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So would you like to know where you can get this for cheap and without a prescription if you live in america i always have to have my dr pepper so today’s video i’m going to talk to you guys about trenton noan also called retin-a and if you were concerned about acne or anti-aging this is definitely something that you need to know about stay tuned through this

Entire video though because i’m also going to give you guys a little tip and how to get this for cheap and without a prescription which if you live in the united states like i do you can’t do that here so stay tuned for that little tip also if you’ll hit that like button down below if you get some value from this video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

If you want to see videos like this in the future so trenton owen and retin-a are really the same thing trenton owen is generic ingredient in the brand name retin-a and you will hear people talk about those things interchangeably for some reason i hear people more talk about trenton knowing when they’re regarding acne and then i hear them talk more about retin-a

When they’re talking about anti-aging so first things first before you listen to anything else in this video please listen to this and that is do not use this if you’re pregnant so this typically is prescribed in three different strengths in the treta no inversion you’ll see it as point zero to five or point zero five or point one and then i believe in the retin-a

Strengths it just you’re missing a zero its 0.25 0.5 and 1% retin-a and this i really use right now at this point in life for anti-aging it increases cell turnover and collagen production and it’s one of the only creams that you can get that is scientifically proven in study after study to actually work against fine lines and wrinkles and acne so those are just

Some of the benefits it also works for acne scars if you had acne in the past and we’re left with bad scarring on your face i’m not gonna say it’s gonna get rid of that but if you use it in the long term just the higher rate of cell turnover and sloughing off of your skin and new skin coming through it’s going to help reduce those scars tremendously so those are

Just a few things that you can use this for once again with any of these things you’re going to need to use it for months to see some results but definitely one of the most proven creams that you can use for any of those things now i will tell you if you’ve never used this before it does cause irritation and redness in your skin your skin eventually kind of gets

Used to that and a lot of people like to start out with the lower strength and build their way up to do 1% or or 0.1 depending on what you’re using that can’t just reduce your amount of dryness and flaking and redness that you have in those initial months and then you start using out also maybe using it every other day every once every three days just start off like

That and work your way up to a regimen where you’re using this every night now do not use this in the morning only use this at nighttime it also makes you very sensitive to the sun so just be aware of that you need to be wearing an spf every day what you need to be wearing anyway because an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment right isn’t that what

They say and wearing sunscreen is one of the best preventive things you can do for skin cancer and for anti-aging so keep that in mind also if you any of you ladies wax your eyebrows or anywhere on your face where you’ve been using the retin-a it’s gonna just rip your skin off and leave a huge red mark and a scab so do not wax your face when you’re using retin-a

Product either or get chemical pills they’ll generally tell you to stop using your retin-a a few days before your chemical pills lasers lots of other any kind of treatment you’re gonna get on your face you’ll probably need to stop using this a few days before so my experience with this my initial experience with retin-a or trenton owen was when i was in my early

20s mid 20s 25 or so and i decided to start treating my acne that i’d had since middle school and they put me on one of these now the particular type of acne i had this didn’t really work that great for that it really just dried my skin out and i still had acne and i eventually ended up using accutane for that which i might do another video on that worked miracles

For my skin but that was my initial reason for using this and since then i have been using this often one for the last ten years or more for anti-aging effects this is really something that that everyone needs it’s one of the only proven creams out there that really really works so if you’re not using this you probably need to be using this there are a few people

Who are extra sensitive and just can’t tolerate the irritation to their skin but you can build up to this sully it’s really not that big of a deal so would you like to know where you can get this for cheap and without a prescription if you live in the america you can get this on a website called terra skin and it is out of canada you do not need a prescription

For it i believe the actual website is terra sc comm and i will leave a link down below i’ll also leave a link to some of my other favorite over-the-counter skin care products so there’s my secret tip on that i learned that from another youtuber i also wanted to say a lot of people get a little bit confused about the difference in retin-a and retinol retina is the

Strong stuff it’s the good stuff i honestly wouldn’t even mess with the over-the-counter retinol that you get in the united states and lots of beauty products you will hear that word thrown around a lot it’s just it’s just like riding a skateboard or your car to work so which would you rather do i’m gonna be taking my car i don’t know about you guys so definitely

Just don’t even mess with retinols just go straight to retinas that’s my advice now this kind where i’m not a dermatologist i am just a skin care product user please don’t forget to like this video if you’ve got some helpful tips and tricks from it and especially getting it for cheap right that’s worth a thumbs up and consider subscribing to my channel i would like

To post more beauty and fashion videos and just some fun things along the way of this youtube journey so also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel see you guys next time

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