Zololf and adderall xr day 1 and 2

Hey youtube i’m back today with a video for those who are new to my channel welcome my name is kiki my name my username is ricky 87 you can call me kiki for those who are subscribers hi how you doing so if you saw the title of the video i will be talking about my initial um i guess experience with zoloft and adderall so i’m sorry if you’re looking for either or

Because i’m taking both so it’s going to be kind of hard to like split them up because i took i got them at the same time i’m taking them at the same time so i wrote down some stuff because i just started taking it on friday today is saturday so part of my mouth i just got my tooth pulled but i wanted to make this video before i forget all the like the my the you

Know my new details that might be important to some people so i wanted to hurry up and make this video so i was prescribed zoloft 50 milligrams of zoloft and i was also prescribed um adderall xr 20 milligrams so i to give a brief history i do suffer from adhd depression anxiety sleep insomnia which i’m sure it’s a cause from either anxiety or depression i also

Have ocd that’s associated with my anxiety so that’s why i’m taking the pills to help alleviate those problems so um i got the pills on thursday afternoon i went to the doctor during my lunch break so i didn’t start taking the pills until friday so that i can just get a fresh dark start and take them at the same time together so i was told to only take a half a

Pill of zoloft for the first couple of days so probably i will start taking regular pills like whole pills on today’s saturday and sunday monday probably tuesday i could probably start doing it because i had a half a pill friday and have a pill today then i’m going to take a half a pill sunday half health monday and then tuesday i’ll just start taking regular

Pills so saturday on friday i took the pill at 7 30 a.m half of the loft one whole adderall and three multi vitamins i got these um women’s arguments it’s like um sexual health formula for women to help prevent low libido that i heard is associated with the zoloft a lot of people experienced that and i had really bad experiences with birth control affecting

My hormones so i don’t want to affect my libido and if i know it’s going to do that i’m trying to prevent it from happening or worsening what’s already happening in the past so that’s why i’m taking those and i asked the pharmacist and she told me that it was fine to take all three at the same time so around 8 20 felt dizzy almost drunk upset stomach um i felt

Dizzy like i was a buzz from alcohol like i had just drunk two mixed drinks nothing straight you know just like two amaretto sours like really fast or something like that um my stomach was really hurting to the point where i feel like i want to throw up you never feel like you have to eat and you don’t eat that you feel like you want to throw up kind of that’s

How i was kind of feeling but i felt that way but at the same time i didn’t want to eat so i made myself eat some cheese that’s all i had i was gonna eat some jello but i didn’t have any left so i had a block of cheese in the refrigerator at work and i ate that much of it and throughout the whole day and it was a brand new blog and i only ate just like that much

Of it it’s basically more than halfway left like three fourths left so um i felt dizzy and sick um ate a bit of cheese and a diet soda no appetite that’s what it says here so um when i got up to like do stuff i felt kind of like dizzy i kind of felt like my balance wasn’t all the way right um felt kind of um like i said dizzy and kind of drunk like my balance

Wasn’t right um so that had that was throughout the whole day from 8 20 until around 1 15. i it starts to feel better feel like the effects are lessened so by then i didn’t feel as dizzy i definitely felt more normal my balance felt like it was you know everyday balance it wasn’t off or anything like that and i definitely felt you know comfortable driving a car

I didn’t feel intoxicated or dizzy or anything like that i definitely felt comfortable um everything wore off by three o’clock p.m so around three o’clock p.m i felt normal i still really didn’t want to eat um but as far as like any of the disney’s anything like associated with you know not feel like myself i felt normal and also i forgot to add this on the

Sheet i did kind of feel like like i said drunk but not like myself like not zombie because i want people to think the word zombie because i know people say that but i didn’t feel like a zombie but i felt very different and i don’t know how to say it it wasn’t a bad feeling or a good feeling it just felt very like different so that’s that that’s all i have on

The list on my drive home i’m listening to music and i was listening to that song rick ross um diced pineapples and i’m listening to it and i never got that part he said i want to get deep inside you but i’m not talking about your mind or something i never ever ever knew what he was talking about this whole time i listen to that song every time and i you know

Know what he’s saying but i never understood what he was saying and i was like really what the hell how did i not like get that so i was driving home i got all the way to my town and i went to the thrift store before i left to go home because you know friday’s payday and i wanted to get a few work shirts and stuff like that so i’m at the thrift store and i’m

Thinking did i turn off my heater at work because i have a little portable heater and i know i did i know i did but i could not stop thinking about it and my ocd was like okay watch somebody gonna die because you didn’t unplug the heater watch and i’m like i know i did i know i did why i drove back to work which is 30 minutes away to make sure that the heater is

Off because everyone else left the office i was the last one to leave and i didn’t you know this friday so i was like no one’s gonna come in there until monday might be burnt down because it’s not an automatic heater it’s not gonna turn off on its own so i went back checked and of course it wasn’t plugged in i had unplugged it like i knew i did but i was aware

That i wasn’t normal i was like really but i still did it just because i mean it’s a heater and i really first thought i did but i wasn’t 1 000 sure so i had to go back and check because it was not like i don’t even touch the door it’s a heater like it could really burn out in the building so i just made sure i you know but i was more aware of my ocd and i was

Like um that’s crazy because normally i would have just did it because it was just i had to do it but now it’s kind of like i questioned it and if it was anything besides you know a heater i probably wouldn’t have went back but because it’s a heater and i wasn’t one thousand percent sure that i really did it because i was rushing out the door i could have you

Know run down the building so anyway when i went home i what did i do i didn’t go home right away i went to the thrift store and i went to gnc to get the pills no no no no i don’t remember but i didn’t come home until late i went to the store to get something something to eat and i didn’t eat anything i just had green beans like a spoonful of green beans and i

Have a spoon of chicken and that was it um and i laid down watch tv i didn’t go to bed until four in the morning and i was kind of tired but i could not sleep if that makes sense i could not sleep at all so i had an appointment at 10 11 30 for my dentist but i wanted to make sure i got up so i can eat because you know you can’t eat after you go to dentists like

I haven’t ate yet and it’s five it’s 5 14. and i haven’t eaten so i know i had to eat but i took my pill before and i know you know the doctor said i don’t have to take my adderall on the weekends but because i’m so new to it i definitely wanted to get into my system faster so i’m going to take it on the weekend for at least two to three weeks until it’s in my

System because i have an appointment in three and a half weeks to let her know how i’m doing and i can’t really give her a real answer if it’s not always my system yet you know so i want to make sure everything is in my system before my next appointment so that we can adjust it so i have to keep going back and forth so i went to bed like around 4 30 5 o’clock

Woke up at 8 o’clock 8 30 from my niece called me and i didn’t answer the phone cause i was like i’m not knew what to talk but i didn’t go back to sleep i couldn’t go back to sleep i just laid there and my boyfriend called me around 8 50 9 o’clock i didn’t answer the phone um well i got up like 10 minutes later and i called him back i thought to him got up got

Dressed you know brush my teeth did all that and i left the house and i called my niece and i was not tired at all like i’m not tired still um i went to taco bell because it was next to my dentist to eat and i had two bites of my loaded griller and then i threw it away i didn’t eat i wasn’t hungry and it just smelled like everything to me smells nasty nothing

Looks good i just don’t wanna eat i went to the doctor today i went to the dentist and i went to the doctor to get a you know annual um exam you know past me or all that for women um i was 170 three when i went to the doctor on thursday i’m 169 today and i know because i was too much information i was water weight i had my period so maybe that had a lot to do

With it too and the fact that i had not been hungry but i told the doctor that she said usually your body adjusts to it and it wings off of it um you know whatever she said but still remember to eat three times a day even if you’re not hungry still eat and to take a multivitamin and it should help as well so that’s what i’m feeling today and also i just left

Target and for the first time i actually had a conversation with somebody in public and they asked my number they’re not a boy a woman like she was like oh i love your hair and then you’re talking about hair and then boyfriends and husbands and all this other stuff she’s like let me get your number i would love to keep in contact and i’ve never had somebody do

That ever you know i would always just be like oh thank you and you know what you do she said you know i like your hair what do you do and i was like oh i just used equal seller and paul mitchell i would kept it moving like really but i was you know still talking and he was laughing and we talked for like 10 minutes a complete stranger that is not like me at

All at all that is not like me i can definitely see something now it probably isn’t to me honestly it’s probably the place the place libo can’t even talk i can’t i got that effect where you is not working but it’s in your mind i definitely think that has a little bit to do with it um there’s no way that this medicine is already my system but the doctor said

That um it should be my system right away and i should see a change now the adderall she said it’s gonna take two to three weeks for me to see a difference but that medicine i should see a difference right away so maybe it’s a placebo placebo effect or maybe it’s just really helped me a little bit but i definitely can see something changing in me with that and

I left and i was so happy like for the first time i wasn’t afraid to talk to people or i didn’t you know be really short with them because i know what else to talk like say you know i don’t know this woman and we was just you know talking and she asked my number like i would love to talk to you you know hang out that’s never happened to me before so it gives me

Hope you know definitely that you know um i can be i’m not gonna say normal because no one’s normal but be more social and not be so afraid of people and not be so afraid of judgments and people judging me and thinking negatively of me or anything like that because we’re all human no one is better than nobody so yeah that is my two day story of my prescriptions

Zoloft and adderall um i will probably do a week one review and then maybe up to like maybe four weeks do a review because like i said i kind of oh and i don’t know if i’ve mentioned before i still have adhd y’all my communication is over um i didn’t feel none of the symptoms today i feel a tad bit off balance like a little bit like i have an ear infection type

Of you know how you have like an ear infection that’s going away you kind of feel like your equilibrium is kind of off a little bit that’s how i feel but as far as um nausea or anything like that i don’t feel that i still don’t want to eat i don’t have any appetite but besides those those two things i don’t feel anything abnormal um at all i don’t feel nauseous

I don’t feel sick i don’t feel like gonna throw up i’m chilling i don’t even feel tired and that’s concerning me because i don’t want to crash monday or something but i do have a doctor’s note from the dentist and they told me to use it on monday if i need to so maybe i might have to so i don’t know but yeah um i hope that was helpful to those people um if you

Have any like direct questions feel free to ask like i said it’s only my you know second day but i definitely wanted to give people an idea and hopefully you can follow me through my journey and kind of see you know the effects of it if it’s good or bad it doesn’t work for everyone so hopefully you know it works for me and i can move on with my life and get rid

Of this depression and all of that stuff so yeah comment below like i said if you have any questions and for all those who are watching and are considering getting help just do it honestly like it doesn’t hurt to see a psychologist or a doctor and just tell them no one is judging you there’s millions of people with these problems millions you are not the only

One even though it feels that way and sometimes when you talk to your family and friends they don’t understand and they may act like you’re being dramatic but you know how you feel and even if you are being dramatic still get help because sometimes it can get way worse than better sometimes so please i’ll talk to y’all later bye

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Zololf and adderall xr day 1 and 2 By raiki87