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What’s going on guys welcome to today’s video where i have been getting the question very often why do i use tell me sarton the arb why do i use an arb with my steroids so before i get into this i want to say that a lot of this information that i learned came from john jewett’s j3 university class and victor black’s master class both are paid membership

Websites i am a member of both of them and there is a slew of very important information in each of them lots of crossing over stuff but lots of very good individual information in each one they both talk highly of tell me sarton they talk highly of of other things like metformin these are not drugs that we should be avoiding unless you want to die early that’s

The bottom line like we’re trying to prevent what we’re doing from killing us in our 40s and 50s arbs are renal protective they are cardiovascular protective they are cognitive protective they prevent left ventricular hypertrophy they prevent cardiac tissue remodeling they will help lower your hematocrit they do all of these things and then they also help lower

Blood pressure which basically everything that i listed there are negative side effects of what steroids do to us using gear even at a trt dose will increase angiotensin ii which increases aldosterone which increases water retention causes a whole host of renal issues which increases blood pressure which increases left ventricular hypertrophy which causes brain

Damage like all of these things are being prevented by taking a simple arb now you can use you know any arb that you want the main thing that we’re trying to do here is block angiotensin ii that’s the main thing that’s the name of the game is blocking angiotensin ii to prevent aldosterone getting out of control and causing the water retention that you think that

You’re getting from high estrogen guys it’s not the water retention that you’re experiencing is not estrogen related it’s from angiotensin okay we want to block angiotensin ii because that just prevents all of these things from happening to go back to the start and answer my question why do i use tell me sarton why do i use an arb with my steroids to prevent all

Of these negative side effects from happening so that i can live a longer healthier life living the lifestyle that i love and without it it just wouldn’t be possible long term and the thing is this isn’t bro science that we’re talking about helmi sarton is a very well researched product that is approved be used and prescribed by doctors it is a very very well

Tested product this isn’t bro science that i’m talking about this is real scientific evidence truth real guys this isn’t me saying oh i feel like i’m less bloated and i look more ripped all the time oh you told me sorry that’s not what this is about this is not me just spouting off a bunch of this is real okay this is a real thing a real result i i don’t i

Don’t know how much more clear i could be about it and if you’re still having doubts about it i mean comment down in the comments below like who do you need to hear say it who do you who do you trust the most like who who do you need who do you need who do you need to be like yes tell me certain is great use it like what does it take what’s it gonna take to get

Through your guys’s heads that this is absolutely something that we need to be using like i just i don’t know the fact that i i say all these things and so many of you are like i i don’t think so like i just it makes no sense to me so i don’t know if what what could we do to convince you guys otherwise you know if if talking about this is just not enough like

Is there uh do you guys need like the thing is like i feel like it’s a waste of time to like show you guys the studies because you’re not gonna read them like that’s why you’re here you’re here to hear about the research you’re here to hear about how things work and then like you’ll use underground lab steroids and inject them into all random different parts of

Your body but you’re apprehensive on using a pharmacy grade product that’s been very well tested over the years like i just it makes no sense to me guys it makes no sense to me so that’s it that’s why i use tell me sartan that’s why i use it every single day i think that it’s going to be something that is uh you know life-changing for a lot of us um so i highly

Recommend it highly recommend it if you’re going to use it i recommend starting off with a dose of 20 milligrams that is going to be the minimum effective dose um if you are having any sort of hypertensive issues then you would want to look into using 40 milligrams or even up to 80 milligrams personally i would rather have my blood pressure under 120 over 80 so

I take 80 milligrams i take 80 milligrams every day because i want that i want a lower blood pressure i want the blood pressure to be under 120 over 80. the lower your blood pressure is the more healthy your entire insides are going to be for the most part like i don’t want high blood pressure that’s not what we want so that’s just me though so anyways that’s it

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