Week 2 Post-Op (Struggles & Failures)

I had my fair share of challenges and failures this week. WLS is far from glamorous, join me as I get vulnerable and share my failures.

Coming to you all with my week to update since i have surgery january 22nd so tomorrow will made two weeks since i had our ny with just the gastric bypass this video is a little bit different because i’m going to share with you all the difficulties challenges and failures i’ve had this week so i’m gonna be ridable vulnerable and share that with y’all so let’s start

With my weight so normally during my cycle i weigh in anywhere from five to eight pounds over my normal weight which is pretty normal for me and today i’m like that the dead middle is high whatever you want to call it sorry guys if you’re watching but my ladies know what i’m talking about so i was a little hesitant to get on the scale this morning just because

I know i gained so much weight and i’m like super bloated so i’ve been like my stomach and waist i’ve been a little bit flatter this week but um so but i’m still – three pounds this week so i’m like wow know how i did that so anyways i don’t want to stay on weight because i have other stuff i want to talk about and i don’t want this video to be that long so my

Struggle is this damn 64 fluid ounces i don’t understand how it’s possible when you’re eating foods i have literally cry real tears multiple times this week because i don’t even get close like i don’t even want to share with y’all what fluid amount i’ve made it to a couple of the day because you might go report me to my doctor or something it’s like okay you

Can’t drink 30 minutes to an hour before a meal you can’t dream 30 minutes after the mill well when the hell am i supposed dream because i need to get in these three mills so i’ve kind of just said i got i got a spin all my morning trying to get in my water and my protein did i mention protein i don’t know how to get all my protein in like these little protein

Shakes like how am i gonna drink all of that my stomach my doctor must have made my stomach like half an ounce i’m dead serious i’m not even being funny right now no smiles so i’ve been frustrated and um and then the other day i think i experienced dumping pretty sure i did i had ordered this soup from jason’s deli i think it is like a vegetable organic vegetable

And all i was eating was the broth i might have had five to six spoonfuls and within 20 minutes my body was shaking i had i was at work too which made it worse i had to swerve off in a classroom somewhere and like try not to cry i called someone i consider a best friend i called her to kind of talked me off the ledge and she always calms me down so i did that

And i came home i was on the toilet i hurry up take a shower and i literally just popped some of those nausea and vomiting pills and lay down and yeah i ate a small piece of soft fish yesterday but i’m so afraid to eat now so like today is probably almost one o’clock in the afternoon and i have ate nothing because i’m afraid to and i feel like you’re fine i have

I feel like it’s a trade-off do i want to eat or i want to drink there is no doing both like maybe y’all can give me some tips i don’t know how the hell and it’s so frustrating i’m having moments where i’m like i just want to eat like normal i just want to eat a normal plate of food i mean when i put a scribbled egg and a spoonful of cottage cheese on my plate

It’s like i have to choose i can’t do both because after two three oh i feel like that’s it and i don’t want to go through dumping i don’t want to vomit because i ate too much food so this week has been super frustrating i don’t see how i’ve lost any weight i feel like my body should be retaining everything because i’m not hardly drinking anything this is this

Is all a drink today well drink this and i have drink like a third of a protein shake and it’s one o’clock because my body is rejecting everything like it doesn’t want me to eat drink it doesn’t want me to do anything like i could support it i will say that no it doesn’t reject water but my body does not want me to intake anything so i’m like of course i’m gonna

Get skinny eventually yeah i’m gonna keep dropping weight cuz it’s gonna have to eat off of itself but so the difficulties is i would just tell you guys who are pre-op stage please talk to your nutritionist and doctor about strategies practice the whole not drinking in after before at 30 minutes before and after your meal i think that would have really helped me

If i have been more serious about that i practiced it sometimes but not consistently and it’s so hard i don’t want to leave this with a negative there is positive positive is i went down a broth side so i’m really sure nobody is really shrinking even though i’ve only lost like less than 20 pounds since surgery my body has to really just take it on a monica’s on

And i’m not mad honey so i took myself down a bra size i brought a couple bronze this morning and i have a couple of sports bras which can adjust so i’m gonna roll with that for now because my problems i was when they were just like entirely too big most of them yeah it’s really just being able to wear like some of these clothes a lot like this is like large in

Juniors this little half hoodie and so i didn’t expect to be to wear this for like another month but it came on i’ve been able to wear some mediums from other places so those are the successes but it’s super bowl sunday i’m gonna try my hand at a double egg and some tuna also like a lot of y’all drop recipes about our notes on my instagram about the ricotta bake

So i’m going to also make that before i edited this video i actually went ahead and made it oh my god it looks and smells so good it’s almost like crustless pizza sauce i’m not gonna eat all that i’m just gonna see what my body gravitates to so it’s gonna be weird being super bowl sunday and not having this huge spread of like wings and potato salad and macaroni

And cheese chips and it make it a little bit of that for my girls but that’s it so really difficulties are how do i eat and drink how do i drink is the choice my body’s rejecting dumping that sucks and it was a healthy food i think i just ate it too fast and maybe there’s some hidden sugars and also maybe i know maybe some personal stuff is creeping in i’m not

Sure i’m gonna recover i’m okay please don’t worry about me don’t freak out on me or anything it’s just one of those moments where i really want to just be vulnerable and share the good and the bad so that people don’t think that this surgery’s like super easy and there are no trade-offs there are definitely trade-offs and that’s it for now so quick entry oh yeah

So this coming week i’m gonna be traveling to vegas for work so how i’m gonna manage to navigate my food drink and all that while i’m gone i’m still figuring it out but i’ll definitely be making a video next weekend to let y’all know how it happened but you can get updates through the week if you follow me on instagram and follow me on snapchat

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Week 2 Post-Op (Struggles & Failures) By Kwonnie Shrinks