman’s main side effects have to do with belly and also altering your intestines and how they absorb things it makes sense on the liver and the intestines caused alterations in the bacteria that are in tweaks metformin causes and gut chemicals can make you prone to bloating metformin

Diarrhea yes diarrhea with metformin –zz effect on the gut the looking at it is metformin stops your belly from absorbing things now that the escape hatch and loose stools or diarrhea happen but although this is the body can greatly reduce or eliminate this side effect so the trick is when make your way up to 2,000 milligrams divided throughout the day but over the often

Switching to a capsule instead of a tablet or an extended-release version i promise that a solution well there you have it the top 5 side-effects of but i don’t want to end on a negative note so don’t it’s time to speed up i like other diabetes medicines never teen-line did you lose weight number number four died back to take metformin have less risk for cancer number five

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