Where Have I Been? Extractions, Migraine, Hydrocodone, No feeling in my FACE.

I recently got my wisdom teeth extracted, and what a process that was.

Hi guys it’s me and i’m back with another video so i have been gone for a little while because i got my wisdom teeth removed as you guys already see by the thumbnail in the title i wanted to give you guys an overall uh opinion of my experience getting it done here in japan as well as getting it done at a military facility so um there are gonna be clips here and

There that i will show you guys um of my experience and yeah so let’s get started i went to the dentist because i was biting on the inside of my jaw on the left and it was hurting really bad for like a whole week straight i was biting on the inside of my jaw and i was like i know this is because of my wisdom teeth like i have to get these things removed kenya

Salmon i just left the dentist and basically i have to get my wisdom teeth extracted because this one on this side is like impacted like it’s like it’s trying to come through my gums and it’s really hurting me so i need to get them extracted i’m going to take you guys along with the process they’re going to call me or email me in a few weeks to let me know when

The surgeon can see me so i can make an appointment get them all taken out at the same time i’m sure someone has done this before but i wanted to document this journey because i’ll actually be getting braces or invisalign here in japan and i feel like that would be good to know just in case you guys are traveling to japan or actually live in japan and you want to

Get braces or invisalign as well i have had braces in the past but because my wisdom teeth came in they kind of like shifted my bottom teeth and because of that my bottom teeth are like getting crooked a little bit but no one is a hundred percent and i didn’t wear my retainer too i didn’t mention that but i didn’t wear my retainer consistently like i was supposed

To and because my wisdom teeth came in and kind of pushed my teeth together now my teeth are like kind of crowding a little bit and i just want to have straight teeth again basically so i will wait for the oral surgeon to contact me to tell me when i can come in and then i’ll document that journey as well and then i’ll document the journey on getting braces here

In japan so i hope you guys stay tuned for the process and i’ll highlight y’all when i get the appointment so after going to the dentist somebody was supposed to call me call me send me an email send me a letter send a little bird to my house something nobody did nothing i went up there like the following week to the oral surgeon floor and i was basically like

I went to the dentist um a week ago and i need to make an appointment for my wisdom teeth and they were like oh well we’re gonna have to do x-rays and i was just like i got x-rays done already i’m not doing x-rays again you could call downstairs or i could go downstairs to get you to x-rays but i’m not doing x-rays again like i feel like sometimes people give you

To run around just because they know that they can and i’m not here for the run around okay at all i wasn’t doing x-rays again like i said so they were just like oh well you know we’ll see what we can do blah blah blah blah anyway they got my x-rays and i scheduled my appointment for when my husband came home and we got it done so i’m gonna show you guys that

Experience y’all going through it bro don’t talk about it it was cute a few days ago so before i show you the clip um basically i thought i was being put under all my paperwork said anesthesia so i just automatically thought like okay they’re gonna put me to sleep so i took off all my jewelry i didn’t eat past nine o’clock i didn’t eat or drink anything that

Followed morning chill i went in there starving like marvin do you hear me i was starving girl and it was lidocaine like it was lidocaine i thought i was going to get a drip and all that no player it was light again like i can’t swallow i feel like my nose is numb i’m going through it it’s so hard to swallow he stuck a new at the roof of my mouth it hurts so

Bad that hurts so bad anyway i’m just wrestling i gotta go before they removed my teeth i put some headphones in and blasted some summer walker okay because i did not want to hear all that drilling and all of that and they were really like pulling on my jaw and i just really didn’t want to hear all that noise like all that like i didn’t want to hear all that

So i muffled most of it but some of it i didn’t so my books are so dry my husband just left so i just have to wait here i think what’s home just uh now i thought my tongue was fat but it’s not i’d be surprised so bad i asked to have some but all right that’s all i want to say oh my face is so um number two oh they’re going but they’re not so anyway my nose is

Numb like i can feel this but i could not feel this and um like up here is really numb back hair is not numb that hair is a little numb but all of this this is what my wisdom teeth look like when i got them out this is a public service announcement if you don’t like blood if you don’t like um tissue like don’t watch this part just fast forward that was the one

That came out from here yeah whoa what is it that was also from your bottom we had to split it because it was toast yeah this is completely done from robbie’s gun oh no so my mouth was hurting uh not at all okay i couldn’t feel a thing like nothing at all but i was starving okay i wanted a burger so bad but i digress um they told me to change the galls in my

Mouth once they got really bloody and they did and this is what that looked like oh uh um i did change my galls every few hours um i can’t give you an exact time because i just measured it based on how bloody the galls were i attempted to eat oh don’t mind the mess in the background but i’m eating my first meal and it’s oodles and noodles and sometimes

You just forget how important like it is to chew so basically i’m like just putting it in my mouth and swallowing i’m over it uh yeah i’m in like a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit of paint i have like a high pain tolerance so it’s not that bad but i think i’m gonna eat like a little bit more of this and then i’m just gonna have some ice cream because excuse me this

Is just it’s just like i’m literally like like just put it at the back of your throat and swallow this is so ghetto girl so ghetto i don’t have any other footage except this one last clip good morning don’t mind the mess if you can see it back there anyway my face is so swollen like all this i planned on like recording a video today but quite frankly i’m

Recording any video today they told me that day three was gonna be the hardest day and so far it’s okay today is day three so far it’s okay but my mouth is just swollen and on top of that like my head is killing me so it’s like not my mouth that’s hurting i haven’t had any like mouth pain thus far it’s just my head is on fire like the migraines start as soon as

I wake up like every day so if you have gotten your wisdom teeth removed and you have had a different experience please let me know in the comments below i want to know what your experience was like but as for me thus far day three my head is hurting already i just got out of bed it’s 8 51 in the morning anyways i will check in oh i can show you guys so one

Of my friends made me some soup i’m super grateful because my husband would try not to feed me okay so here it is oh shoot oh my gosh it’s like the most delicious thing ever anyway i need to finish cleaning this house sorry i need to clean this house and do some laundry and then i’ll check in with you guys later so i think today is like day five or day six i’m

Not exactly sure but i just want to express that the hydrocodone that they gave me did not work the ibuprofen 800 milligrams did not work like those pain medications did nothing for me at all my mouth was not in pain but i had a migraine out of this world day two i woke up at like three a.m after taking the um hydrocodone and my head was throbbing i mean like

Pounding like boom boom boom boom boom like it was pounding i had to call my mom and my grandmother like what do i do because i cannot sleep like my head is hurting so bad the hydrocodone did put me to sleep but it didn’t reduce my pain at all so that was pretty that was the roughest day they said day three was gonna be rough but day two for me three a.m it was

It was going down basement okay it was my head was hurting so bad anyway i haven’t taken ad bill since yesterday i took advil yesterday because i didn’t take it like all day for like eight nine hours and then my head started to hurt again i know everybody’s experience is gonna be different um mine is definitely different i talk to a few people and none of them

Said they experienced migraines but i did so i just wanted to leave my experience here if you experience something similar or going through something similar or about to go through something similar i encourage you to stay strong you got this so i hope you guys have enjoyed this video and if you did give it a thumbs up i will talk to you guys later bye

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