Vitiligo treatments- what works!

Hey guys stuff with that when boyd survived loads of dermatologists today we’ll be talking about the super common condition which has been requested for me to produce in that call vitiligo how i actually treat this condition this condition super common affects 2% of the population as you know the most famous person had it was michael jackson did you know also

Richard hammond if you’re a car nut richard hammond also suffers from little eiger in basketball player rasheed wallace also has had vitiligo if it’s that common so in this video i’ll be explaining basically why these white patches occur and the scientific basis behind our treatments so the reason why they occur they’re part of an autoimmune disease in other

Words your body’s immune system is just too strong so they recognize the cells which produce pigment called melanocytes as foreign and what happens is that they are under attack so as part of the treatment the first step is actually hold this amine attack and we do that by using creams so we use a different sort of sort of anti-inflammatory creams including some

Corticosteroids alternating with non corticosteroids so once again guys i didn’t invent this this is what any basic dermatologist would know how to do so it’s not me if the laser dermatologist is having special skills it’s not like that it’s we follow us notice that european standards of dermatology bit like a guideline okay and so the first part of the whole immune

Attack and the second part is really cool and this is where the lasers and the lights come in because we use photo therapy in the form of life to actually not only hot the immune response but wake up the cells which have been hidden in the hair follicles to come up inri pigment so realistically it’s a success rate can vary between 10% all the way up to 90 to 95% in

Certain areas so guys i’ll show you how we perform photo therapy and the science behind this really cool device so hang tight okay guys so i’m in the photo therapy room this is a very expensive sun painting but look at that seriously it’s a seventy-five thousand dollar machine what it does is filters out all the bad uv rays and basically gives you one wavelength

And the wavelength is 311 nanometers and that wavelength itself is those two things first of all it gives you some immune suppression in other words it stops those cells which are attacking the melanocytes or pigment cells but it also stimulates the pigment in the hair follicle so that you get recognization so it only produces one wavelength in one wavelength early

And i’ll show you how it’s done very shortly and i’m actually doing a treatment myself i do suffer i don’t suffer a bit like i saw some other things of this for eczema and this can be usefully a traversable hang time i’ll show you how it’s actually calibrated you can see this is the automated attendant being fifteen thousand four hundred and eighty-one alex into

My last treatment which was about right doing perceive yes i’ve calibrated for twenty four seconds and we’re going to see how it’s done so come on in with me and i’ll show you okay so now we’re in the photo therapy booth and you can see we’re surrounded absolutely surrounded by light all the way through and these liked the first of much expensive lightbulbs hundred

Twenty bucks the light bulb and it’s made like phillips so basically it’s only one wavelength and love if it’s 300 living nanometer wavelength so we’re going to start the treatment very shortly this is treatment and ten seconds to put on your goggles if you have a bit alike obviously and your eyelid i know need goggles i get patients to close your eyes but it’s

Going to start very shortly and that’s it so you can see it’s pretty funky it feels warm its core computer control so it’s very much different compared to handled units because it’s controlled precisely the millage or so to the absolute knowledge or so i’m getting myself radiated it’s not radiation it’s three one one nanometer flow that there opee so there’s

No danger to visit we only make sure that you don’t have a family history completed okay so we only make sure that you don’t have a personal history of melanoma or a family history of melanoma but otherwise it’s totally safe and like i said it’s tilted like it’s not normal light bulb guys we’re using philips light bulbs you can see and they’re specific to this

Particular treatment teller so that’s quite a therapy for you guys and it’s easier actually you just open the doors and you’re our tardis and that’s it hey guys remember it’s a two-part treatment the first parts actually stop or reduce your immune system from actually attacking the cells which produce pigment so what we use different analogs at different points

Vitamin b for example does the next one clannad a bit can be used not my favorite causes too much irritation this is my view only chip has been reported in the literature certainly your dermatologist may use these i don’t personally so i actually want to use a mixture of both advent and valuing which is an anti inflammatory pointing i use in this particular way

Seven days on with this and seven-eighths on with especially compounded one which is basically tacrolimus and we’re good you can’t buy be epic a big up see a dermatologist for that and some of them like to use something like la bill as well i personally think this two-week my opinion only so basically i’m alternating between two ointments only a compounded one

Which is tackle illness and the anti-inflammatory which is a steroid alternating with vision this basically reduces the styling of the steroid ooh this is a bad one because of the good ones but this doesn’t work as well as this so that’s the logic behind things so what are some natural remedies and what is the science okay guys so look now we talked about ways

To suppress your immune system using medical therapy what i firmly believe in and this in the literature is dietary methods and natural method to treat vitiligo so most important being see stress because your immune system is hyperactive and the best thing to do if you can is really to stress levels i can’t help you with that but if you’re under stress that can

Make your bit alike or worse okay now what else can you do to help with your ventilator it’s been scientifically proven first of all there’s lots of stuff in the literature but certainly ginkgo biloba so you can care biloba you can buy that from a health food shop they can help so the dosage is between 40 to 60 milligrams per day that’s ginkgo biloba the second

Thing that’s supplementation using vitamin d there are numerous papers out over the last two years that show that vitamin d supplementation can help with vitiligo and you can combine that with light therapy photo therapy so that’s a natural way of treating vitiligo to pee against all the other things like creams and immune suppressants go for the natural stuff in

But go for the ones that actually work now diet does that help well it’s unproven but look i understand the theory behind eating acidic foods tomatoes citrus foods or like to create inflammation and you’ll see numerous died out there promoting a bit like a free diet i have no problem with that in fact there’s one or two papers showing gluten can actually help of

Gluten free diet can actually help so i have no problem with that at all because it does no harm but if we’re looking at scientific literature follow what’s been published and that’s the safe way to go so that’s my take on natural treatments for vitiligo thank guys so who is prone to vitiligo vitiligo crosses many races throughout the world i’m indian with white

Pattern i’m african-american with white patches i have hispanic with white patches i am black with white patches i’m caucasian of the white patches i am asian with white patches i’m feeling – the white patches so how do we gauge the results from vitiligo and the success rate facial areas do much better compared to other is because we’ve got follicular units in

Other words hair follicles which will which we can recommend from as compared with other areas but if you have a look at the chest areas here you can see that their heads which are pigmented which is a good prognostic sign now for april fertilizer or vitiligo involving the hands and feet the chance representation is very very slim in fact it’s in the order of 10

To 20 percent the reason being is that there’s a lack of hair follicles within these areas now other factors that come into play include long standing or segmental vitiligo because that carried a poor prognosis compared to early vitiligo so what can we expect from vitiligo treatment these are all my patients so this is what we can expect this is a photo therapy

Together with anti-inflammatory creams of 16 weeks exceptional repigmentation here can be seen on the hands this is an exception rather than the rule and once again on the face you’ve got a 90% chance of representation similarly around the eye area a very high chance of repigmentation of it this is ours really quickly 30 weeks similarly on the forehead not perfect

But you can see repigmentation there once again it’s not marked but you can see replications there in here as well so these are all actual results from real-life patients over 6 to 12 months if you look closely you can see that one of the good prognostic factors is that he’s got stationed within the hair follicles so what happens is that over time you can see after

96 treatment of narrowband phototherapy over 12 months this is the rear pigmentation we had similarly on the chest area it looks like a huge patch but he’s got repigmentation over 12 months that’s because he’s got follicles this is an extraordinary case because he’s got a remarkable amount of repigmentation this is not normal but he’s got full representation and

This was achieved within about five months so four weeks into narrowband photo therapy are combined this environment and this is what we have a week 16 this is an exceptional repigmentation so i’m not showing you the norm i’m showing you some exceptional cases what i like is give redness see that little bit of redness they’re not sunburn that will degrade once

Again it can be achieved on even hard to treat areas such as the legs not the norm because once again these are exceptional cases so there you have it guys so can lasers for vitiligo work the answers yes however it is the exception rather than the rule fractional laser resurfacing has been shown to help with the like by stimulating melanocytes and once again is

The exception rather than the rule the most popular later is that 308 examiner laser and yes it does have its benefits compared to so their therapy because we’re treating only spots of vitiligo compared to the whole area or whole body so those happens benefits but the downside is with insurance another laser which i’m very familiar with and have treated patients

Over year is with this systems a 308 eczema system were using the quad pill it’s an excellent system and it’s great for spots the downside about using lasers for vitiligo is this the sheer cost because it is not covered under insurance and many patients will require quite a few treatments in fact up to a hundred treatments and that can amount to thousand so do i

Like using lasers for vitiligo the answer’s no unless it’s covered by insurance but their therapy is a much better modality to treat vitiligo as in australia it’s covered by insurance if you do have insurance however they can be an excellent method to treat because we remember we’re treating small spot sizes and small spot sizes only get quicker and they’re more

Precise compared to photo therapy so of all the systems are like is the quantal system it’s not actually the leg is actually focused 308 light which is a little bit different so this is my before and after i’ve been using the quantiles system and it’s about four or five years old but yes i do like using it but it’s limited by insurance resale for vitiligo well

This is a whole new complex treatment it can read more about it on the website we split the dermis and epidermis we harvest the melanocytes or pigment cells and basically we lay it down on the area and this is basically melanocytes rancer and we use photo therapy for 16 to 20 weeks after the procedure to stimulate the cells to produce more pigment

And what we do get is a representation now it is a very expensive method and once again it’s not educated for everyone never underestimate the power of makeup because with a good makeup artist that skills far far beyond what i had and they can actually color match your skin to actually cover the areas of vitiligo to the point where i cannot even contemplate of

Actually repigmentation a cup others the results are remarkable in australia the makeup of choice is called dermablend once again color matching is very important so you do need a makeup artist who is excellent at color matching and you can see from this video the before and after the color match is absolutely spot-on something which i can never achieve and all

Credit to makeup artists because yeah they’ve got skills way beyond what i have so guys there you have it that’s bittle i go in summary my way of treating vitiligo i think it’s a little bit different from other dermatologists because i’m kind of holistic i do i believe in natural treatments yes i do there isn’t beings that because the scientific evidence out there

Now that shows certainly vitamin b can help ginkgo biloba can filter i have these patients on these natural remedies to begin with and i also put place them on our scientific methods which means anything explanatory creams in a safe manner monitor them and also photo therapy look guys i would really like to help you but please please no comments or emails no do i

Know it dermatologist got a photo therapy machine be interested like tony i don’t know everyone and the other thing is was mutual respect for colleagues and this is something i really firmly believe in i’m just showing you the way i creek vitiligo and my success rate and once again i may not be the best guy in the world recruited but i’m showing you my method and

Your dermatologists may have a different method something which i thoroughly respect because at the end of the day may get a better result so please guys don’t ask for suggestions as to where can you give it because seriously i done that who owns what all i know is that this is the way i do it and the success rate which i’ve had in my i can holistic approach of

This condition rather than haley they’re just going drugs i think it’s change of lifestyle diet and also proven scientific methods guys thanks very much for watching this video yet again i try to do one educational video every saturday morning bristan time so if you like subscribe and comments below tell me what you’ve had work for vitiligo would really like to

Know your thoughts your methods your diet and but pls no spam no selling this is an educational site and not a site meant for you know a sales pitch just just basically to it like this okay guys i’ll see you next saturday and don’t forget to subscribe catch that but in all seriousness i’ve discovered instagram less than one year ago so if you’re keen and interested

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Vitiligo treatments- what works! By Dr Davin Lim