Truly The Devils Weed – A Datura Trip Report

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Truly the devil’s weed ever since i heard of the torah from a friend at school a few years ago i’ve always tried to get a hold of some asking dealers i knew from around town but i was never successful as many people i asked didn’t even know what it was so after a while i gave up hope and continued with the usual smoking grass every day occasionally scoring some

Ketamine or opium to make life a little more interesting then last year i finally got a chance to try the stuff one of my friends told me he had gone to stay with his grandparents for a week and noticed a plant near their house that looked a lot like the tura so he went over to it and sure enough he saw the small spiky pods growing near the bottom of the plant

He himself didn’t want to try any because he’s always feared any sort of hallucinogen because of the risk of a bad trip but newa had been wanting to try it for quite some time so he picked one of the magical pods and wrapped it up in cellophane and brought them back for me the bastard wouldn’t hand them over unless they paid him 20 bucks but i figured it would be

Well worth it i couldn’t wait to try them first thing i did was found someone who would be a sitter for me and that sarah was the most trustworthy friend i know let’s call him steve i asked my mom if he could sleep over and she said it was fine so the next day steve came over around noon and i got the seeds out of the pod and counted 37. i heard it only took like

10 or 15 and i wanted to have more so i could trip another time or sell them so i decided to take 15. t 0 hours 0 minutes me and steve went up to my room to take them we put on some music and sat down in my bean bag chairs i was feeling confident that things were going to go smoothly mostly just because steve was there with me he was a very responsible person

Who i felt very safe and secure with of course i had a little butterflies in my stomach because i was taking something new but it was mostly excitement a total i can’t wait feeling as steve and i talked i decided it was time and pulled the sandwich bag out of my pocket i got all the seeds in my palm and looked at them little teardrop shaped things darkish

Brown almost black i thought to myself here goes nothing and lick my palm to get all the seeds stuck on my tongue chewed him up a bit and swallowed as they went down i got this overwhelming feeling of finally i have finally taken this crazy datura and in time i will be experiencing it all i could do now is relax keep the best state of mind i possibly could and

Wait for things to kick in t 30 minutes went down to the kitchen with steve to get a drink of water and then went to the bathroom no noticeable effects steve suggested we play video games while we wait for it to kick in we went back to my room and played mario kart 64 and snacked on some doritos t 50 minutes starting to feel different a lot like when you need to

Stretch really bad but in my whole body mouth is getting dry very similar to the cottonmouth after smoking a thick blood steve is one in the game and i’m losing my grip on the controller and i can’t seem to keep the a button pushed down after about 10 minutes i feel much different very intense and i’m wondering why steve is in my room playing video games he

Reminds me that he is sleeping over to watch me because i took the torah right after he says this a wave of shock and fear run through my body like goosebumps for i had completely forgotten the reason he was there and that i had taken anything although i do recall it i am needless to say in shock at what just happened with my brain i look at steve and say calm

Me down and somehow steve knew exactly what to do he just smiled at me in this reassuring smile and said don’t worry man you’re gonna have a blast this made me feel incredibly better and my mood shifted after this things seem to go back to normal and i asked steve to stop playing video games and go downstairs with me we go downstairs in my kitchen and i pull

A full pitcher of cherry kool-aid from the fridge steve got two glasses then we went into my living room and sat down on the couch i pour the both of us a glass and we sip it while watching tv after i finish my glass i picked up the pitcher and gulp it down halfway i’m very thirsty but the drink doesn’t seem to quench my thirst at all it seems to glide over the

Surface of my mouth leaving it dry still i now just try my best to ignore it and continue watching tv t 1 hour 30 minutes i tell steve i’ll be right back and walk to the bathroom while i piss i look at this picture above my toilet it’s a cartoon of a polar bear lying on its back in the water holding a glass of wine like it fell asleep from being drunk the

Concept makes me want to laugh it seems like the dumbest cartoon in the world and its location is just as random as its contents i think to myself why the f do we have a picture of a drunk polar bear in our bathroom for some reason this seems near hysterical to me i’ll walk out of the bathroom and go back to the couch with steve as soon as i sit down my mom

Walked out of the kitchen and tells us she’s going to work and to behave she’ll be back around 10. steve and i say goodbye and she leaves perfect now we have the house to ourselves t two hours nothing much more seems to be happening i finished a picture of kool-aid and gone to the bathroom two more times steve says to go in the kitchen and refill the pitcher

With water in case i feel like i’m going to dehydrate it seems like a responsible idea so i go into the kitchen and refill it with water and put ice cubes in it i walk back into my living room to find steve has left and the tv has been turned off the entire house is dead silent then i hear the tv go back on but the screen is blank and i hear steve saying hey

I’m over here i realize that he’s calling me from out in my backyard so i put on my shoes on and go outside at first i scanned my backyard for him but couldn’t see him and i couldn’t hear him anymore i suddenly get the idea that steve has come over for a hide-and-seek game at this point i have absolutely no idea that i have taken anything so i run into the yard

Looking around for him then i speak come out come out wherever you are right when i say this my voice sounds very different like a person who has gone totally insane this starts to scare me very much and steve is nowhere to be found i look way across to the other end of my yard my yard is only about a hundred foot by two hundred foot area but now it was a soccer

Field size and at the other end i see my dog’s pen a fenced in the area in the corner with all my friends were straight edge that stopped being my friends with me when i started smoking pot i haven’t seen them in so long so i run towards the pen they look just as happy to see me as i am to see them and they let me into the pen we start talking and to my surprise

One of them pulls a blunt out of nowhere and sparks it i am naturally amused but shocked then they start to explain to me that they came to see me because they all got into the game and don’t think drugs are that bad after all on the outside i am pleased to hear this but on the inside i begin to get feelings of untrust these bastards abandoned me years back i

Don’t show any unpleasant feelings on the outside and i continue to be cheery with them although i keep a state of mind not to trust anyone there they pass me the blunt and i take a super long hit and hold it super long and blow out after it went around a few times we all spark a cigarette to increase our high we just keep talking and talking it seems like time

Has stopped how long can people just sit there and talk it’s been hours i think to myself strangely enough i’m still puffing on the same cigarette but don’t notice anything unusual about it then i drop my butt and it falls under the chair i’m sitting on ah i said and got out of my seat to get it i look under the chair but can’t seem to find it did any of

You see where my as i turn around i notice no one is there and i am alone in the pen a sense of anger comes over me and i get intense feelings of i shouldn’t have trusted them and how dare they these feelings are followed by loneliness and then total fear i need to get out of this pen and go back into the house i walk back to my house across the long field

And it seems to take even longer to go back than when i had come next thing i know i’m back in my kitchen lying on the floor very sweaty steve is there sitting on the kitchen counter my focus is very blurred and off and i feel very confused about why he’s there on the counter and i’m on the floor but every few moments i kind of snap back into reality and know

Exactly what’s going on then snap back into delirium and totally forget everything next thing i know it’s already 6 46 am and i’m running late my mom tells me i only got half an hour to get ready or i’ll get a saturday detention i scramble out of bed and run into the bathroom to take a shower i suddenly realize how much school’s gonna suck because i forgot to

Do my homework and i have an oral presentation due today all these thoughts make me panic and i know there’s no way out of it because i already skipped school three times this year and got caught and i can’t skip another day or i have to go to court i get out of the shower and dry off as quickly as i can then i run into my room and get dressed and go downstairs

To the kitchen right then i noticed something was wrong the clock said 1am and the calendar was on july no body was up my mom was asleep and had been asleep she didn’t wake me up for school i did not have school in summer i wished i was dreaming and the thoughts in my mind were on the brink of driving me insane all i remember after this is running back up into

My room in total panic ready to cry and scream and if one more weird thing happened i was gonna commit suicide i woke up in my bed with steve on the floor watching me he looked very concerned and asked me if i was okay now if i was still tripping i didn’t know what to say to him cause right then i could still have been tripping for all i know it was 5 pm the

Next day i had a bad headache and couldn’t focus on and my whole body was in this dreadfully uncomfortable state it took me a while to collect my thoughts and figure out i was not tripping anymore and i had these series of very strange realistic dreams stuck in my head from when i was asleep but can’t for the life of me remember what they were now i forgot

Them completely about four hours after i woke up from steve’s point of view in a nutshell i had started acting weird when i had gotten the water from the kitchen he said that he was trying to talk to me but i would just have this blank stare like i couldn’t see him and then ran outside into my shed in the backyard and started talking to myself and after an hour

Or so i ran out of the shed with this scared shitless look on my face and fell down and crawled back into the house into the bathroom and he said i was trying to drink out of the toilet he pulled me up and carried me into the kitchen and put down on the floor and got some ice for me he said i was talking in my sleep and saying random words in no logical order

Whatsoever but i was saying them fluently like i knew what i was talking about before my mom came home he carried me upstairs and put me to bed and stayed up to watch me he said i was talking out loud and moving around like i was having nightmares and around midnight i sprang out of my bed and ran into the bathroom and got in the shower for an hour and then went

Back into my room and put a shirt on backwards and some boxers but no pants and ran downstairs and stood in the kitchen for 10 minutes just standing there he said then i freaked out and ran upstairs into my room and he said he had to push me onto my bed and hold me down until i stopped moving and eventually fell asleep then he did he woke up around 10 that day

And i slept till 5. to sum it up in one word insanity that’s what it feels like if you start to snap out of it and realize what’s happening but then you just go back into the state of total confusion and it’s enough to drive anyone crazy overall i am glad i experienced this just to know what it’s like but this is not for everyone and i’m not saying the experience

Was at all pleasant so i have no motivation to do it again anytime soon maybe someday years from now just for some crazy stuff but this detura seems to be something not of this world the hallucinations were accompanied by delirium and confusion which made them seem real and like i wasn’t really tripping this stuff truly is the devil’s weed

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