VLOG: Ulta, Sephora, Target Haul + Sick Toddler

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Good morning welcome back yeah welcome back to another vlog it’s friday and i thought i would do like a little impromptu vlog for friday because on friday nights i watch youtube i don’t know if anyone else does but i do because scott plays video games so i’m like just watching youtube all night oakley’s pretty sick he’s got a double ear infection and a viral

Infection so he’s on some amoxicillin right now but he’s just not a happy camper whoa he did not sleep well last night you wearing your mickey mouse shirt you guys show them okay mickey mouse and some jammies and we’re gonna go pick up a target order yeah he didn’t sleep at all last night and neither did we because he was up scream crying like completely miserable

He was so miserable um the medicine just like wasn’t working and this is this is day three of him on the amoxicillin so i’m hoping it kicks in soon we’ve also been giving him tylenol because he’s been spiking fevers obviously his ears hurt him it’s a mess but i thought i would do a vlog today just because i need to bring some sandy back into my life so i think if

I vlog i’m a little bit more like put together believe it or not believe it or not i feel like i look like some kind of president but it’s not george washington today it’s just i don’t know okay we’re gonna go we’re gonna go pick up the target order i’ll show you guys what we get when we get back i’m wearing cozy opie’s wearing cozy listen one more set it’s just

Survival mode i’m luckily not sick neither is scott we are not catching it knock on wood but oakley i feel terrible for her so we’re back home now my socks do not match let me show you everything we got i think there’s a couple of things that i ordered that it’s actually missing but anyways i’ve got toilet paper two of the waterloo’s these were buy one get one i

Think maybe half off so i got the grape and then i got the lemon lime for scott i got blueberries for oakley blueberry look at this hair on the side you stand it okay this is a new ollipop i really wanted to try it cherry cola but i got another one too oh whoa show me your surprise face show me surprised well now you’re not gonna do it okay baby belle cheeses yummy

Oakley has not been eating that much to be honest uh just probably because he’s sick so he’s not really wanting anything luckily he’s drinking water but not much of an appetite so i gave him a sammy jammy but i don’t know if he’s going to actually eat that he might end up giving it to teddy um anyways so cherry cola this is a new flavor from ollipop i got another

One and it’s not in here so i don’t know what happened to it but also i have one of these are you cold puff santa fe style salad i got whoops let me wash it first i got this for oakley i didn’t think it was going to be this pink it looked more like brown but it’s like a dusty rose it’s fine i just wanted another like sippy cup for him mama’s gonna wash this and

Then i’ll put some ice cold water in there for you we also have some pouches for him we have mighty veggie then we have sweet potato because we really like sweet potato pie and then apple spinach you cannot have that bar you cannot we also have turkey delights that bowl he really likes i had to get these just for a little sweet treat i love these cookies love love

Um veggie straws this is the variety pack you really liked them i got strawberries i got strawberry banana yogurts i got organic blueberry bars these chicken fries because the kids organic chicken fries i forgot the brand i think it’s earth’s best barely came with fries and it was super expensive so i got these instead then we have mac and cheese veggie pasta some

Look at these honey yummy those are gonna be so good razor disinfecting spray blueberry muffin mix jammy sammy’s oh and your baby belt geez you love babybel cheese all right so that is our little grocery haul i mentioned this on my instagram but all these sets from love every you can find at target and they’re all under 25 why are we oakley why are we climbing on

Top of this yeah you remember that you gotta stay on your bum though okay um so we have this one which is a rainbow stacker we have this little book we have this car which he really likes he’s obsessed with cars yeah well you already opened it honey these are all empty open yeah we already opened them so yeah like i said they’re underneath under 25 dollars and

You can find them at target and he really likes them and he obviously wants me to open this but guess what honey it’s in your toy box it’s in your toy basket you gotta go find it these are all empty there’s nothing in it like this also i want to show you a quick little overview i’m going to do a dedicated like video but i got a ton of clothes from sheehan i’m so

Excited these green cargo pants so cute scott still doesn’t like cargo pants but it’s puffer coat i got some white sneakers this box is actually like really big so he’s refusing to eat the chicken but he’s having blueberry so at least he’s having something because like i said his appetite is just not there look at this hair my goodness i feel so bad he’s very

Miserable he’s just a very unhappy boy we don’t feel well yeah hopefully the blueberries will make you feel a little better i even tried milk he wouldn’t have milk he’s been drinking water but not milk um and usually he still has like milk before his naps and bedtime yeah yeah take a bite bite yummy what do you think of that those are chicken fries i think

It’s because you can’t like taste flavor because it is him being so like congested and let me just tell you guys that this is way worse than covid 100 times worse for him way worse jeez right i’ve never seen my baby so sick wow my face actually looks tan i’ve been using the tanning drops from i think st tropay mixed with my moisturizer and i look really tan but

I thought i would try the ollie pop cherry cola on camera and taste test it oh let’s see oh crap okay i taste the cherry i taste the cola it’s just not as flavorful as a coke but i guess this is like the healthy version it almost tastes um flat like a flat coke if that makes sense it’s just not as flavorful obviously because it’s not do you sound do you hear

That’s horrendous cough you’re all done honey there’s so many more blueberries poor sweets um but there’s only 50 calories in here and five grams of sugar so it’s obviously a lot healthier than a coke um i think coke is banned in a lot of countries actually i don’t know i saw tick tock and they were talking about coke and literally it’s like terrible for you but

Isn’t everything i feel like i could talk about anything and somebody could be like okay sweets i’ll take you out anyway um this is pretty good but it’s not a coke but i would get it so it’s just gonna be one of those days that i don’t look great vlogging but i can’t do makeup today i really can’t okay so i thought i would do a haul because i got things from oh i

Got things from sephora gotta go wrap up okay so i got some things from sephora and ulta come here and snuggle mama come on um please ever squeeze forever you want to help me oh don’t don’t touch that no okay let’s show them what we got we got things from sephora and ulta and i didn’t spend any of my own money because i got um gift cards from fetch rewards and

Some of this is christmas gifts so if you’re an aunt maybe don’t watch it unless you want it ruined okay so i’ll start with sephora i got this for one of my aunts hopefully she’s not watching this but this is from benefit and this is the happy holidays set it comes with three full-size mascaras and this was 42 dollars what a steal so it comes with the they’re

Real it comes with bad gal bang and then roller lash so i got this little set 42. they have all of their like benefits sets out for holiday and then i got this for a cousin sol de janeiro brazilian kiss lip balm love that so that’s all i got from sephora oh my goodness let’s show them this because it’s so pretty this i got from ulta i really wanted this i saw

Andrea talking about it andrea renee i think i think it’s andrea renee literally i watch a lot of people um truly deodorant unicorn fruit this is a brightening smoothing aluminum free deodorant it’s vegan clean high performance thank you baby can i have a kiss thank you yay you’re so sweet to mama careful you’re right at the edge um this deodorant is supposed

To help brighten your underarms and it smells like fruity pebbles so i got this from truly from ulta and then this is another thing that i heard someone talking about this is a loops face mask i heard the face mask and the eye masks are so good and i watched kenzie i think her name’s kenzie um i watch her vlogs all the time and she swears by these she does them

Like every single day oh we can’t afford to do it every single day but we can afford maybe one so i got this loop face mask for any time anywhere anyplace weekly reset and this is the rejuvenating one there’s a lot going on right now careful yeah oh you have to be very careful okay take your car that way go zoom it over there all right next thing i got from

Ulta is the capari let me tell you cars and trucks are loud um kopari ultra restore body butter with hyaluronic acid i’ve had my eye on this for a while this is not a present for anyone else this is for me this smells what’d you get your book that’s wicked loud and noisy hey this smells really nice no i like this a lot um so i cannot wait to use this one okay

I feel really bad because i just turned that volume down aka off um another thing from ulta that i got is the four reasons toning treatment color mask i told you guys that i wanted this number one for colored blonde light brown hair gives a light golden brown tone oh i did use this and i used it and then the next day i saw megan my sister-in-law and she said did

You dye your hair pink no literally my hair after i use this and i only use it in the shower um it looked like strawberry kind of pink in like patches so i don’t know if i applied it right i mean i just did it in the shower of like a conditioner which you can do but it says to leave in for five to ten minutes like outside before you get in the shower on damp hair

Um i just don’t want this to turn my whole head like strawberry blonde like let me let me i don’t know if you can see there’s like one streak over here that’s like orangey pink so i like the idea of this like my hair looks more caramelly to me so i guess i like the idea of this i don’t know if i’m using it right i want to give it another shot but i am getting my

Hair done soon so i don’t want to mess with it but i got that they have different ones for different hair tones just for toning your hair also from oola henriksen they sent this to me which was so nice it’s the oola henriksen strength trainer peptide boost moisturizer i have tried this before and i do really like it scott might like it even more than me but this

Is what it looks like it says it deeply hydrates improves skin’s firm screen skin strength firmness and elasticity with vegan peptides ceramides and collagen i love uva henriksen products they’re really really really really nice um i’m currently using the sea rush which smell which smells like creamsicles but this one which is the striped strength one it has

A lighter scent it doesn’t really smell too strong but i really really love this one so if you’re looking for a good moisturizer this one is really nice for firming plumping hydrating also i have to say a quick little shout out to melissa because she works at an eye health center and she sent me um she said can i whip your nose please let me see your nose hey

Honey honey that’s so loud it’s so loud she sent me a trial pack of my contacts my office contacts okay so melissa was nice enough sorry this vlog’s all over the place it’s just it’s chaotic always she sent me trial packs of my favorite aki view moist contacts which are expensive so i’m very grateful that she sent this to me because like i said i’ve been using

This other brand and they’ve been drying out my eyes so i use this today and i’m like wow what a huge difference so i really appreciate it i love connecting with you guys like obviously i don’t want like any of you to send me things but this was very like very very nice of her do um so i’m very grateful so thank you melissa if you’re watching this i the more i

Drink that the more i like it okay this last thing i have to share is from it cosmetics it posts on my instagram stories but they sent over their super charge confidence thanks you laughing at teddy i think he wants that last chicken fry if you want to hand it to him so it starts with confidence in your skin confidence in a cream so i have two i don’t think i

Honestly remember liking the confidence in a cream if this is the thick one i don’t think i liked it but it has been a couple of years i don’t know there’s one that i don’t like i think it’s this one but there’s also the confidence in an eye cream super peptide anti-fatigue treatment so okay so i can’t tell if i like look really terrible or not so i have these

Two what is going on in life right now oh you know what it is i think it’s mercury retrograde i don’t know if i mentioned that but i think we’re still in mercury retrograde until my friend ashley if you’re watching this i think she said until october 2nd um so i think we’re in mercury retrograde and i think mercury retrograde if i remember correctly it messes

With your phone and it messes with your car and i think it messes with your overall well-being of like being am i okay me all the time you hit your head come here i’ll give you a kiss come here let me kiss it better let me kiss it better it wasn’t your foot i saw it with your head oh you stepped on a blueberry anyways so so far i’ve had fitbit troubles because

It messes with electronics so my fitbit doesn’t tell me my heart rate anymore and it drives me absolutely insane because there’s nothing i love more than seeing my sleep score at night and now i can’t do that because my heart rate doesn’t show um and now i’m having car troubles my phone is just old as anything so yeah i think i’m blaming a mercury retrograde for

All of my problems right now anyways i’m gonna end this vlog now i don’t know how long it is like i said this was just a little vlog of my friday because i know tonight i’m gonna be watching after i get my nails done i’m gonna be watching um vlogs in bed so i hope you guys enjoyed it and i will see you all in my next one bye

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VLOG: Ulta, Sephora, Target Haul + Sick Toddler By Sadie xo