Update on my Reaction to COVID Vaccine and Promising Drug Colchicine and COVID-19

Update on my Reaction to COVID Vaccine and Promising Drug Colchicine and COVID-19

Hello my friends i am dr rafai the virtual nephrologist and this is an update about my reaction to the vaccination i had covered clinical covert actually in august of 2020 then i had my first dose moderna vaccine on the 24th of december and my second dose on the 21st of january today is the 30th of january and it’s saturday and this is an update and um briefly

For 48 hours period after my vaccine i was uh fairly perturbed and sick to some extent had fever had chills but all that is gone and now it’s been almost 10 days since my vaccination and i feel like a normal person i don’t feel anything i actually forgot that i had the disease and i forgot that i had the vaccination the only thing i remember is that i feel

Great in regards to my concern and my worry about whether i’m going to get sick again or not but what i wanted to do during this video is i wanted to share with you a latest great study and that study called the cole corona study it is about a product that has been on the market now for almost 200 years it’s used for gout and it’s used for pseudo gout and some

Rare disease called the mediterranean fever the medicine called colchicine and colchicine has also been used by the ancient greeks for the treatment of gout as well so this is not a product that is going to be millions and billions of dollars by pharma this is a product that’s been on the market today and this study was conducted by the montreal heart institute

Led by dr jean-claude tardif dr jean-claude had a study that was multi-continent so it was in the americas it was in asia and europe and it’s 4 500 patients and it was randomized to double-blind placebo control double-blind placebo control to simplify this means that if i am a patient and i went to my doctor and i said doctor i want to be part of this study give

Me a pill i would not know whether i’m getting the actual pill of the medicine colchicine or i’m getting actually a placebo pill or the sugar pill or the starch pill the reason is at the time we did not know whether it was a good pill culture scene or it was a bad pill and the purpose of using colchicine is actually to abort what is called the cytokine storm so

When patients get coveted they do well if they do well but when they get sick it is an overwhelming storm of immune unregulated reaction and that leads to the lung issues and the systemic issues and the sickness and icu and so forth so colchicine was used and it was double blind placebo control so the patient could not choose whether they’re gonna get the real

Pill or they’re gonna get the sugar pill the researcher did not know so it was a matter of a very strong well designed statistically strong study to demonstrate effect that we desire to see and here are the impressive findings study was almost a year and it was just published two weeks ago and it started in the beginning of march of 2020. if you take colchicine

0.5 milligrams twice a day for three days followed by 0.5 milligrams for 27 days after you’re diagnosed with covid via pcr out of your nose so if you take colchicine you’ll reduce your risk of being admitted to the hospital by 25 percent you reduce your risk of needing to be on a ventilator by 50 and definitely you reduce your risk by 44 of dying we don’t have

Study this size this strong this clear so this is in my opinion is going to be a game changer on how we treat outpatient covet this is now being examined under the microscope by professors and academicians and all the dedicated health authorities to see if this is going to become the standard of care so if you get sick and this has not come the standard of care

Take the time to ask your healthcare provider your doctor nurse practitioner whoever’s caring for you and ask them would i qualify for colchicine would i need colchicine doctor can you keep up and see if colchicine has been now strongly indicated for covid this is the only thing we have available today it’s a great product it’s been used for 200 years and it’s

Been on the market for more than i can remember and it is going to be a game changer so i’m taking this opportunity to share that with you share it with your friends share this video with your friends share this video with your doctor share this video with your health care providers for them to know that there’s a product very promising it is not a week study

Where you have 10 or 15 patients anecdotal data and data that is not very clear it’s 4 500 patients placebo placebo-controlled so nobody knew what they’re getting double-blind so the doctors and the researchers were not biased and giving the good people good medicine and the bad people bad venison so there was no bias there’s no chance that this is a coincidence

Reduction in hospitalization by 25 reduction in ventilator by 25 by 50 and reduction in death by 44 with this i cannot say anything but tell you one thing stay safe stay healthy and look into this share it you may save a life by doing this some poor country somewhere on the face of this earth may not have sophisticated equipment and medications and that’s all

What they have and that can save a life 44 reduction risk of death 50 reduction of ventilator so with this i wish you the best and that was dr refine the virtual nephrologist peace out

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Update on my Reaction to COVID Vaccine and Promising Drug Colchicine and COVID-19 By The Virtual Nephrologist