Hello everyone welcome to another video of venice pharma today we are going to see tropane alkaloids we already seen alkaloids general characteristic then afterwards we made one of video regarding indole alkaloids this is the third video on alkaloids so in this video we will focus on tropane alkaloids okay let’s begin propene alkaloids they are derived from vanilla

Nany and or anything or anything derived alkaloids are dropping derived from tropane alkaloids are derived from vanilla learning and or anything we will see the alkaloids coming under propanil clouds first one is belladonna second one datura the third one stramonium fourth dubois here with high o cms and last coca belladonna datura stramonium dubois iya hyoscyamus

And coca these are coming under propane alkaloids they are derived from ornithine and vanilla nany okay for remembering this drug we have a trick a short drink that’s bds dr. have cocaine pds dr. have cocaine be for belladonna d for datura yes for stramonium again d for dubuis sia h for hyoscyamus and c for coca undershirt bds dr. have cocaine in indole alkaloids

We studied another trick that was electric vehicle pn our evp now he for her good v4 winger p4 physostigmine n4 iron axe formica and our for our fear if you didn’t watch that video please go to my channel and watch that one in dual alkaloids in that i described all this thing okay here we have bbs dr. have cocaine before belladonna b4 bhatoora yes for stramonium

D4 du bois asia h4 hyoscyamus c4 coca okay if you can remember these drugs without these tricks that will be better or if you have any difficulty to find it to remember this drug you can use this trick we are moving to a nasty slide in this alkaloids are described by their biological sauce family chemical content and uses for so for belladona the biological source

Is a tropi belladonna atropa belladonna it’s coming under the family solanaceae belonging to the family solanaceae their chemical constituent are atropine iosing and high ocme so belladonna is coming under solanaceae family the biological source is atropa belladonna chemical constituent are atropine iosing and higher ca atropine we know that this is an antidote to

The poisoning of para simba the mimetic agents we can use it as an antidote for the poisoning of para similar mimetic agent and also it’s a dropping we can use it for the rigidity for reducing the rigid rigidity in parkinsonism high oc nurses handy spasmodic it’s used as an antispasmodic so belladonna we can use it for this purpose since this belladonna contain

Atropine hi orson i have salmon we can use it for reducing the rigidity in parkinsonism as an antidote for poisoning of poisoning with the parasympathetic agents and also as andy spasmodic the nestor alkaloid is the torah the torah is coming under the family so lanisha again they are their biological sources the torah mitchell they also have the same chemical

Constituent atropine hyo’s in high ocme so the users will be the same in parkinson’s and to reduce the rigidity as an antispasmodic and also for the poisoning with the parasympathetic in bedok mimetic agent next one is stramonium stramonium is having the same families for lanisha so we can you can see here most of the drugs are coming under the solanaceae family

Only except coca coca belongs to aerosol asia all others are coming under the same family that is so lanisha so stramonium it’s biological stroh’s is the torah’s stramonium the torah stramonium chemical constraint is same atropine hives in the house i mean the uses will be of the same the next one is dubosc dubuis say is coming under so lanisha family dube is a

Biological sources dubai semi reporters belonging to the family atropine sorry belongs the family solanaceae they have the same chemical constituent atropine hi orson and hyoscyamine hyoscyamus next to one hyoscyamus hyomezo cms nagar biological source solanaceae family constraint will be the same the last one coca it’s belonging to the family a retro salacious

Electro silesia family their their biological sauce is a retro cylon coca here at rose island coca they have chemical conscient cocaine and echoing coca ha cocaine and a korean acid chemical constant they are used as a local anesthetic local anesthetic coca uses as a local anesthetic will more to nestor slide belladonna it’s also known as deadly nightshade this

Is very important it’s repeating in competitive exams what is the synonym of belladonna or which of the following is known as deadly nightshade the question will come a slide so belladonna is also known as deadly nightshade next one higher cms hyoscyamus the synonym henbane hanbang coca contain two type of alkaloid one is tropane alkaloid that we already seen here

The other one is pyro lead in alkaloid two types of herculoids other in coca propane as well as paroled in alkaloid hundred repeat alkaloids cocaine and echoing is coming cocaine and echoing the other one is spiraled in alkaloids parle de alkaloids are high grain and nicotine high grain and nicotine so cocoa contain two types of alkaloid tropane alkaloids as well

As pyro lead in alkaloids coca is used as a local anesthetic the torah is also known as angels trumpet the taurus anonomys angels from but the next one stramonium stramonium is also known as tone apple it’s also known as tone apple stramonium du bois here the synonymous cork tree cork tree dubois here so remember belladonna is known as deadly nightshade belladonna

Synonymous deadly nightshade it’s very important we are moving to necessary we telomere in reaction it’s a drop in specific identification test the name is vitaly maureen reaction in this reaction atropine is treated with or the substance for identification is treated with potassium hydroxide in presence of sulfuric acid the substance for identification is tested

With potassium hydroxide in presence of sulfuric acid so if it is giving purple color that means that is a dropping if this is coming purple color that’s a trophy okay that’s a drop in identification test it’s important which re more in reaction next one any society or cruciferous no matter this is one type of show meta its present in belladonna when i do not

Have any society or cruciferous both are same cruciferous stomata any society core cruciferous no matter presenting belladonna other point is my cross minority calcium oxalate crystal that’s belladonna have my cross monoid calcium oxalate crystals next one during biosynthesis of halo hyoscyamine during biosynthesis he’ll hyoscyamine undergoes aldol condensation

So hyoscyamine is hyoscyamine undergoes aldol condensation during its biosynthesis which a lemurian reaction is important this any society can crucifer stomata then my cross phenomena calcium oxalate crystals these three points are very important in the case of this slide before that belladonna that’s we already seen that lee nightshade it’s the synonym deadly

Nightshade then this chart all the biological source family as well as chemical constant and use are important one thing you had remember except akaka all are coming under solanaceae family coca only coming other family that is erythrocyte lacey the uses we already seen it’s coke is used as local anesthetic all others are using us and dispersed moloch and adored

For poisoning of poisoning with paris in by the medici drives and also you sing us a useless used for the reducing rigidity in parkinsonism thank you for watching if you didn’t subscribe until now my youtube channel please subscribe and also press the bell button so that you will get notification when i am uploading new videos thank you

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