So let’s talk about the five most common blood pressure medication groups and we’ll talk about their how they act and what are their side effects hi i’m dr economy board certified internal medicine physician and i see high blood pressure patients every single day and my goal is to control their blood pressure through natural means and that’s what i share here on

My channel but sometimes you do need to take medication so let’s talk about this number one are the beta blockers these are the atenolol the bisoprolol the metoprolol the correct the carvedilol the labetalol so these are medication that slow your heart rate down and reduce the contractility of your heart a little bit so that your blood pressure goes down and these

Could be great drugs especially if you have heart problems but when anything good in life there could always be side effects and these are not an exception you could develop asthma-like symptoms and these may not be the best medication for people whose asthma is not really controlled i don’t think that could happen is that people have erectile problems rarely people

Can have erectile dysfunction men can have erectile dysfunction with these beta blockers these could lead to sleep problems and insomnia and then you could also have cold hands and feet that could also happen with beta blockers next are the angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors or ace inhibitors for short and they include benazepril captopril inalopril vasotech

Lysinopril monopril all this medication and these high blood pressure medication they block the function of certain hormones that cause a narrowing of your blood vessels now when they stop the narrowing that means your blood vessels will open up whenever your blood pressures or any pipe opens up then your blood pressure does reduce so this is how they act but again

They have the side effects these ace inhibitors they can cause a dry hacking cough and that is a very typical type of dry hacking cough and when you take away these medication this also goes away another side effect from this medication could be different types of skin rashes if you start this medication and you develop a skin rash then talk to your doctor the

Other thing that can calmly happen is a funny thing you can lose some of your taste and as we all know that people with covet can lose their sense of taste so don’t think you have covered well you may have covered but of course just check if you have any symptoms and you know what you need to do but this medication could also um cause you to lose a little bit of

Your taste now the next group is the angiotensin ii receptor blockers arbs now this is a sister family of the previous inhibitors and this includes candy sartan ib sartan low sartan cozar avapro all nisartan benicar tell me sartans all of these sar tens and they also work largely in the same mechanism as the ace inhibitors where they tend to open up your blood

Vessels now whenever any vessel or a pipe opens up of course that leads to a reduction in the pressure inside so couple of side effects that these could cause one of the commonest side effects with this medication is dizziness you could get a little dizzy and these medications you should be careful if you have any kidney problems of course your doctor will be

On top of it now the fourth blood pressure medication group is the calcium channel blockers the ccbs and this includes amlodipine deltiazem cardizem philodipine nicardipine verapamil and these work by preventing calcium from entering your heart muscle and your blood vessels and when that does happen basically your calcium does not go into your muscles then your

Muscles tend to relax and then again any pipe or tubing opens up that actually relaxes them and your blood pressure may come down now common side effects that these medications do have is you could get constipated they all may also cause dizziness headache a common thing that people notice is swollen ankles let’s say you start one of these medication and your

Ankles start to swell up that could be a sign of heart problem but that could be just a side effect of this medication and this medication may also cause an irregular rhythm of the heart palpitations but not too often so everything that may have a positive purpose they may also have these side effects now the last blood pressure medication on the list is the alpha

Blockers and they include the doxazosin the cardura perazosin terrazosin attempts loosen now these alpha blockers they reduce nerve impulses to your blood vessels and also block that alpha channel and when that happens this alpha channel is responsible for constricting or tightening up your vessels so when you block this alpha receptor then your vessels open up now

The side effects you could cause you dizziness and a lot of people with postural hypotension meaning that when you are lying down and you sit up you get a little dizzy or then you stand up you get even more dizzy this partial hypotension people have that this medication could largely aggravate that a little further so you can get dizziness lightheadedness weakness

Sometimes also your body tries to compensate and gets your heart rate to be fast as a compensatory mechanism but that could just be a side effect of these medications anyways these were the common blood pressure medication and the side effects but as you know i want my followers to control your blood pressure through natural means and i know it could be difficult

But this is what i talk about in my channel subscribe to this channel right here and you’re really interested you can always check out my blood pressure course the natural blood pressure treatment course where you will be able to learn more about naturally controlling your high blood pressure and if you want to know all about all these medications in detail check

Out this playlist where i go over majority of their juices as well as their side effects in detail so for all these medications check out this playlist guys i hope this was helpful talk to you guys soon

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