Using natures mistletoe as a beta blocker

In this video Scott introduces you to natures beta blocker mistletoe ,if you thought only drugs such as Bisoprolol fumarate were capable of this then this video will illuminate your knowledge on a parasitic bush that grows upon many tree species so contains many medicines which are always variable ! But like all herbal medicines works on many aspects of your body not just the heart. .This video is for educational use only and is to be taken very seriously much research and experimentation as been done to show results and experiments cardiac or otherwise , the heart patient only talks about products he uses or as used and experimented with !

Welcome to another episode of the our patient in this episode i’m gonna be talking about the experiment with mistletoe and giving you an update thank you for joining me on this cold winter’s day anyway this is new subscribers thank you very much this is the place to be for alternative ideas for out that one costs a fortune it’s probably you could call it a channel

This one what night – oops okay these can replace the idea of getting mistletoe goys was a lot of you probably know you probably believe you can use mistletoe twins mistletoe is like a parasite bush that grows under the trees depending on what tree it grows around mistletoe the attributes of bees and the polyphenols and the flavonoids within eat the medicine

Within it goes depends on the tree grows around okay so you’re always going to get a slightly different spectrum boss the name of mistletoe is viscum album well it’s actually one of the most the compounds within each is visco toxin now it’s visca toxin gives it its cardiac properties and now i’m gonna use these it’s i’m gonna i’m gonna use these instead of a beast

Blocker now a lot of you people out there probably on boys and prolog beta-blockers of one type or another if you are on beta blockers you will suffer side effects because always suffered side effects and all drugs have side effects and i wanted to get away from all so the biscuit toxin in this product is able to alter the i draw the actual known it’s the actual

Known it sends out the pulses across the atrium and ventricles of the art and alters the following order the sinoatrial node does that now it’s the visco toxin in this mistletoe alters the sign i’m gonna let you i’ve already ad goes already had a rosy blood pressure which the people who talk about this is you get an initial release and then you get a low neutral

Rise and alone so i’ve already noticed some of the points which is good the mistletoe can be used and i’m using it now sorry can be used it’s also so it affects the central nervous system now it’s thought this is that works through the bank as it was used some years ago studies to get quite successfully in fact to antidepressants it is an antidepressant guys

As well it’s also great reputation in nature that will all now this works like many other troy’d and it increases interferon levels so as a massive effects of blood cells and blood cells as you know when you have cancer they give you chemo outdated chemo slash we call these they give you outdated chemo drugs trying to poison some with new poisons don’t belong

Gives you cancer you can’t poison somebody and get rid of cancer what these jews as well as the others the other herbs a lot of like oh she australia gasps many many more in a running a cancerous cells by interference and boosting white blood cell production i was gonna say that the cancer drugs eventually give you who came here because they destroy irie i was

Understood just last night from austria and they’re using it in a probably clinic alongside chemo so if you’re going through that you might ones falling mistletoe when you might want to just go and try it stead of asking people cuz the results at the minutes are looking promising locusts hang up using it with don’t use any white more teachers beauty of teachers

They all mix together you can mix them there’s no problem carefully listening to these channel is about doing this experimenting and did you know for a fact that all you do we you know i’m sophie no side effects like you know you make your own mind up then don’t yeah the people who make these teachers guys the people who make them whether it be baldwin’s this

Is a ball okay i just use awake will he be pulled wings by the beginning of herbs with all these people stops from okay they are they can’t make climbs for their own products i think that’s disgusting the beauty of this channel is like of my clients for anybody’s products because i’m not fated to because i’m not selling the product talking my claims for the

Problems if you’re selling a product like the pharmaceutical cartel make those claims because you know they all the competition pharmaceutical cartels everything so your lea people make senses and people who use herb so just be nice i don’t guys i don’t have to be nice to a pharmaceutical cartel how much money i want to make by poisoning people with that said

The experiment is going well i’ve already noticed a boiled up we’re not insolently sy radical oxygen therapy like i’ve spoke about many times if you are in our patient you should have two wills it should be on prescription never mind groups so i just wanted to tell you guys the experiment is going rather well and it is proven it’s proving to be a fact that it

Does lower blood pressure he do is chill you out it’s an irvine he does our cardio tonic abilities and it’s altering the sinoatrial node firing order of the art thank you very much for joining me and watch out for more videos soon thank you

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Using natures mistletoe as a beta blocker By Scott Naish – The Heart Patient Project